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That somehow I was practicing with a girl sex on the windowsill in front of an open window! It was summer, and under the window sat a couple on a bench and watched, I wanted to go to Dlugi place, but she insisted to stay, then I got that too much has brought! Later, there were more onlookers, and when she had finished and began to moan, they started to applaud! Have you had any such cases? May have a photo? Share!

I had like ....

Back in college, I was a bunting ...

Once again, stayed with her all night, morning, hours 6. Wake up, look, she stands on the gazebo, the air he breathes. A window ajar, summer, grace ...

I went clung to her, began to kiss ... And so I was excited that turned her around, and behind, almost in an attitude of standing up, started ... She is also excited seriously, moaning to the glass prizhamaetsya ... And then after some time, dog lovers go, 2 pieces, their fur bedding hooky ...
And a balcony on the 2 floor, everything is visible. They are first frozen in neponyatkah ... then turned away, a smoke-but with no place go, firing because quite frankly over his shoulder.

And I had already dispersed, do not stop! And the girlfriend is about to have finished! I tried it so neatly to "this case" carry out, and leave, but where there! Whispers: "Do not, not is stopped!" And she rolls her eyes ..

Well, I think dog with you! Look! And four minutes we went!

Then I asked her: "Why not go? Where modesty and ???!!!" She replied: "You know, it was so exciting ..."

Generally, you will not understand them ...

PS: a dog lover at 6 am was out 3 times more! as 6 hours-so the door to the stairwell clap-clap, without interruption. And all under the balcony tusyat! Silence so intently! Some, even with fotoaparatami!

I had to write in large letters on a sheet: "Today no shows!" About the time of the next session will be posted additional ad! All-in garden "- and hang it on the glass from the inside!

Was the case. The wife went to the balcony only to knit in large cell T-shirt with air to breathe after "of this case." Standing, stooping, the court looks at. It has brought me, I again to my wife fell in behind. At the moment of climax in a neighboring apartment (in meters 2) opens the window and looks out the neighbor's daughter, age 12-14 in search of his younger brother, calls him a look and finds already calmed down, drew his attention to our balcony. Dumb, her head disappears from our field of view and from an open window hear thunder falling body. We amicably rzhem.

ZY Strange girl with long looks at me. Why would it, eh?

QUOTE (akademik@21.05.2007 - Time: 17:14)
ZY Strange girl with long looks at me. Why would it, eh?

S scared you to death! That's what! F-)))

Why is it - it was:)
I stood at the window looking into the courtyard. A man crept up behind and began to fondle me. I wanted to go into the bedroom, but he had me pinned to the window sill, pulled off my panties and sat back. We have a second floor, but I have not seen, watched someone on us, I just closed my eyes and enjoy. Then my husband went to the bathroom, and I'm still a little stood in the sun.

And why not look, it's so exciting, if you watch for?!

QUOTE (Lena3000_05@04.06.2007 - Time: 15:56)
Why is it - it was:)
I stood at the window looking into the courtyard. A man crept up behind and began to fondle me. I wanted to go into the bedroom, but he had me pinned to the window sill, pulled off my panties and sat back. We have a second floor, but I have not seen, watched someone on us, I just closed my eyes and enjoy. Then my husband went to the bathroom, and I'm still a little stood in the sun.

more you most not want to repeat

was long ago. windows looked out on the unfrequented place: right - children garden (the time it was too late - the children hedgehog took a long time ago), right - the school, left - the nine-... light is on. sensation - normal and feeling that ... as a type of pride, chtoli. k-Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately - or who have not seen.
I liked it!

no longer practiced ... somehow did not have

There were several times in the gazebo 9-th floor (no one saw) and also once a hotel where the thin wall between the balconies of adjacent rooms, on a nearby balcony, someone was, and hopefully hear.

Was! Was! Was!

We both then agreed to have sex on a windowsill. But how broke (been drunk). I looked past the crowd of girls 17-18 years of attending. Saw, as many as sunglasses and a shot the finger at our shows. I can not stop .... But then right below us (it was on the second floor), a man with her aunt goes. Had to quickly retreat. I do not like the response to this aunts in vozrkste whether they jealous toli still that, but the foam from his mouth like a dog.

I also have been, but I do not know - anyone seen. We went with a friend on a visit to my brother. Not for a long time - tea drink. Well, we really wanted. Right at him out of place as it was. We said goodbye to him and his home, went upstairs and settled pryachmo to close the window sill: between 4 and 3 floors. I think if passers-by looked up, you'll see would be. Well, even lead to impotence that in view of the door sill were eight apartments, and from anywhere anyone could get.

We too have been! On the balcony ... Retell here makes no sense I described in the story "The first day of vacation." Sorry, I do not know how to make a link, but it lies in "Stories:" Casual sex ".

Same was the case. We have a table on the balcony is worth, here I am on this table wife ... Truth in the room light is not burned, and it was too late - midnight. But we do not show, just hot it was in the apartment and the balcony so nice breeze blows:)))

It was last month - though late at night on the street almost anybody and the first floor of this calculation was in principle - that no one would have prevented such. Especially my went to the window and leaned back, and I fell in behind ... Though nobody in the street but at night it quietly and groans could be heard very well - right from the echo back ...

the case was too! cool! kakto time with two friends at Blue Lakes relax, sunbathe nude, and of shorter I wanted, he whispered to one ear, they said, is Hosh raslabitsa? she agreed, we moved the type to pee, and themselves in a couple of minutes, have merged in a hot kiss well etc. then I heard rustling cheto five meters, a good look and then her friend, stood behind a tree and spy on us, I say its supposedly follows us, and analysis pancake, stands up and so just took it and let girlfriend type thing we're busy and you type watch and masturbate! honestly say I have this was the first time! but this is not over! towards evening we try sex in Troy! it was cool!

