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Mickle has not caused Sheva team in Ukraine

Head coach of Ukraine Oleksiy Mykhaylychenko published the list of players who will be prepared to fight against the co command of Norway, which will be held on November 19 in Dnepropetrovsk, says Champion.

Mentor blue-yellow decided to invite the collection of several potential newcomers. Therefore not be invoked for this game Legionnaires Andriy Shevchenko, Anatoliy Tymoshchuk, Andriy Voronin and Yevgeny Levchenko, and bet on football players from the national championship. The only exception - the representative of the Russian Premier League Vitaly Fedorov, in an asset that already has one speech for the national team - in February against the Cypriots.

National team of Ukraine

Goalkeepers: Stanislav Bogush (Dynamo Kiev), Andriy Pyatov (Shakhtar Donetsk).

Defenders: Vitaliy Mandziuk (Arsenal Kiev), Andriy Rusol (Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk), Dmytro Chygrynskiy and Olexandr Kucher (both - Shakhtar Donetsk), Andriy Nesmachniy (Dynamo), Vitaly Fedorov (Amkar Perm, Russia ).

Midfielders: Aleksandr Aliev (Dynamo), Serhiy Valentina and Valentine Slusar (both - Metalist Kharkiv), Denis Golaydo (Tavria Simferopol), Serhiy Kravchenko (Vorskla Poltava), Serhiy Nazarenko (Dnipro).

Forwards: Vladimir Gomenyuk ("Tavria"), Marko Devic (Metalist), Artyom Milevsky (Dynamo), Eugene Seleznev (Shakhtar Donetsk).

15-second Tour

Metallurg Sn - Chernomorets Odessa 1: 3
Korytko B., 55 (0:1). Kosyrin A., 68 (0:2). Kosyrin A., 78 (0:3). Shad mp, 90 +1 (1:3).

Illychivets - Tavria 3: 3
Yaroshenko K., 16 - with a penalty (1:0). Sytnik A., 18 (2:0). Krivosheenko II, 37 - with a penalty (3:0). Donets, A., 42 (3:1). Idahor Lucky IV, 60 (3:2). Sl Marković., 70 (3:3).

Vorskla - Kryvbas 0: 0

Lviv - Karpaty 2: 4
Fedorchuk, 10 (1:0). Baranets B., 21 (2:0). Kuznetsov, SS, 41 (2:1). Kozhanov J., 57 (2:2). Khudobyak IV, 64 (2:3). Kopolovets M., 79 (2:4).

Arsenal K - Metalurh 0: 1
Arakelyan, A., 76 (0:1).

Shakhtar D - Dinamo K 1: 0
Willian, 34 (1:0).

Dnipro - Dawn N 1: 1
Lissitzky B., 9 (1:0). Raychevich M., 11 (1:1).

Metalist - Kharkov 1: 1
Coelho, J., 12 (1:0). Plato R., 29 (1:1).


Team and N P / M O

1. Dynamo Kiev 15 12 1 2 36 - July 1937
2. Metalurh 15 10 2 3 21 - September 1932
3. Metalist 15 9 4 2 26 - 31 November
4. Vorskla 15 7 6 2 15 - 27 September
5. Shakhtar Donetsk 15 6 7 2 22 - Dec. 25
6. Dnepr An 15 6 6 3 14 - 24 October
7. Metallurg Sn 15 6 5 4 15 - 15 23
8. Dawn N 15 5 6 4 17 - 21 21
9. Carpathian 15 4 6 5 15 - 19 18
10. Chernomorets Odessa 15 5 2 8 16 - 19 17
11. Kryvbas 15 3 6 6 13 - 20 15
12. Illychivets 15 3 3 9 12 - Dec. 24
13. Arsenal Kiev 15 2 5 8 11 - 20 November
14. Tavria 15 2 5 8 18 - 30 11
15. FC Lviv 15 2 3 10 9 - 22 9
16. FC Kharkiv 15 0 6 Sept. 9 - Sept. 21


I. Bangoura (Dynamo K) - 11 (1)
J. Coelho (Metalist Kharkiv) - 10 (1)

21.11.2008, 16-th round

Metalist Kharkiv - Zorya N


Carpathian Mountains - Metalurh
Metallurg Sn - Kryvbas
Shakhtar D - Lions


Arsenal K - Chernomorets Odessa
Vorskla - Kharkov
Dnipro - Tavria


Chernomorets Odessa - Metalurh

16-second Tour

Metallurg Sn - Kryvbas 0: 0

Shakhtar D - Lviv 2: 0
Gay Al., 54 (1:0). Louise L. Adrian, 60 (2:0).

