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In this topic, propose to spread information about the various organized crime groups (organized crime) and their leaders.

So to speak, a vivid example of how it all started and it will all end, in one way or another organized crime group.

"Fellowship, do not shoot each other" - sung in the second half of the 90 now forgotten singer Eugene Kemerovo. But the "Tale" was shot. In every regional city in Russia at the cemetery there is a corner, laden with sumptuous monuments. The people they ironically called "the avenue of heroes" - in these tombs really are "heroes 90, killed in gang wars. But it died not all: according to the Interior Ministry, in the gang consisted of several hundred thousand people. The whole social stratum of more than 10 years he lived on concepts: "triturated topics, specifically solves problems." Today, all in the past, but the people something that once made up this layer have not gone away. They - among us. Are there any "former" gangsters, how they live and what they are doing now, "the men" "authorities" and "team leaders" 90?

Unless in each case, who for some article on how old convicted. Then it will have at least some relation to a legal forum ...

QUOTE (JFK2006@13.07.2007 - Time: 19:57)
Unless in each case, who for some article on how old convicted. Then it will have at least some relation to a legal forum ...

Agreed. True, some leaders of organized crime groups were not arrested and killed. As in that case be?
Yes, in principle, the term "crime" - draws on the legal forum.

QUOTE (Connoisseur IZVRATA@14.07.2007 - Time: 06:18)
Agreed. True, some leaders of organized crime groups were not arrested and killed. As in that case be?

In such a case should only talk about in the commission of any crime suspected these venerable gentlemen.

Born and raised in Naberezhnye Chelny (he lived until 2002). I remember, was grupiprovka "29 range." A lot of time to mess things up guys. Not so long ago was the trial of her, as I recall. Boats are divided into districts (complexes) in the 90's (do not know how right now), each complex was under someone else's "roof". I do not know as adults, but adolescents has not been easy in such circumstances. There were two options: do not contain or consist of a teenage gang. The members called themselves the "lads" call failed "devils." If you are not involved in a gang, you had better stay at home, or on the street you from time to time "running out" (took away the money if they were). And if you was in a group, then had to be prim others, earning money in the pot.

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QUOTE (Connoisseur IZVRATA@13.07.2007 - Time: 11:23)
In this topic, propose to spread information about the various organized crime groups (organized crime) and their leaders.

So to speak, a vivid example of how it all started and it will all end, in one way or another organized crime group.

"Fellowship, do not shoot each other" - sung in the second half of the 90 now forgotten singer Eugene Kemerovo. But the "Tale" was shot. In every regional city in Russia at the cemetery there is a corner, laden with sumptuous monuments. The people they ironically called "the avenue of heroes" - in these tombs really are "heroes 90, killed in gang wars. But it died not all: according to the Interior Ministry, in the gang consisted of several hundred thousand people. The whole social stratum of more than 10 years he lived on concepts: "triturated topics, specifically solves problems." Today, all in the past, but the people something that once made up this layer have not gone away. They - among us. Are there any "former" gangsters, how they live and what they are doing now, "the men" "authorities" and "team leaders" 90?

I participated in a local OPG probably since its childhood. In fact, although totally clear and complete picture of the organization of the criminal world I got after the collapse of the USSR, and "scoop" the underworld was much more clearly organized and has much more possibilities than even the 90's, not to mention about the current situation.

OPG Uralmash. Leaders, the history of the emergence and decline of

Organized criminal group Uralmash hold on the public horizon Russia longer than other criminal brands. Its leader, Alexander Khabarov
user posted image
tried to fit into the new life is not secret, as many of his colleagues on the criminal workshop, and in the open. The result of a failed re-branding has become a mysterious death in prison Khabarova number 1 city of Yekaterinburg. In the spring of Prosecutor General closed the last page in this criminal organization. The first part of his story is typical of his time. The second - is unique ...
By the tomb of Alexander Khabarova at the Northern Cemetery of Yekaterinburg is best approached from the rear side and backwards. After standing in front of the monument, in the same way - without looking - should be removed. The fact that more recently at the nearest pine installed a surveillance camera, which records everything that happens next. To the question "Who found her?" Friends of the deceased do not give an answer. Law enforcement authorities also did not confirm his involvement. The easiest way would be to climb a pine tree, break the wires and see who comes. But to make this one of my friends Khabarova not solved. The times are not the same.

Since the leader Uralmash group was found dead in jail cell number 1 city of Yekaterinburg, two years passed. Then this event shook the entire Urals. The newspapers wrote that the region stands at the threshold of a new criminal war. However, no war was not followed. When two months ago, General Prosecutor's Office finally closed the investigation, declaring that Khabarov was not killed, the event passed almost unnoticed.

- People want to believe that he was killed, but we, people close, confident that he hanged himself. Another thing, as it is brought before this ...

Let me give a small interview with one of his closest friends Khabarova, who agreed to communicate (not me of course), provided that no more be called not only by his surname, but even a name. We call it Michael. Despite their close relationship with the deceased, he begins a conversation with the words: "Do not make him a hero."

- Animals in those days were everything. And those who started with the origins, his hands to his elbows in blood. Another question, who then went which way. To a certain extent Khabarov was the same evolution that many of us. First up: "I would rob all!" Then: "No, you scoundrel!" And finally: "I will give." But if you write about him the whole truth, it is necessary to insult his memory. And without this it will lie. Better not write about Khabarova, but about a phenomenon of which wereall of us.

Crime Life Sverdlovsk 80's swirled around the restaurants. Most low places considered as "Space". It was he who became a kind of cradle of Sverdlovsk organized crime. Here, exchange news, share ideas, and put up in conflict. In the late 80's restaurants have become a kind of "dispatching" of new opportunities. And the first places that sprang a wild capitalism, they were Gorky Park. Mayakovsky (there is already hard at wielded "capstan", ie, gamblers), the station square (where "cool cap - thimble - lohotronschiki) and, of course, Shuvakishsky clothing market. It was here came to buy goods from around the huckster of the Urals.

- Do you know how emerging organized crime groups? - Asked Michael. - Here is a man trades. To him comes the usual riff-raff, to give Balde, takes money and runs. And next is a strong guy. Just standing there. Traders look at the sides - the police do not. Then he runs up to this guy and begs to catch up with that punks and return him the money. The guy catches up, pull down over one's eyes offenders and returns huckster stolen. He is happy: "Hey, let's you'll always somewhere nearby, and I tell you the day I will pay 10 percent of revenue." The guy says: "So what? Come on. " Day is two, and then thought: "Something I've been stuck here too cheaply. Suitable to the neighbor of the dealer: "Hey, bratello, and let's you'll pay me too?" Bratello against. Then the strong guy that is calling punks and says: "Hey, that's nahlobuchte it." Bratello immediately agrees. Then the guy comes up to a third trader, fourth and so on. That appeared before our eyes, organized criminal networks. But at what point it was born? When the guy came up to the second trader? None. It appeared when traders began to refer not to the police, and people with strong muscles. And why did this happen? That's the main issue at that time.

Michael is right, but only partly. The process of "krysheobrazovaniya" was mutually enriching character. On the one hand, in the late 80's cooperators really rushed to seek strong men, faced with the fact that the authorities were not able to solve problems of security, guarantee fulfillment of transactions and to resolve commercial disputes. On the other - themselves residents of cereal restaurants, gyms and clubs, veterans of the war in Afghanistan is not very much and waiting for a special invitation. Having entered the "theme", they rushed to the place of bread, making the "Commerce" offers that it was impossible to refuse.