There were a few times, various apartments, different balconies. One case: the third floor balcony with a simple latticed railing, fully visible, night, rain, big drops infrequent, storms, lightning illuminates the street at regular intervals every few minutes, the rare passers-by. I wanted new experiences, outdoor heat, rain was quiet. Naked standing on the balcony, kissing. I built the back while standing and the process begins. Inexpressible feeling! Light in the room is included, but the rear lights - casual viewers can see only our paths. The action is approaching a climax, and ... At this moment a flash of lightning and I can see under the balcony on the sidewalk, going guy who looks at us. His eyes are rounded, the distance between us 15 meters, no more! Lightning flash goes off and comes to an orgasm, the strongest, vsezahvatyvayuschy, we were finishing together at the same time. A husband is like a sigh, and went further, capabilities and desire to follow him at that moment was not. Here's a story:)

we often hang out with my beetles in the window or on the balcony .. usually the initiator of it .. because we have separation)) is Exhibit I vuayer .... with windows (no balcony) overlooking the front of the house .. but there's no optical current silhouettes can be seen, with no details .. but people often smoke climbs in those moments

Also somehow was such a case. After a shopping trip back home before dawn. I asked my wife to try just bought underwear. She went to change clothes, and I went to the window - and look at the tenth floor in front of a small yard guy came out to smoke. We have the seventh and I sat on the bed see if the light is turned on and the curtains a little more then pull up to him all that will be seen above the bed. I quickly turned the desk lamp, sent her from the window and parted the curtains on the meter, cut down the overall light. A man stood there and smoked, from what my husband suspecting nothing will show off in front of him half-naked I was really excited. Then my wife came back in sandals and had bought a set of underwear. That she did not pay attention to the window (usually it halts), I quickly turned her back to him, I saw - man is still there smokes. Here was I could not help, she gradually withdrew all the new clothes except for high heels (all of it so that she could see a push in the shade) and put sideways to the window, standing bent over and put behind her. Look - on the balcony of a flash, he lit up in anticipation of the second extension - the initiation of and situation when spying on us - I am a peasant from the home front gave a complete picture - fuck my wife put her cancer while standing on the bed with his back to the window and was attached as a rider behind him to get a better could be seen, the charter has moved his penis in her mouth. For a break again put on the legs under the lamplight and his fingers caressed the gap, and language. And then again in a circle, all the while a man on the balcony smoking a cigarette after cigarette, I specifically watched him and for so we were light and we could see out the window shifted between the curtains. Sensation and excitement of the situation that we were spying were just super!

Since the girl was in a cafe, then my eyes fell on the second floor window of the house standing beside the window blind was ottdernuta and a man apparently someone else crawl), I showed the girl was funny, I remember that our night with her was memorable

And my wife a couple of days ago decided to start this business in the kitchen. The balcony was open, the light is turned on, though not very bright .. I'm in the process of the windows across the street looked, and there two girls sitting on the windowsill, watching .. Then one of them fotkat beginning. When we finished, so they immediately hid))) but evoked a very even. Maybe in other windows who have been, but it is best to be seen.

it was in one yurkontore! there are very large windows and are very low! We stood with his girlfriend in front of the window and looked across the road crossed the husband and wife Her husband stared at us Well, I take da lift shirts girlfriend and she bust of course I is not! Male staring stumbled on bardyur and stretched out on trature! Male seeing us for some reason, started berating him well, we course I quickly faded! laughter was the sea with this fun!

How we love to do it on the balcony! First time for fun. And now so much! It is a pity that it is now cold. Can look out when it perevozbudimsya ... On the contrary in the house boy and girl live, they often follow us watching .... And then probably aroused themselves in the sex strike, but unfortunately hidden from view

Subject verified. Flood deleted.

Until recently lived with his wife in a communal apartment, in a room with a window looking out to "well". The room naprootiv our window zhenshina lived 40 years with his son - in high school. I noticed that his desk with a computer was standing near the window, and behind him, he spent almost all his spare time. Curtains have a purely symbolic, when the street is dark and the lights, the beautiful clear everything in the room occurs. Regularly involved with the wife having sex with the lights on, I'm sure the guy could see everything. His wife said nothing, but I think she understood perfectly well that our sexual pleasures of watching neighbors. My doubts vanished completely when I overheard her talking on the phone with his girlfriend. The wife said she can not wait when we move from communal to private apartment, at the same time saying that we live as eksbitsionisty, because through our windows all can see that happening in the room. At the same time during sex with the lights on she never expressed any fears about it. To my wife all prailno understand.

in an old apartment, where they were ordinary balconies practiced such self-indulgence: to lay on the floor balcony of a thick blanket, and I filled up my wife in the traditional pose. while from the street and the neighbors have not seen. but with the upper balcony can be seen well if people smoke came out. particularly interesting in the evening when our neighbors above many young people hang out. Wife. supine well see them head and was heard even a whisper - "Look, look!"
Aroused this much!
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