Metalist Kharkiv - Zorya N 2: 1
Gantsarchik S., 8 (1:0). Fomin, R., 43 (2:0). Tsimakuridze G., 52 - with a penalty (2:1).

Carpathian Mountains - Metalurh 1: 1
Khudobyak IV, 18 (1:0). Danilov, S., 45 (1:1).

Arsenal K - Chernomorets Odessa 1: 0
Olejnik J., 74 (1:0).

Vorskla - Kiev 2: 1
Markoski J., 21 (1:0). Ribeiro, A., 40 (1:1). Despotovski F., 75 (2:1).

Dnipro - Tavria 0: 1
Hayduchek P., 71 (0:1).

17-second Tour

Chernomorets Odessa - Metalurh 2: 1
R. Fernandes, 10 - with a penalty (0:1). Kosyrin A., 36 (1:1). Leviga R., 55 (2:1).

Dawn N - Vorskla 0: 2
Markoski J., 20 (0:1). Kravchenko, 73 (0:2).

Lviv - Illychivets 2: 1
Baranets B., 45 (1:0). Ivashchenko AA, 73 (1:1). Vashchuk W., 90 +4 - from the penalty spot (2:1).

Kryvbas - Arsenal to 1: 0
Melashchenko A., 90 +1 (1:0).

Kharkiv - Metalurg Sn 0: 2
Perisic, D., 12 (0:1). Vernidub B., 21 (0:2).

Shakhtar D - Carpathian 1: 0
Gladkov, 67 (1:0).

Dinamo K - Dnepr 2: 1
Diakhate PM, 79 (1:0). Chernat F., 90 (2:0). Rusol A., 90 +2 (2:1).

Tavria - Metalist Kharkiv 0: 1
Fomin, R., 65 (0:1).

Scoreboard before the winter break

Team and N P / M O

1. Dynamo Kiev 17 14 1 2 42 - November 1943
2. Metalist 17 11 4 2 29 - December 1937
3. Metalurh 17 10 3 4 23 - December 1933
4. Vorskla 17 9 6 2 19 - October 1933
5. Shakhtar Donetsk 17 8 7 2 25 - Dec. 31
6. Metallurg Sn 17 7 6 4 17 - 15 27
7. Dnepr An 17 6 ​​6 5 15 - 13 24
8. Dawn N 17 5 6 6 18 - 25 21
9. Chernomorets Odessa 17 6 ​​2 9 18 - 21 20
10. Carpathian 17 4 7 6 16 - 21 19
11. Kryvbas 17 4 7 6 14 - 20 19
12. Arsenal Kiev 17 3 5 9 12 - 21 14
13. Tavria 17 3 5 9 19 - 31 14
14. Illychivets 17 3 3 11 16 - 30 December
15. FC Lviv 17 3 3 11 11 - 25 12
16. FC Kharkiv 17 0 9 8 10 - 25 9


I. Bangoura (Dynamo K) - 12 (1)
J. Coelho (Metalist Kharkiv) - 10 (1)
Kosyrin A. (Chernomorets Odessa) - 8 (0)
A. Milevsky (Dynamo K) - 8 (1)

28.02.2009, 18-th round

Vorskla - Tavria
Metalist - Dynamo K
Carpathians - Chernomorets Odessa
Arsenal K - Kharkov
Dnipro - Lions
Metallurg Sn - Dawn N
Illychivets - Shakhtar D
Metalurh - Kryvbas

12/09/2008 Champions League Group C

Barcelona - Shakhtar Donetsk

though what really there .......

QUOTE (zidazizu@09.12.2008 - Time: 21:36)
12/09/2008 Champions League Group C

Barcelona - Shakhtar Donetsk

though what really there .......

Yeah really a formal match ......