To be continued ...

Recently, the Court put an end to loud case of another gang of Crimea. Entered into force and not subject to appeal the verdict against the organizer of a criminal group Igor Rulyaka (Rudder)

user posted image

keep at bay the whole of Sevastopol. The leader of the gang was sentenced to life imprisonment. The trial of Rulyaka and his accomplices lasted eight years.

Instead of bagels - automatic

We infer that the gang carried out 14 murders. Perhaps, this figure is far from complete, but it was enough to clap gangsters behind bars.

Igor Y. Rulyak was born in 1959 in Leningrad.

For a long time Rulyak worked for an ambulance. In early 1992, became cobble together a band. It included, inter alia, former Marines, special forces, paratroopers, "the Afghans". The gang had several business units. The first group includes ten people close to the leader. The second group consisted of those who extorted money from business corporations, companies, individuals. Others specialize in the protection of the family estate Rulyaka, murder and even the instillation of corpses. The Group had an arsenal of weapons was well equipped technically. Monthly salary paid to its members.

Law enforcement officers who worked on the case, which has more than 60 volumes, note the particular cruelty of members of the group. In particular, tell us what to practice so-called death penalty demonstration: the victim hung up a sign, for example, with the inscription "for the debts, after which the human long and brutally murdered.

Under the "roof of his house

The gang terrorized Sebastopol nearly eight years. The reason for this longevity explain good "roof" at the level of power, and at the level of senior police officials.

As a cover for bandits used the firm friends Rulyaka: gang members fictitiously drawn up in different MP and Company under the guise of outlets in the territories controlled by the gang. During the period of accumulation of "primary capital" rulyakovtsy shaken firms that were not paid at that time the Crimean major groupings. Of course, that the investigation conducted in 1999, failed to identify all the victims of gang Rulyaka in 1992.

Igor Rulyak acted as a good manager, one wonders to bring the firm a leader in this segment. In the group maintained a strict discipline. At the direction of Chef rulyakovtsy continuous improvement: a few athletes with serious training sessions conducted among members of the gang. But the main know-how Rulyaka became legal literacy campaign among the bandits. Among close friends was a former police authorityOner named Lobas.

Between "Salem" and "shoes"

Go unpunished for double murder and received the freedom of action, Rulyak decides to expand its sphere of influence. In turning to the Crimean bandits in 1994, he removes one of its competitors - coach Simferopol FC Tavria Anatoly Zayaev, "looking" from "shoes". Interestingly, the Zayaev in combination with the above "post" was also the godfather Rulyaka. Five gang members beat Zayaev to death with baseball bats at the tourist camp, where he rested. Tip-off about the whereabouts godmother gave himself Rulyak, "accidentally" came to entertain the same database. Zayaev corpse was taken and buried, and two years later, when several gang members began "pounding" on his patron, dug up and thrown into the Black Sea.

The next intended victim becomes the creator of the Sports Tourism Union Michael Pliss, the man who wanted to remove the Pope himself, but was unable to pursue the case. Could not it Rulyaku.

August 29, 1994 sent to it three rulyakovtsa shot Pliss. Wounded competitor hastily left the Crimea. Feeling himself as a master of the situation, Rulyak wants yet to see it through: Pliss decide to lure back to Sevastopol. Gang members killed a relative Pliss - policeman Igor Kolesnikov, hoping that the "victim" will be at the funeral. But those hopes were not realized.

Michael Pliss, which, incidentally, was detained in 2005, began retaliatory war. A former employee of Sebastopol police, who had served there as an instructor on hand to hand combat (he was European champion in judo), at one time famous for close friendship with the famous, now defunct "godfathers" - Muscovite and Kievan Otari Kvantrishvili Boris Savlohovym, ordered to fire giving Rulyaka five rocket-propelled grenades .
But the bombing was unsuccessful: none of rulyakovtsev not hurt, but inexperienced kids out of gangs Pliss caught and shot in a crowded place. Later, near giving another incident, but more quiet. Guard said surveillance of the house and shot members of the rival factions in the car, and those who remained alive for several days had been tortured, then killed and thrown in a grove near the cottages, not even bothering to sweep a trail - to bury the corpses.

Royal Hunt

Cottage Rulyaka - plain little house on the outskirts of Sevastopol - turned into a fortress. Only the construction of the fence cost $ 50 thousand dollars. In another large sum flew purchase of equipment for home security: CCTV, intercoms, etc. Once the house settled Rulyak, the area around the extinct: next remained unfinished for about ten cottages, but the owners decided that would be safer to freeze construction qof better times. Only some time later near rulyakovskoy cottage began to build his house "team leaders".

Knowing the deeds Rulyaka, local OCD yet ventured to catch him on the hook. Operatives carefully collected information on gang members and its leader. Convenient excuse to start it turned up in 1995, when several rows rulyakovtsev were in jail "for the small." Ubopovtsy established "operative contact" with members of the gang. Also helped the situation in OPG. Some of its members is ripe for the withdrawal "in the eyeballs, and some businessmen to pursue economic cover band, tired of working on Rulyaka.

The split in the gang came to be surprisingly quiet, but Rulyak, knowing that each of the deceased owned the dangerous information that instructed the traces. Then the corpses dug up, reburied, or thrown into the sea. Precipitated a split in the gang and what rulyakovtsev killed for the slightest fault. While Rulyak paid ordinary members of all factions to $ 100 a month (and the protection of homes and even fewer - 50), the very credibility of anything currently not refuse, often vacationing in the Caribbean.

As a result, information was collected abound. Fortune turned its back on Rulyaka winter of 1999, when law enforcement officers successfully carried out an operation. Most gang members along with their leaders arrested. Almost all of them at once split. Rulyak long been silent, because of what his trial ended when his henchmen have already served their sentence.

Many facts are "friendly" relations Rulyaka and some law enforcement agencies have failed to prove. All the information about them contained in the materials of operative investigation cases, and in the vaults of operatives, who for several years, tending a bandit.

On my own - in other words no one employee levoohranitelnyh bodies in the production of this case was not damaged.0

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Continued ...

Uralmash OPG was born on a small patch of around 115 th and 117 th school in Ordzhonikidze district, where the giant factory Uralmash. Actually, as a community of young, energetic kids, it has developed already in the 84-m. All trained in one stadium, the one coaches fell in love with the same girls. These were the guys with the plant margin, which was very strong spirit of revenge towards a more "upbeat" youth center.

Ordzhonikidze district of Yekaterinburg - the birthplace of "uralmashevtsev. OPG has disappeared, the face and gestures remain the same.
user posted image
Photo: Konstantin Salomatin / Agency.Photographer

Gregory and Konstantin Tsyganov are considered as "godfathers" Uralmash groups. Together with them began their friends, relatives, neighbors across the courtyard: Sergey Terentyev, Alexander Crooke, Sergei Vorobyov, Andrei Panpurin, Igor Majewski. Nucleus were "athletes" who are far from criminals and thieves notions of romance. The main motivation was not the lifestyle and spirit of competition and profit. About indifference to the thieves' tradition says at least the fact that the power bloc faction leader Sergei Kurdyumov entrusted to command - a man who by then had time to visit the area and there was the status of "dropped". That hatred Kurdyumov to "lawyers" and determined that the choice that he has fully justified his cruelty toward the enemy factions.