This morning, midfielder of the Dnieper and the youth national team of Ukraine Maxim Pasha, coming back from Kiev Kremenchug, had an accident. Near the town of Poltava region Gradizhsk car driven by a soccer player, got on the ice-covered section of the road and flew into the ditch. In critical condition, unconscious Maxim was taken to the intensive care unit gradizhskoy hospital.

Hmm what a crap ...
I hope that Max vykorabkaetsya, get well, we own you.

Unfortunately Maxim survived .....

This morning he died half of the Dnieper and the youth team of Ukraine Maxim Pasha.

"FC Dnipro sad to inform about the sudden death as a result of his injuries in a car crash team player and youth team of Ukraine Maxim Pashayev and expresses condolences to relatives of the deceased.

No words, just shock shock ..............
Eternal your memory Maxim ...


1 / 16 finals

Copenhagen, Denmark - Manchester City, England
Sampdoria, Italy - Metalist Kharkiv Ukraine
Braga, Portugal - Standard Belgium
Lech Poznan Poland - Udinese, Italy
Paris St Germain, France - Wolfsburg, Germany
NEC Holland - Hamburg, Germany
Olympiakos Greece - Saint-Etienne, France
Aston Villa England - CSKA Russia
Marseille, France - Twente Netherlands
Bordeaux, France - Galatasaray, Turkey
Zenit Russia - Stuttgart, Germany
Shakhtar Donetsk Ukraine - Tottenham England
Bremen, Germany - Milan, Italy
Fiorentina Italy - Netherlands Ajax
Dinamo Ukraine - Valencia, Spain
Aalborg, Denmark - Spain Deportivo

1 / 8 finals

Aston Villa England / CSKA Moscow Russia - Ukraine Shakhtar Donetsk / Tottenham England

Lech, Poland / Italy Udinese - Zenit Russia / Stuttgart, Germany

Dinamo Ukraine / Valencia Spain - Sampdoria Italy / Ukraine Metalist Kharkiv

Recall that all the clubs - the UEFA Cup group winners will hold the first leg away, but the team eliminated from the Champions League - at home.

Blokhin: "I would love home runs. Do not invite"

In his first interview in Ukrainian Oleg Blokhin told the press why he had not happened in Moscow, has changed his state of health after Russia, the daughter-tennis player and how to prepare his wife to Saudi Arabia.

Replying to a question whether he helped his popularity in Russia, Blokhin told the case: "My driver stopped by traffic cops. He went out there and then came back and off we went. I say:" I know why you were released. You said you taking Blokhin and we're late. "

- Oleg, that the work in Moscow would put on one scale, that - to the other?

- The one that with a minus sign, that failed to finish its work. For various reasons. With a plus sign - plunged after the national team in the work drew to a Russian football.

- Your phrase "various reasons" requires clarification ...

- Well, not in the club for a year to change the three leaders. If I had known that such problems will face, maybe I would not have taken such a decision. Invited me Belous, which gave some reassurance: the normal financial conditions, the budget. Norilsk Nickel - is there a solid company. But then it started having problems, division of property between Potanin and Prokhorov. This was reflected a little and FC Moscow.

We could not make the purchase of players. In summer the situation corrected. Came eight newcomers. But at the same time during the championship had to create a new team. Something began to fumble, and then came the third head, Dmitriev - the previous one, Galaydh, I had a good relationship - and said that we leave and come another coach. It is a pity, because the basis was laid. In the new season we would have made more successful.

- It was rumored that Moscow does not agree with you completely paid off.

- No, the club has fulfilled all conditions - in front of me and my assistants.

- It was an opportunity to continue to cooperate?

- Dmitriev said that no, this issue was not discussed.

- Because Blokhin too expensive?

- It's not the price. It's all being discussed. But we have not even talked about it.

- With the financial crisis were ready to discuss these issues?

- Sure.

- Ninth place was not considered a personal failure?

- And we could not give the result. There was a period when the foundations of the remaining eight healthy men. On the contrary, I think it positive that we have not been below emitted from the Premier League and Ray Shinnik. But that did not take a prize, well, how things are.

- You said that the team lacked Semak, who crossed in Ruby. But not because of a quarrel with you if he is gone?