Initially, OPG Tsyganov was one of dozens of similar groups in the city. Separation of "gangster Yekaterinburg on Uralmash and center began to rapidly take shape in the early 90's - after Grigory Tsyganov, was killed on the orders of Oleg Vagin, leader of another major racketeering group, formed around the central market. Took place slain brother Konstantin, and after a severe two-year confrontation between the major force in the city became the OPG Uralmash.

Echoes of the war is heard well in Shirokorechenskom cemetery - the most ancient and prestigious in Yekaterinburg. Previously, when entering a parking lot. Now here is the cemetery "Centrists". On the scale it is second only to the memorial died in a military hospital, which is located immediately behind the fence. At 100 meters from the burial tomb of the first pioneers of the world Anna Bychkova. And in the 100 meters - the father and mother in law, Boris Yeltsin.

- Khabar appeared among Uralmash in the early 90's, - said Sergei Plotnikov, expert at the Center for Journalism in Extreme Sverdlovsk region. Theme Yekaterinburg criminal world it tracks over the years and knows it betterex civilians in the city .. - Moreover, the future leader of organized crime groups, by and large, people from the Uralmash is not.

Indeed, Khabarov Krasnoufimsk grew up in the Sverdlovsk region in a family of civil servants: his father was secretary of the district committee, Knight of the Order of Lenin. Khabarov graduated from the Sverdlovsk State Pedagogical Institute, served in a group of Soviet troops in Germany. When he returned, he defended his PhD thesis, worked as director of children's sports school of Olympic reserve in Nordic combined and ski. In this capacity, and was known to many participants Uralmash OPG. Khabarov quickly rose through the mind and the ability to govern. According to his close friend, which we tentatively named Michael, is he created a group of powerful power efficient and multilateral framework:

- He has somewhere learned management skills?

- No. That he was by nature. One day, another year in the 90 th, when Serge Terentyev chided him for what he found his foremen without cause, Khabarov replied: "If properly organized labor foreman and zvenevoy not work." This phrase he later liked to say. In those days, nobody had any idea what the management and Senya already instinctively understand its laws.

If you live Grigory Tsyganov Khabarov was something of a financial director. Calligraphy down in a notebook all the receipts and expenditures. After the two brothers-leaders, one was killed and another left for Turkey to escape the persecution of the police, "steering" was elected Khabarov. It was a very correct decision, because times have changed and needed to consolidate the success of other quality - not brute strength, and ability to think, consider and negotiate. Since then, Uralmash retrained with a banal racket that is now called raiding.

"Uralmashevtsy" defending their captured Salda Metallurgical Plant, to compete with them group is preparing to storm the plant office.
user posted image
Photo: Konstantin Salomatin / Agency.Photographer

- We often come to the minority shareholders of different companies - says Michael. - Asked to help defend their rights. Do not always agree. Khabarov listened to all opinions, sometimes taking time out to think, but if made the decision that is final. And know how to act in critical situations. "I take everything on yourself!" - The phrase we have heard very often.

To be continued ...0

Since I'm from Novokuznetsk. And being one of the gang in a class attended.

On Site Moore.

"In April 1995, unmasked the organized criminal group headed by a resident of Novokuznetsk Barybin (aka" Shkabara). On account of 42 murders of criminals in various Russian regions, including 5 and 6 in Moscow in the Moscow region. The members of the criminal the group seized 19 weapons and a large quantity of ammunition.

"In the most severe gang of modern Russia, collected from Novokuznetsk Belovsky and boys under the leadership of Igor and Vladimir Shkabara Lobotskogo. And the second - the master of sports of international class struggle - has long been considered a gang first. Then the gang, seeking" world domination ", flooded the country with blood, firing business tycoons and authority of the criminal world who refuse to cooperate with her. Shot with a preliminary surveillance and wiretapping took place in Siberia, and Central part of Russia, and south. And all ended logical - tough guys from Blackforge began to suspect and fear each other, and then - "wet." In particular, a combined bathroom (the bath), a leader of the "Brigade" killers Susku (Gnezdicha). or on the streets of Moscow, as Lobotskogo. He finished it off with a pistol Shkabara after the first was hit exploded IEDs (with koim Lobotsky appeared on the "arrow" to "bang" associate). Shkabara After this had to do plastic surgery to change his surname (and passport) to "Barybina and hide in the safe house, but the leadership of the gang to carry out pay phone. "

MOORE slightly lost his temper attributing all the laurels of their own, they began to kill themselves and bepredelnichat. And kill as I know they are not small fry.

The recent shooting of metropolitan radio market leader Gennady Suprunenko made a lot of noise. Another would be: in broad daylight in downtown killer brazenly shot uneasy businessman in front of subordinates. Police silent, the press has advanced the most incredible version. Today, crime is actually solved.
way, is not known whether the penalty incurred by the customer. But before we talk about possible culprits death Suprunenko, tell about how he spent his 42 years. And then the clearer will be: why and who could have his "book". Now, about who was Geshan "for life".

Born in 1965, Gennady Suprunenko old friends remembered the nickname "The Astronomer" (incidentally, the owner of the radio market is firm "The Astronomer-1"). Geshan - a rare bird, a representative capital racket community, managed not only to survive after the war for the division of Kiev territories between rival organized crime groups and not to sit behind bars, but also managed to become a businessman with an almost non-poor legal business.

Gennady Suprunenko, like many athletes melee came in crime in the late 80's. He is actively involved in kick-boxing (including those in the club "Battle Gloves, where he met with Vitali Klitschko), won the competition, they say, even won at the All-Ukrainian Union and even the championships.

In Suprunenko was a small but lively team. His fury at the "arrow" knew all Kiev. Geshan with a dozen companions dispersed enemy number in the 50 fighters. With him, few wanted to get involved. Even frostbite "fascists" attempted to avoid conflicts with Geshey. He was active in sports, not drinking and struggling with alcoholism and drug abuse in his team. " So irresistible, and he was harsh on hands, so is prudent and businesslike in the business. Do not rest on our laurels, hard headed and controlled the market for the surrounding area. Outsiders would not allow him, crime in the market did not like. When Geshan came on the market, addressed him influential gangsters Marton and Druzhinin to allow them with the lads a little disorderly in the market: extortion, theft, this and that ... Geshan refused and no one to argue with him did not.

Soon Geshan friends with Harry Jib - one of the leaders of the Assyrian OPG. Djibu listed as chief of security of the consumer society "Mercury", which stood at the helm of prominent friends - Yufa, Presman and Gabovich. "Mercury" was the first in Ukraine opened the commercial market in the heart of the city - in the Republican Stadium. It was first launched its know-how: the official collection of tribute from the traders in the form of commercial payment protection market. Its members were all the same racketeers from the group titled wrestler - Assyrian Victor Avdysheva. When the head of Jib shot in Berlin, Russian Stylekiller, his fellow Slovenian Suprunenko still some time worked shoulder to shoulder with Viktor Avdyshevym.

Chief of security "Mercury" was the "recumbent" Victor Kulinich - "Bullet". He too did not live long on the loose. His death was a personal tragedy for Suprunenko: Both were strong personalities and fast became friends. Bullet Geshu even the cross, after the godfather Suprunenko disappeared. A bullet also baptized another prominent kiselevtsa Vova Black, who at that time had pool tables in Goloseyevsky Park - the birthplace of kiselevtsev.

When the bullets did not become, Suprunenko and his comrades went to the camp of another no less vivid personality on the Kiev-sky racket: Vladimir Karpovich Kisel, the leader of the eponymous OPG. It happened at the personal invitation of the Father "(alias Vladimir Karpovich). Kissel was filled with respect for the astrologer and the feeling kept to the grave of the latter. They say they contributed to the rapprochement of both past and imprisonment. Kissel was pulling a four-year term by a solid 141-th article of the Criminal Code (although the area was listed on the assistant warden). Geshan According to our sources, supposedly only two years was on the "chemistry". But on the other side - not the place and the article of the Criminal Code makes the man ...

By the same, Kissel could not bear drunkards. In his inner circle did find that two deep-drinking men - Tripoli and merchants. Suprunenko not "abused".

Geshan enjoyed a reputation not only in such blocks as Kulinich and jelly. His many not only feared but also respected, he was known as a fair leader. A well-known fighter and the bandit Oleinikov, he - deer, to seize a significant portion of the business of approximate Astrologer - Vova and Barina Black, never in conflict with itself Geshey, expressing his sincere respect for the characters.

In 1995, Suprunenko and his team decided to "kill" barely nascent wild radio market in Chokolovke, where he lived all his life Geshan. But at that time in Kiev have nothing left of trading, not "nailed" this or that group. Suprunenko his men under the direct supervision Kisel took discourage prospective business education in the Caucasus organized crime groups, the backbone of which were "ayzergudy" and "Czechs" - literally the: natives of Azerbaijan and Chechnya.

Determination Suprunenko with Kisel bend on a Caucasian ownership gave their persistent dislike of people from the Caucasus Mountains.

Nobody is going to be given just like that, but the forces were unequal: kiselevtsy then were perhaps the most influential organized crime group in Kiev. But even after the market finally went Suprunenko men, Caucasians, repeatedly, at intervals of six months, sent him a "black mark", implying that the offense will not be forgiven, the market return.

The market is no longer changed owners, and Suprunenko until the last day did it some good money. By the way, vindictive revenge ayzergudov was listed as a version of a possible death Suprunenko. Although, special sarcastically shakes his head: sounds fantastic, would want to - killed much earlier.

As a result, the market was under the sole control of the comrades of Kiselevsky OPG. Revenues divided Suprunenko, Liashenko (Lyasch) Potikha, Experienced. They led the war against Caucasians, and their revenue share. And the risk was due to anything. The most conservative estimates the market today, bringing a million dollars a month. The lion's share - black signal from unrecorded fees for merchants pavilions, stalls, etc. However, the formal market is owned by Astronomer-1, where in equal shares were two men: Gennadi Liashenko Suprunenko and Vladimir. Lyasch was listed director of market Suprunenko - his deputy. Although in reality the market headed Geshan. According to knowledgeable people, and its share in income was 2 / 3. 1 / 3 per month were recorded personally Vladimir Karpovich Kisel. And it deserved frills: no protection for the market Kisel confrontation threatened to turn into a bloodbath in which a Geshy and his comrades had no chance to win and survive.

Actually, those traits that make Suprunenko forced to respect a whole criminal Kiev, he had saved until the last day, at that time already fully legalized. And here is facing the grand central question: who dared raise a hand against such a powerful chelovechischa, perhaps the closest friend and associate of the almighty "Father"? After all, everyone should know: Kisel this will not forgive, the market is in the wrong hands will not give up, punish the murderers.0

Continued ... Beginning in previous posts.

Initially, the "aid to minority shareholders" had the character of threats and brute force. Gradually became more refined tools. Since the mid 90's it was a more organizational work. According to the testimony of former members of the group, its population had reached at that time two thousand people, and most were hired staff: lawyers, attorneys, managers, and journalists.

- When we came to any company, then picked up everything - says Michael. - It was a full-fledged crisis management. And there was no business that we would fall apart. Everything worked and are working properly.

The grouping is still shaped "obshchak, be dismissed in its half of the profit, and its manager was located in Turkey Tsyganov. However, these were not just dead money for a rainy day. Very soon, "obshchak has evolved into a full-fledged investment fund: Uralmash started to invest in the business. At first - in any, and then - giving preference to its legal forms. According to law enforcement authorities, members of the Uralmash OPG established about 200 companies and 12 banks, and were equity participants in 90 companies.

- In the war with the "pivot" Uralmash defeated not even because he had acted with greater ferocity, but primarily because of its constructive position, - said Deputy City Duma Andrey Kabanov. - "Pivot" were commonplace racketeers. To ward businessmen are treated as cash cows, which at any time were willing to kill for the sake of short-term profit. A Uralmash counted situation several moves ahead. Probably, it worked specificity of sport, which was engaged in Khabarov. In ski racing is important, not aggression, and endurance and the ability to calculate the force.

Looking Andrei Kabanov (aka Marcel Duchamp) can be considered impartial because he had never belonged to any group Uralmash nor central. The current MP, and honestly believing Orthodox Christian does not hide that in the early 90's was a drug addict and an active representative of the so-called "blue group." "Bruise" is called and called representatives of the traditional criminal world that abides by the thieves concepts and recognize the power thieves. However, in Yekaterinburg, in contrast to, for example, from the Far East, Southern Russia, and even Moscow, the influence of blue has always been purely symbolic. According to Sergei Plotnikov, from the Center for Journalism in Extreme Situations, they can not even be called a group.

To be continued ...

The Kiev authorities 90

Kupets (Igor merchants). Three times the judge. In the heyday of his group numbered more than 150 militants, now in its not so much a criminal as the business community about 30 people. Specialization - extortion, robberies, shady business. Has a 3 "salable" on the rise: hooliganism, extortion, robbery. Therefore logical to his recent conviction on account of 7 years with confiscation of property for robbery.

When in the early 90's merchants was in sight Capital Management to combat organized crime, he was in the gang hierarchy of the capital at the same level with Kiselev, Salohoy, Avdysh, Skull, fascists, kettle. At the time, "kuptsovtsy" was one of the most armed groups. He took an active part in the division of the metropolitan business area. In 1994, the merchant controlled separate areas Zaliznychnogo, Vatutinskiy, Shevchenko district. Later Merchant "slow down", was cautious. He - the representative of a small "thinking" part of the racket movement, who managed to foresee the attack Interior Ministry special forces and the Security Service to the organized crime syndicates. Yes, he fell behind in the development of his group as compared with communities Savlohovyh brothers, Victor Avdysheva, Kisel. But unlike the latter dodged a bullet, the next landing, and prosecutions UBOP. Perhaps the last major blow to organized crime groups merchant was struck on Nov. 3, 1998 Then Zaliznychnom area, where the presence of the merchant was very noticeable, police arrested a representative group of "kuptsovtsev, including activist OPG nobody Forest. He was a man very close to Kuptsov. At the time of arrest, he wanted Vinnitsa OCD on suspicion of committing a crime. The arrest of his right hand the merchant was a warning to others "kuptsovtsev. Many began to break away and pass under the wing of the other leaders or to master the legal forms of activity. All this has led to a significant weakening of the group.

But this story has saved itself from the merchant police "press". He was no longer regarded as an influential leader of the criminal. About him almost forgotten. The merchant is not "lit", quietly doing business, it never has with him a lot of money in a casino playing (most often see it in "Budapest"), but long hours are not lost. He does not climb into politics, does not appear in the plots of the media. Legally, it is not registered, no firm on the documents he has an apartment and car. Bono is one of the leaders of professional boxing league of Ukraine, which gives it a legal status. Frequenter of the prestigious, but nemnogolyudnyh metropolitan restaurants "Go" and "Atlanta." "Workshops" with his staff aboutleads to a secluded place on the outskirts of the restaurant "Pod du * th".