- Oh, no. Semak can call. After we beat Rubin, normally talked with Sergei at the airport. Yes, and I was once with himquarrel. His wife gave birth, he stayed a week at the training camp and flew away.

- And how about a collision with Gazzayev in half-time with CSKA, when you separate the Jacobi police?

- It's emotion. After the game, all is forgotten. We are not fighting. Well, talk to a raised voice. He won, I lost, so ...

- Grievances against each other no more?

- For me personally - no.

- It is said Gazzayev may lead miner ...

- I do not know, this is a question to the miners.

Adventures in the Underground

Compared with Moscow, Kiev Blokhin called small. True, assures that on the way to training at Moscow's notorious traffic jams have never stuck. But after hours ... "Once asked Vagiz Hidiyatullina:" There Sandune still working? "Let's go warm up, youth remembered.

And when they came, they saw the cars are. Here's the first time and rode the Moscow subway. In Kiev, I rode about forty years ago. The most interesting thing that began to learn - said Blokhin. - I did not expect. I already Hidiyatullin began to speak: "Did you ever put on a hat, but we do not get out of here." If it were not Vagiz, I would have lost in the subway. Go to that station, a circular kind of, here and there. Wife as an hour winds out there. "

"How do you handle people on the subway?" At first they could not understand. Schalk. How? Blokhin - in the subway? Hidiyatullin here and there. Do not believe - still Blokhin. - Come to me: "You're the best Blokhin?" Yes "- I say. Who autograph asked who photographed to mobile. Money is peddling, that I signed for them. But I'm on the money and cigarettes in principle do not give autographs. By the way, one walked up to me turned out to be Ukrainian - from Lviv.

- Oleg, managed to restore power after Moscow?

- Yes. Spent two weeks in Truskavets, breathed air brushed body. And then another two weeks spent with his family in the Maldives. No diving was not engaged. Maybe next time. But with fins children forced to dive.

- As a daughter?

- Anya went to the second grade, Kate - the first time. Playing tennis. Learn foreign languages ​​- English, German and French. English I can speak to them, were very surprised to learn that I speak German. But the French are far ahead of me.

- Not enough family in Russia?

- Sure. I signed a contract for three years. I thought, until obzhivus, I will not tear the family. You see, as though a presentiment that for all three years will not stay.

- Your agent Sandor Varga told about the interest to you in Saudi Arabia. You are willing to consider this option?

- The coach can not be without a job. When this process is delayed, starting torment. Pulls already, it's like a drug. Will consider all options. Since some championships are now in full swing, others - not started, I think, will start passmatrivat proposals in May.

- Luiz Scolari has worked in the Arabian Al Ahly, but now - in Chelsea. This prospect appeals to you?

- Why are we talking about Scolari? Lobanovsky worked in the UAE and Kuwait, and then returned and successfully worked in the Dynamo. Why not? Any work - is an experience. After the club football, I could not understand how to work in team. After the team once again plunged into club football. Said that Kuwait, the UAE or Saudi Arabia - a reference, I can not.

- With his wife did not discuss this topic?

- Well, the rumors go. The wife asks: "What will go there?" I say: "Yeah, get ready" (laughs).

- To you still flew sheikhs - to persuade?

- Perhaps, will meet.

- In Kiev, or the name to yourself?

- I can not say. But Sandor told me about this option. Maybe, in London, maybe in Paris, may, in Kiev.

- If you go back to Russia as perceived final championship Rubin?

- Said long-term work in this club Kurban Berdiyev. Although I would at the beginning of the championship they did not deliver.

- You have lived a year in Moscow, now - in Kiev. Gas issue you did not care?

- I phoned his wife: "We come to you in Moscow, because we have a gas shut off." Strange situation, why the contract is not signed before. Even noticed. In Russia, came out and said: "There is a crisis, it has to be overcome." And all go in this direction. We have the same reason, we say that yes, the crisis is, but it is a small one. I read newspapers: all we have fun. No sober assessment of the situation and unity. Russia, America, Japan, China even said that they will fall in GDP and they will, negative balance. And we create a budget with a "plus". I do not understand.

- What do you think about Euro 2012?