Conon, miraculously wormed's leaders OPG Kiev (many interlocutors evaluate its role in the racketeering-moving 90 very modestly), spent two and a half years. He was charged of business fraud in the suburb of Kiev (Borispol), in which the airport is located. In the case appeared false customs documents.

Did not escape the police rink and Kyson. With this cost in lawlessness. SBU officers detained him ostensibly edged. Everything was done even rougher than it is organized OCD, "packaged" Grigorishin businessman in an expensive suit who "suddenly" discovered a brand new in factory grease gun. Kyson just stuck in his belt some ancient porzhavevshy bleed, but so crudely that even scratched the man.

Avdysh (Victor Avdysh). Champion of the USSR, Europe and the bronze medalist in the world. This name is familiar not only sports fans. Nominee of the Assyrian diaspora in the early 90's he played a prominent role in the criminal arena, the capital. The dramatic growth of the prestige associated with the death Avdysheva Assyrian Harry Jib. He was shot in Berlin in 1992 He naively came to Germany in order to establish the contraband cigarette business. But in Germany this business - barony bold Vietnamese mafia. Djibu clearly miscalculated his strength and was killed. Prior to this he worked as head of the department of insurance co-op "Mercury", open up the market at the Republican stadium. Co-op led a talented crook Semen Yufa, who after unsuccessful attempts to enter parliament, chose to emigrate to Israel. Yufa companions one of the first came to the conclusion that wild racket, beginning with extortion in the markets, it should be legalized. "Mercury" the first to create a security service from the same racketeers. Only now the money collected from traders legally - for the provision of security services. After the death of Jib Avdysh headed merkurevskoe "security." But at heart he is a gentle and calm. He was difficult to "steer" an army numbering under 700 employees. And then the market came a bullet - a charismatic figure. He not only raised the prestige Avdysheva, but in general, gave a powerful impetus to the movement of racket-Kiev.

Avdysh not ever take a sip of prison gruel, but in the mid-90's such a prospect before him loomed. They became interested in "authority". In 1996, Avdysh narrowly escaped jail. He was released on bail, and then searched for 2 years. In 1998, during the process of extortion, where Avdysh played a major role on the eve of sentencing (4 years CLC) released him on bail of 200,000 USD. A formal occasion - the need to go to his mother's funeral in Azerbaijan. It was a great achievement of protection. Counsel was present at Avdyshprosecutor of the Kiev region Yuri Gaysinsky. Since Avdysh got acquainted with Azerbaijani law enforcement agencies. At home he was convicted in 1999 for 3 years, but before the court were sent to compulsory treatment in a psychiatric hospital with a diagnosis of paranoid psychosis in dekompensatsionnoy form. " Apparently, the stay at home adversely affected the mental health of our hero. However, because psihlechebnitsy it very soon released to inpatient treatment. In 2001 Avdysh found himself in Russia. There he was detained and sent to Azerbaijan. But Ukraine, its not going to give out. Now Avdysh impact on criminal process in Ukraine is close to zero.

Tragic fate of the clan Ossetian brothers Savlohovyh (Boris Senior, middle and junior Teimuraz Ruslan). From the outset, the three brothers took an active part in the struggle for leadership in the criminal arena, Kiev. Began, like many leaders threatening OPG flailing thimbles in the auto market of the Resurrection array, which is later and bend under him. Today, the truth is on the outskirts of Kiev acts much more powerful car market, owned by some accounts quite another mafioso. In the heyday of organized crime groups Savlohovyh several hundred soldiers and is one of the most influential. This was accompanied by permanent "dismantling" of its competitors. On the leader - his older brother, a sponsor of Ukrainian Olympic team to fight, the adviser of President Kuchma's been several attacks. Georgian thieves shot him hand and foot by the hotel Slavutich, in his car fired rocket-propelled grenade (though he lost to fire), placed bombs in the gym where he trained, undermined the shop belonging to his wife. But God kept Boris Soslanovicha.

And here is the middle brother was unlucky: he was shot with a machine gun at night near the sports arena, which is controlled "savlohovtsami" on the capital array Bereznyaki. It happened on March 27, 2000 goda.Est reason to believe that a daring attack was a response to the murder two weeks earlier of a Amirkhanyan in the heart of Kiev. Ostensibly he was to "deal with the two applicants Solokha, but the task is not fulfilled. The fact is that if Solokha is on trial on charges of extorting $ 10 thousand. (Some informed sources are inclined to think that this "hitting" and the subsequent statement "suffering" were inspired by the "authority" to whom was a clear mandate - by all means put Boris Savlohova: often painfully, he began blagotvoritelstvovat in company with First Lady. In June of 2000 he was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for a fight at a casino and to seven years - for extortion. Time was, and his bodyguard. Todayfree economy operates younger brother Ruslan. Criminal group, as such there remained only business.

Yak then show their dalі bude wink.gif

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Sergey Terentyev, a leader of organized crime groups Uralmash, etapiruyut from Moscow to Yekaterinburg.
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Photo: Konstantin Salomatin / Agency.Photographer

- It's more Wednesday. A background of existence. In the early 90's they also developed its own economic interests, but they were momentary and inconsistent. Blue everywhere late. However, since they were considered, because they understand that the area where anyone can be, these people have real power.

Eugene Agafonov now retired, and before the year 2002 led the Department to investigate murders and banditry in the regional prosecutor's office. After his prematurely pensioned off, he speaks with disdain as a country to which he worked, and of criminal groups against whom he fought.

- Bandits are not peculiar to any romance nor evolution, nor the good thoughts - Agafonov said. - This is an extremely cynical people who are ready to do anything to achieve their goals. Now when they say they are white and fluffy - this is not a qualitative turning point, it's just age-related changes.

- Their crimson jackets hanging in the closet at any moment may come in handy - I agree with Agafonov Sergey Plotnikov of the Center for Journalism in Extreme Situations. - A man who many times convinced of the effectiveness of violence, can not work a civilized manner. Too great a temptation.

- To remind you what they did? - Continues Agafonov. - Please. For example, they are almost completely controlled the business for counterfeit vodka. How many people died from it - no one will count. They carried supplies sex slaves abroad. In the early 90's we were seized during the search they have a pack of ready-made passports - only remained on the list to catch these girls on the streets to intimidate and send to the addresses. And how many have already sent? We can only guess. If there was a need for business, they cold-bloodedly murdered pregnant women, and even allies. When they had to remove one person, they have laid for loyalty in a crowded place an explosive device designed to undermine the heavy equipment, and it did not explode due to mere chance. They even seriously considered eliminating a competitor by taking off a shot by passenger aircraft from portable missile system. And when he was arrested the brother slain Konstantin Tsyganov, Uralmash riot police fired on a building RUBOP grenade "The Fly". Thank God nobody was hurt. I do not agree with those who said that in the first half of the 90 organized crime groups to do some social function. Bandits, even ifthey do not steal, and the roof - it's only parasite structure. Primitive forms of human existence. Type gathering Tops and Roots.

- But do these life forms do not appear inevitable in the context of a weakening of the state.

- And that's it - very weakened? It was undermined, including these very OPG. Do you think that was with Constantine Tsyganov after his accomplices fired RUBOP? He was released on bail! Of course, he immediately disappeared. Uralmashevtsy worked very competently. They combine an extremely bold steps with a very clever combination. Worked for the outlook. They, as Japanese corporations, nurtured myself staff, starting from school. Led his students, patiently waiting for when they come to work in the police, prosecutor's office. But better times were engaged in bribery of existing senior staff. These were not just guys who wanted to earn money and then go into the legal sector and how to remember name. They had ambition. Know that we have seized almost every search? The film "The Godfather". This was their guide to nurturing its structure.

- The film "The Godfather" has a sad end to the Mafia.

- Exactly.

To be continued ...

Azerbaijan OPG.
"Azerbaijan" group operating in the CJSC Moscow, began to act more actively in 1995. Within the county on almost all vegetable market dominated by people from Azerbaijan, of which, and amounts to organized crime groups are involved in extortion, drug trafficking, illicit arms trafficking, crimes of housing, foreign exchange transactions.

Authorities and leaders

"Authority" living on the territory of CJSC and having an impact on other members of the Azeri diaspora working in the district are Abdulov Misirhan Ashrafali-oglu, DOB 08/02/1963, born in Azerbaijan, registered: Moscow, pr-d Donelaitis 14 - 1-59 and Aslanov Ghalib Ahmed oglu, DOB 23/06/1964, born in Azerbaijan, Adzhikabulskogo district, pp. Bach, in Moscow without a definite occupation.


- Kamal Huseynov Taptig-oglu, DOB 15/11/1967, born in Azerbaijan, Tauz district, pos. Kovlyar;
- Khalimov Rafat Yusif oglu, DOB 01/03/1967, born in Azerbaijan, Yardimli district, pp. Zovuni, registered: ul. Demian Poor 1-6-7.

Active members of organized crime groups, registered at the Roop

Jafarov Elman Mirza oglu, DOB 10/06/1954, of the crop. Azerbaijan SSR, Mr. Kazi-Magomed registered: Azerbaijan SSR, ul. MM Rasulzade, 6.
Abassi Akaif Farman oglu 04.01.1964, harvest. Azerbaijan SSR, Sumgait, registered: ul. Bulatnikovskaya 2-26.
Fuharyan Arkady Hdirovich, 09.09.1969, harvest. Tbilisi is registered: SSR, Tbilisi, Gyldarsky array 2nd microns ,22-57.
Akhmedov Nofel Nagi oglu, 20.02.1965, harvest. AzSSR Nelbadzharskogo district, pos. Nelbadzhar, registered: the Tula region., Pos. Borodino, st. Sovetskaya 16-26.
Talibov Eldar Talib oglu, 16.07.1968, harvest. Azerbaijan SSR, Mr. Kazi-Magomed, Moscow (Skhodnenskiy market)
Huseynov Aydin Oktay-oglu, 10.01.1965, harvest. AzSSR live.: Salyan district, pp. Ranjbar.
Rasulov Shahid Ahmed oglu 01.03.1959, harvest. Azerbaijan SSR, Sheki district, pp. Kichik Dahna, registered there as well.
Mamedov Gyulamr Balamir oglu 22.09.1955, harvest. AzSSR Adzhikabulsky borough, pp. Kamenovka, registered in the same place in Moscow - St. Heroes Panfilovcev 22-1-142.
Farajov Gagrash Ilham oglu, 05.10.19965, harvest. Azerbaijan SSR.
Kubanov Dzhambulatovich Rashid, 30.08.1957, Karachai, harvest. Jambul region., Registered: Stavropol cr. Karachay-Cherkessia AO Ust-Dzhegutinskij rn, ss Krasnogorsk, pp. Krasnogorsk.
Bayramov Naseem Adil oglu 18.03.1971, harvest. AzSSR Tauz district, pos. Kovlyar, registered: AzSRR, Ganja, pos. Sadyly etc. 2.
Guseinov Tawfiq Izzat oglu harvest. Sumgait, registered: Yaroslavl region., Pereyaslavsky rn, pos. Oaks.
Heydarov Nazim oglu Tawfik, 19.08.1972, harvest. Mr. Mingechaur, AzSSR homeless.

Chief organizer and leader of group

"Authority" Azeri groups Abdulov MA has considerable weight in the criminal circles in Moscow. Has direct contacts with leaders and autoitetami Tushinskaya, "Solntsevo," "Koptevo and other groups. According to operational data has control over "obshchak, may dispose of large sums of money. In Moscow, there are about 17 years. Apartment, where registered and bought that lived there before those at risk (alcoholics), respectively, are reasonably expected of an unfair deal.
Another "authority" Aslanov GA among Azerbaijanis also has considerable weight, but no more. Outputs on the other "authorities and leaders of organized crime groups in the Moscow region had not. His ties are strong in Baku. Repeatedly tried, active, bold, forcing him to submit to other Azeri.


Feature of the activities of members of organized crime groups is their fraternity, community. Although they can operate independently, but in extreme cases, are combined together to try to solve the problems.
There is also a duty to fill an integral "obshchak. Characteristically, in case of danger, or the prevalence of their own ethnic interests, can easily bring their "partners" in criminal business.


Armed with a firearm, there is no accurate data. But members of organized crime groups have repeatedly been seized ammunition, including grenades.

"Pivot Points" and controlled entities

Central District

- Ghost. Permanent Mission of Azerbaijan to Russia.
- Restaurant Agdam.
- Cafe Agdam.
- Cafe Agdash.
- Cafe Aist.
- Markets: "Bauman", "Lefortovskiy", "Tishinsky", "Usachevsky", "Central", in the Luzhniki Stadium.
- Stations: Kursk, Paveletsky.
- Vnesheconombank (Earth Wall, 14).

Northern District

- Cafe "Sail."
- Markets: Butyrsky, "Leningrad," "Lianozovo", "Koptevo.
- Commercial stalls and flea markets in Metro Voykovskaya, Petrovsko-Razumovsky. "
- Firm Debent (st. Smolnaja).
- Manufacturer ACT.

Northeastern District

- Markets: "Riga", "North".
- Commercial tents at subway stations, "Babushkinskaya", "ENEA", "Medvedkovo, Shcherbakovskaya.
The grouping of up to 40 people. Leader - Jalil Abbasov ("Yasha"?). Specialization - drugs. Traditionally - racketeering.
- Commercial tents and clothing market near the metro station Medvedkovo on the area near the cinema Baikonur.
- Commercial tents on the streets of Leskov Pleshcheeva, Prishvin.
- Co-operatives: "Countryman", "Moscow suburb."
- Hostel: ul. Bestuzhev, 8 b, st. Leskov, dd. 9, 9a, 9b.
The grouping of about 30 people. Racketeering, extortion. Specialization - foreign exchange transactions.

Eastern District

- Cafes " Golden parrot. "
- Cafe Petrovsky patio.
- Markets: "Izmailovo", "Lokomotiv", "Transfiguration."
- Commercial stalls and flea markets in Metro Vykhino, Novogireevo "," Transfiguration, "" Semenovskaya "Sokolniki", "Cherkizovskaya", "Shelkovskaya.
The grouping of about 60 people (leader unknown)
specializes in buying products, sale of drugs, money laundering.

Northwestern District

- Ghost. "Emerald".
- Ghost. Mostransagenstva.
- Commercial stalls and flea markets in the metro stations "Glider", "Shodnenskaya", "Schukinskaya.
The grouping of up to 30 people specialized in the sale of drugs, arms trafficking. Traditionally - racketeering. One of the leaders - the head of the firm "Algar" Vagif Godjaev.