- Yes, here we must drop everything and do it. Ukraine should be aware not only of the fact that she gas transit will not let me. I remember how, with Grigory Surkis, Vitali Klitschko, Sergei Bubka, Andrei Shevchenko, we went to knock the Euro. We're doing it not for themselves. As Portugal was transformed, having Euro 2004. Will be a new Cabinet or not, whether the re-election of the president, and the Euro should have taken place.

- There were cases when some owners of the Golden Ball ran for the presidency of their countries ...

- No, no. Does not even offer.

- The policy of the former People's Deputy Blokhin is not bored?

- Honestly, not really.

- If it is now proposed to enter into some kind of political power?

- Do not want to do is not their job. Unless, that is a policy to address issues of sport. More I like coaching. A policy - is very dirty, very.

- Was recently unveiled a list of a hundred of our best coaches, which includes you. In it the first place Alex Ferguson. Do you agree?

- It's hard to argue.

- Personally familiar with Ferguson?

- No, although we would like. Today I read that Hitzfeld rested in the Maldives. I saw him there, but could not come up. It turned out that he's 60 years of celebrating.

- What gifts were given and received on New Year's Eve?

- My wife gave me a purse.

- And you tell her?

- It must be remembered ... You know, when I give, then quickly forget. Simply can not mix - she, in October was the birthday, then - I have. I do not remember what it was. But she liked it.

- What is the desire to make come true in the New Year?

- Yes, to be honest, I'm guessing only the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. This year, wanted to go there during the First Channel Cup. The tournament was canceled. But our plans remain in force as long as there is not opened fire. And, of course, on New Year's mainly been the wish of health. I tell you, the work of club coaches exhaust more than the team. Although after the medical examination took place in Moscow ... Expect that analysis will be worse. Almost everything is normal. There are only petty deviations. Back, knees - but everyone who used to play.

- And now to play football?

- Yes, here was playing with kids sometimes.

- And in tennis?

- Took to the Maldives racket. But since their not uncovered. Felt sorry for the girls, he thought: "What are they in the heat to drive ..." Even though his wife said: "flog them." And in Kiev have had four workouts per week ... Sometimes we play tennis with his wife.

- Who's your champion?

- J. She asks: "Would you even resisted." And I: "No, I always play only to win." Or play for real - or in any way. This applies to cards, and Play Station, to which my children are taught.

- Will the athletes?

- Let them choose themselves. But what I have laid the genes, it is exactly: two hours of tennis, and then another house so worn ... When I brought them to the courts, the main stadium, the coach said: "If you do not fit, I had them certified. And do not see what they are - Blokhin. "But I'm not say another word," - replied. For the year, while I was gone, they added. If you have already tried to smash hit - Wow! - Can they lose.

- Return to football. You once in your life to the Ukrainian club invites?

- Never.

- Do not believe it.

- I tell like it is. I would love home runs. Of course, I would not hang out in the middle or bottom of the table, but to fight for first place and successfully perform in Europe. A not - so no.

- At one time the president of Dynamo Igor Surkis said that Semin will work in Kiev for more than Blokhin in Moscow ...

- I did not pay attention to it. And let Semin and running. I wish him success.

- C Gregory Surkis who have not received your consent to continue the work in the team, relationships are maintained?

- And with him, and Igor M.. On New Year called up. That's life. I was in the squad now - Mickle, after him, too, someoneudet.

- Nostalgia for the national team there?

- Unlove memory team, and Moscow, where I put in the work of his soul, is impossible.

- How do you Voronin?

- He is in character. With Buryakov swore to me, to Mickle. I told him: "This is your Odessa things ..."

- [/ B] is hard to put up with them?

- Oh, no. Just football does not always understand the coach's work. When I was a player with Lobanovsky cursed with Beskov. Footballer of the answers for himself. And the coach - for the whole team.

- [B] Sheva will say its word?

- I've been with him called up. I think the transition to Chelsea was his mistake. Although this is his personal life ... Of course, he has not said the last word. For football it - a young guy. Maldini - 40, but he does not want to end.

- Andrew said he had back problems.

- It is now, and in 20-30 years it will be even more disturbed.

- Where it would be better to pursue a career?

- In Chelsea, I think he will not return. In Milan it more comfortable, it's his own team. Where to live after a career in London or Milan, he was addressed.

- As a fan would like to come back to Dynamo?

- He will not come. While all of this life. If I was once told that I'm in Greece, will coach the national team of Ukraine to work in Russia, I would not have believed it.

- What is your last wish at the Western Wall?

- When I received the team, I wrote: "I want to get to the World Cup." Once in Israel, the dust settles, I will go there again soon.


Ukraine minimal beats Slovakia

Coached by Alexei Mikhailichenko during a friendly meeting three times were on the bill, but was passed in response.

More information about the match, visit the site later!

Slovakia - Ukraine 2:3
Scorers: Vittek, 42, Hamshik, 69 - Val, 11, Seleznev, 47, Milevsky, 83 (pen)


Senetsky, Skrtel, Pekarik (Shtivar, 84), Dyuritsa, M. Cech, Strba (Hamshik, 58) Petsalka (Kutsko, 58), Kozak (M. Petrash, 80), Obzhera (Stoch 70), Sestak, Vittek


Shovkovskiy, Nesmachniy, Michalik, Chygrynskiy, Mandziuk (Pasha, 46), Val (Tymoschuk, 77), Rotan, Aliev, S. Kravchenko (Kalinichenko 77), Milevsky, Seleznev (Gomenyuk, 67)

Booked: Kravchenko, Chygrynskiy

Shakhtar and Dynamo Kyiv suffered losses in 2008

Shakhtar in 2008 suffered losses of $ 200 million hryvnia, then there is more than $ 25 million.

Another Ukrainian club - Dynamo Kyiv - also did not bring their profits to owners - the loss amounted to 18 million hryvnia (more than 2 million dollars).

"Today, as before, the football club" Dynamo "unprofitable. Basically loss teams range from 35 to 15 million. A profitable may be only a few months, when "Dinamo" has successfully played in the Champions League ", - said the first vice-president of Dinamo Vitaly Sivkov.

Ukrainian League
18-th round

Metalist - Dynamo K

Rival CSKA 1 / 8 finals of the UEFA Cup held on Monday, the first after the winter break match in the championship. In the 18 th round of the Premier League of Ukraine Shakhtar Donetsk, has completed the fall session at unusually low for a fifth, was staying in a nearby Mariupol.

Championship of Ukraine. 18-th round

Illichivets - Shakhtar - 1:2

Goals: Guy 22 (0:1); Kashevskij, 52 (1:1), Srna, 81 (1:2).

Shakhtar Donetsk (4-5-1): Pyatov - Srna, Kucher, Ischenko (Chizhov, 46), Shevchuk - Guy Hubschman, Jadson, Willian, Ilsinho (Seleznev, 56) - Luiz Adriano (Moreno, 71).

QUOTE (Kyigor@03.03.2009 - Time: 1:33)
Rival CSKA 1 / 8 finals of the UEFA Cup held on Monday, the first after the winter break match in the championship. In the 18 th round of the Premier League of Ukraine Shakhtar Donetsk, has completed the fall session at unusually low for a fifth, was staying in a nearby Mariupol.

Championship of Ukraine. 18-th round

Illichivets - Shakhtar - 1:2

Goals: Guy 22 (0:1); Kashevskij, 52 (1:1), Srna, 81 (1:2).

Shakhtar Donetsk (4-5-1): Pyatov - Srna, Kucher, Ischenko (Chizhov, 46), Shevchuk - Guy Hubschman, Jadson, Willian, Ilsinho (Seleznev, 56) - Luiz Adriano (Moreno, 71).

And how does this victory barely got moles, when the score was 1:1 for 10 minutes before the end of the match only to bar the gates Pyatova saved, and the old football tradition Miner few minutes masterful Srna free-kick decided the outcome of the meeting in favor of Donetsk.
In general the game has very much liked Illychivets, sorry for that lost.

Dynamo Kiev beat visiting Metalist. Thus, the command of Yuri Semin has strengthened its leadership position in the standings. On account of white and blue 46 points. Running in second place Metalist has 37 points in the asset.