Southern District

- Ghost. "Zagorje".
- Ghost. Orekhovo.
- Rest. "Acropolis".
- Rest. "Day and night."
- Cafe: "Karabakh", "Caricino", "Chinar".
- Markets (and hotels in markets): "Velozavodskoy", "Danilov," "Moskvoretsky.
- The market for metro Kashirskaya, clothing market "green mountains".
The grouping of up to 40 people selling drugs, racketeers, commercial tents and permanent market vendors. The overall leader - Edison Abbasov, born 1954 Leaders on the points: Jamil Sadykov, born 1952; Gedzhakirim Shahbalaev (Kerim), born in 1963, Safa Bagirov, born 1960
- Cafe: "Cypress", "Kura".
Grouping Iskander Shudzhai, numbering 30 members, specializing in economic crimes, selling drugs.
- Firms "Russian woman", "Ukraine".
- Part of the commercial stalls at the metro station "Chertanovskae.
Grouping Alahverdieva ("Alex") of about 50 people specializing in buying stolen goods, drugs, trade in food.
- On the territory of the clothing market near the metro station "Prague" works "team Tofig Aliyev, numbering up to 10 people. Mostly - racketeering.

South-Eastern District

- The company "Nessie".
The group, led by "CEO" firms Nubuvata Habib (born 1961) controls the trade of vegetables in the neighborhood, "Marino," resorting to violence, threats, etc.
- Cafe "Three steps.
The group, numbering about 20 people, specializes in the trade in stolen goods, selling drugs. Leader - Shahbaddin Musaev (Shah), born 1961
- Trade companies, "Chinar".
- Market, "Lublin".
The group, numbering about 20 persons, controls the stalls at the metro station "Tekstilshiki" racketeers commercial tents. Leader - Farrukh Gurbanov, born in 1968. Active members: IlgarJaffar (chief executive), born 1950; Tawfiq Jaffar (Deputy Director), born 1958; Abdiyev Sahib, born 1947 South-West district
- Ghost. "South."
- Ghost. Cheremushinskogo market.
- Market "Moskvoretsky.
The group, numbering about 40 people (leader unknown), specializes in the sale of drugs.

Western District

- Ghost. "Mozhaiskaya.
- Auto "Solntsevsky.
- Market "Dorogomilovskiy.
- Some commercial tents at the metro station "South-West."
- Some commercial tents on the square of the Kiev railway station.
The group, numbering up to 50 people, is engaged in theft and trafficking in motor vehicles, spare parts. Control the trade in vegetables. Leaders: Ehtibar Barabagly, Arif Mardanov, born 1955; Ehtibar Hajiyev, Vidadi Orudzhev, born in 1957 (Used cars with transit accommodation, "KSHV", "KSHE).
In the hotel Mozhaisk "is also based grouping Anzor Gulordavy, numbering about 30 people. Specialization - vehicles.
- Market "Kuntsevsky.
The group, numbering up to 40 people, except for racketeering commercial outlets, specializes in drugs (the leader is not known).
- Top "Diet" (Autumn Blvd, 8 / 1).
Grouping Mamed Mamedov, numbering about 20 people, specializes in the sale of drugs, racketeers, commercial tents

The Kiev authorities 90

Killed Maker, which together with acne away control of the market "Troyeshchyna" after "landing" Boniek. According to one version, the murder committed by his ally Acne did not want to share with someone else the power in the grouping. Pimple himself nearly fell behind bars this year, but was released in the courtroom. Man he is very adventurous, in addition to the market "Troyeshchyna and various businesses in Kiev, has ltkjdst rjynfrns abroad, traveled to Europe to conclude treaties.

Podolsky bespredelschik prince (Igor Knyazev) - the dashing soldier, a lover of motorcycles and drugs, was killed by machine gun Uzi April 8, 2000 But while his group almost ceased to exist.

Fascist (Igor Peresetskii). Since the end of 1997 for his firm undertook OCD. Spent 2 years in jail, now behave discreetly. Authoritative old comrade of thieves hardening in anticipation of old age has built himself a luxury home near the area, Shevchenko continues today, "razrulivat" many conflicts.

Moscow (Igor Fadeev). For a long time shared power with the other bold leader - Skull. When the last "flew" in Hungary, having fought at the local pub with the gypsies, then the local police gave him from hand to hand the representatives of the Kiev UBOP (incidentally, smuggled skulls from Ivano-Frankivsk UBOPovets Igor Goncharov, who died in hospital on August 1 this year, and did not get to court on the case "werewolves") Fadeev used the time by dragging a blanket authority. But in 1998 he sat in jail: he was accused on four articles of the Criminal Code, in particular, beatings, and then attempted assassination of the head of district administration Anatoly Starokievskaya Selivanov. However, the court showed humanity, and scored his release term in jail, announced the verdict and dismissed the convict's freedom. Moscow is now "in hiding", searches for him on a whole bouquet of "slippery" cases.

Skull (Sergei Tkachenko) lucky not much more. Received 8 years for robbery, was released with full-time "in 1997, after 2 years of his strangely arrested and police found a machine gun. His wife, twice Olympic champion, who was present at the same time, argues that it was a blatant provocation. For this reason, she argues, the prosecutor Potebenko and agreed to release Skull under the subscription, and then the case itself fell apart. In general, over the years Skull considerably settled down, started a basketball club, which trenerstvoval together with his wife, moved into politics, he introduced his wife Marina in the management of a freshly baked batch. In 2000 the skull was detained at the Sports Palace with weapons. However, not planted. A December 8, 2000 at the age of 37 he was shot by two shots at a time when approaching the car park near the house. His widow alleged that her husband had died because of hI decided to go into politics.

The crime was never solved. The leader took one wild boar, which supported the series "Tale." Boar in good relations with the widow and father Tkachenko, supports the family of the deceased comrade. On-line information Kaban has subordinate mobile units, weapons. Apart from some sites in Kiev (restaurants, casinos), "supervised" business in the Kiev region - Borispol and Brovarakh.

Grandfather (Vladimir Kiselev) - the leader of one of the largest and most influential organized crime group, had all the chances to take the post of official mafioso number 1 and legit. He gradually began to enter politics, was elected deputy of the Moscow native district council, is actively metsenatstvoval, even expressed the intention to go to become a monk. Incidentally, this statement he made in a television interview on the eve of the disappearance of Georgiy Gongadze. And then began to crawl persistent rumors that OPG Kisel is directly related to the murder of a journalist. And when eventually the noise around the person Kisel began to subside in the spring of 2003 suddenly killed one of the restaurant owners Mandarin Franchuk. Suspicion fell on his son Kisel, which to all other big problem with drugs. He leaned "on the run." Kissel great today passed, there are rumors that he suffered a heart attack. Legalized, bought property on the street Krasnoarmejsky. Restaurant "E ** ika" is listed on her son, who is also a member of the founders of the bowling club "M ** already," recently in the city center they opened a fashionable pizzeria.

Vova Black - from the old generation of criminals. In the early 90's it OPG strengthened in Solomenskiy area. "Cooperate" with Sergei Leiko, which in turn was very close to Victor Rybalko, fish, shadow businesses and the leader of a very serious organized crime groups. In Leiko a conflict with a fish and he was preparing an attempt on the latter. But the fish ahead of the enemy: Lake was shot in 1995 in broad daylight on a crowded street. Killer was a bandit middling, which Lake in his time had brutally beaten. He took the murder itself. And after the death of Leiko followed by the disappearance of the Black allegedly killed him.