Metalist - Dynamo (Kyiv) - 0:2
Goals: Michalik, 17 (0:1); Kravets, 68 (0:2).
Removal: Gueye, 53 (M).

Metal honestly say yesterday was not to know, in the first half at all really one moment near the gate Bogush not created in the second match referee in the controversial points Godulyan showed Kharkiv defender Papa Gueye red card identifying foul of last resort (being a fan of DC still think that this time of the final impact on the outcome of the match and red there could not give) With the score 2:0 zero (an excellent goal scoring should say Artem Kravets) Metalist finally woke up and went ahead and created some dangerous moments, but never managed to print out the gate Bogush . Separate Respect Metalist fans, they were again inimitable!

With the victory DK!
It looks like the championship in our hands, sorry affair has almost disappeared.


№ Team ======= AND N P / M O
-------------------------------------------------- -
1. Dynamo Kiev ======= 18 15 1 2 44 - November 1946
2. Metalist ======= 18 11 4 3 29 - 14 37
3. Vorskla ======= 18 10 6 2 20 - October 1936
4. Metalurh ======= 18 10 4 4 24 - 13 34
5. Shakhtar Donetsk ======= 18 9 7 2 27 - 13 34
6. Metallurg Sn ======= 18 8 6 4 19 - 16 30
7. Dnepr An ======= 18 6 7 5 16 - 14 25
8. Carpathian ======= 18 5 7 6 19 - 21 22
9. Dawn N ======= 18 5 6 7 19 - 27 21
10. Kryvbas ======= 18 4 8 6 15 - 21 20
11. Arsenal Kiev ======= 18 4 5 9 13 - 21 17
12. Chernomorets Odessa ======= 18 6 2 10 18 - 24 14
13. Tavria ======= 18 3 5 10 19 - 32 14
14. FC Lviv ======= 18 3 4 11 12 - 26 13
15. Illychivets ======= 18 3 3 12 17 - 32 12
16. FC Kharkiv ======= 18 0 9 9 10 - 26 September

remind you of fly agaric shot 6 points ...

This post has been edited by zidazizu on 05.03.2009 - 18:55

Died legendary player of the Dnieper

The real tragedy happened today in Kazakhstan. Immediately after the match, the local championship died last outstanding player of the Dnieper, and until recently the head coach of Atyrau Anton Schoch.

"As reported in Ust-Kamenogorsk representatives FK Atyrau, immediately after the game with Ust-Kamenogorsk East, which ended with the score 2:2, the famous coach became ill. He fell right into the locker room, he tried to pump out, call a physician. Alas, it was useless ".

Anton Rohusovich Schoch

Born on January 7, 1960.

As the striker played for clubs: Chemist (Jambul), Kairat (Alma-Ata), Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk), Hapoel (Dig, Israel), metallurgy (Zaporozhye), LASK Linz (Austria), Rotor (Volgograd), Vorskla (Poltava) , Niwa (Ternopil), Flint (Kremenchug), Rops (Finland).

Champion of the USSR in 1988 as part of the Dnieper. USSR Cup winner in 1989.
In the final Dnepr - Torpedo (1:0) scored the only goal.

Head coach of the youth national team of Kazakhstan in the qualifying tournament championship of Europe-2006.

Worked as an assistant head coach of the national team of Kazakhstan (2004-2005), assistant coach of FC Atyrau (2004), has coaching experience in Russia (FC Sodovik, FC Rotor, FC Sokol).

From January 2009 - head coach of FC Atyrau.
From February 2009 - head coach of Kazakhstan's youth team (under 21).

Ukrainian League
19 Tour

user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image Scorers: Idahor (18 '), Kovpak (49')
user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image Scorers: Kabanov (47 ')
user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image Scorers: Fernandinho (34 ')
user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image Scorers:al '> Didenko (22'), Vasin (89 ')
user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image Scorers: Krivosheenko (23 '), Kuznetsov (28') (44 ') (80'), Cobin (41 '), Golodyuk (87')
user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image Scorers: Mazilu (7 ')
user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image Goals: Edmar ('19), Fedorchuk ('36)
user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image user posted image Scorers: Yaroshenko ('33), Aliyev ('15) ('34), Ninkovic ('30), Kravets ('68)
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