Nikita - one of the brightest representatives of the criminal generation. No sooner had a coup in 1991, he immediately "rolled back" to Holland. According to his feet and leaned mentioned fish, which already has there own business, got citizenship, led by its Kiev enterprises "virtually", with only occasional navedyvayas home to see an old mom. Nikita walked away from the mayhem, he is a respected person and a businessman at a meeting with UBOPovtsami, once he is detained, ceremoniously greeting. Nikita owned casino "C ** exist," the wife "- the shop" F ** Caller ID and store expensive children's clothes, which at the Museum laneas well as several other companies. Knowledgeable sources tend to believe that Nikita is associated with Solntsevo group.

Harlem, the former hockey player. The criminal world "rang" in 1991. At first, walked under a fascist. Later acquired independence in its OPG contained up to 100 "soldiers". He is interested in OCD immediately. More January 5, 1990 Kharlamov was detained on extortion charges. During the operation otrekoshetivshey bullet was shot in the knee member Kharlamov named Partain. At the same time arrested two "harlamovskih fighters" - the brothers Assyrian Aprema and Andrew Hnanishevyh. But then Hurley and his team escaped with slight shock. A in 1993, he was unable to get out: Kharlamov companions took the apartment in a residential area, "Towers." OCD has been known to have an arsenal of weapons of gangsters. There were grenades: there is a danger that Harlem will blow up half of a house. When the officers UBOP called to the apartment, the door opened itself Harlem: it was a good "high", preferring to slaughter farewell dose of drug. A drug addict with the experience, died on the area of "peredoznyaka.

Mentioned in article ten years ago, Boris Tomato was hardly a stand-alone leader. Worked in tandem with Nikita. At first money, earned a hard labor racketeering, Tomato opened a store Yaroslavna outside Sophia. Like Nikita, withdrew from the place in times of uncertainty Emergency Committee, and then in Kiev, it is no longer seen.

Tartar (Iskander Kerimov). In the mid-90's he OPG has been extremely influential and has over 200 bayonets. " Today, his entourage of about 80 people, legalized and externally settle down. He lives in Kiev, not "light". OCD repeatedly detained him, Tatarinov was tried, but he never "shook" long periods of time. At his apartment OCD somehow found a gun, but the spouse has the barrel on himself.

Right hand was always Tartar Vadim Pavlenko. In the mid-90's during the "disassembly" on forests Pavlenko shot with a machine gun leg. Firing gangster named Airborne. Along the way, and shot his friend, issued the line of fire. Today Pavlenko - a respected man, the head of the restaurant "No * a" deputy Judo Federation of Ukraine.

Tartar is smart, talented organizer. Brought numerous bridges with the authorities. In dealing with officials at the generous financial offerings, thereby successfully addresses many issues relating to the business. He is addressed businessmen in the case of "attack" banditstvuyuschih elements and representatives of the "bodies". Business Tartar led brainy guy 30 years old. "Tatarinskie" bought a night club "Hollywood", they belong to the elite restaurants of the Chateau des Fleurs, "" Non Stop "," Hoot ** ets "," Punta *** Mademoiselle "," De ** inth, "etc.

Valery Shukhman for Kiev criminality was authoritative, almost legendary, figure, though not as influential as the other "sideltsy: Bunea, Vata, Proletariat. During his stormy life Valery Samoilovich repeatedly sat up in jail. "Favorite" article - 142 Part 2 - "Group theft". Was close to adhere to "concepts" Vladimir Kiselev, which greatly raised the prestige Shukhman on the outside. Shukhman set up his own not numerous in the formation of 20-30 "fighters" who entrenched themselves in the restaurant "Red Rue" on the outskirts of Kiev, on the forest. Once OCD delayed Shukhman on the array Obolon, he discovered drugs, but he ducked out of jail.

46 years old, Shukhman rarely get stuck in combat disassembly and beat debt preferred by proxy. He majored in peace "issues." Hit in commerce, lived separately from the family in society mistress. Not avoid young maidens. Death Shukhman found on the highway at Nikolaev. The machine ran out on the curb, flipped over several times, and Shukhman died. This death occurred 2 months after it was killed in an accident is very influential Kiev recidivist Victor Kulinich named Bullet, his BMW at speeds of 180 kilometers per hour collided with KAMAZ. Among the "bratvy" crawled rumor that the "authorities" so victimized by criminal leaders. Then there was a series of arrests of other prominent and still living mafioso. It got to the point that at the wake Shukhman OCD entered unethical, arresting Tartar and several of his foremen.0

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Armenian organized crime groups.
The annual "doubling" the number of crimes of Armenian organized crime groups (organized crime) in Moscow - this is the dynamics of the last three years. 1991 - 52, 1992 - 102 1993 - 182.
"Specialization" Armenian organized crime groups in the economy is beyond doubt, however, at the same time, the typical types of crimes for "persons of Armenian nationality in Moscow, still remain: robbery with a view to taking possession of motor vehicles, drugs, theft, public and private property.
Complex socio-political and economic situation in Armenia, the actual participation in the war caused a huge migration of people, including criminal and the criminal element. Currently in Moscow in an irregular situation home to almost 150,000 Armenians.
The peculiarity of the Armenian organized crime group is developing links with the faction leaders to prominent politicians in Russia and the CIS and abroad, as well as routing the immediate perpetrators of crimes on CIS countries, the possibility of their shelters in Armenia.
Using years of experience lobbying, gained, particularly in the U.S., leaders of the Armenian organized crime groups are active in financing "suitable" Advanced Russian politicians, with a view to their move to the real economic levers of power.
Already, leaders of the Armenian organized crime groups, commonly referred to using links in the Russian government are involved in the allocation of quotas, licenses, loans, currency exchange, cashing of large amounts of embezzling funds. Part of the criminally derived funds is directed to "purchase" is not only politicians but also "their people" in the courts, prosecutors, the police.

Dzhilovyan Serge Sorekovich

Moscow leader to provide overall direction to the Armenian organized crime groups, along with active participation in political life, is Serge Sorekovich Dzhilovyan, born 1952, who was born in the village Agerok, Stepanovyanovskogo region of Armenia. President of the Armenian Assembly. In Moscow, registered address: per. Stopani, 14, kv.9, but lives in a mansion of the Minister of Culture of the USSR: Michurinskiy Prospect, 4.
Despite the fact that S. Dzhilovyan repeated "hits" on various financial crimes (phony credit memos) and other "cases" for criminal liability in connection with the lack of proof was not involved.
Dzhilovyan known for opposing the President of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosian, has a substantial economic assistance to several areas of the Republic. This position S. Dzhilovyana not remain outside the purview of the present leadership of Armenia, which, with high probability, and was a "customer" attempts to "eliminate" at the end of last year.
Another "ZachNoah "attempt to" topple "Dzhilovyana is, without doubt, a search (25-26.03.94g.) in this house with the withdrawal of large quantities of weapons. March 25, 1993 in the mansion of the Russian Foreign Ministry on Michurinsky Prospect
who rented the president of the International Association of Armenian Serge Dzhelovyan, during a search the police had discovered three Kalashnikov assault rifle, two pistols of foreign production, one of whom was a policeman Colt-Special 38-caliber, large quantity of ammunition and three grenades RGD-5 with fuses. Dzhelovyana initially arrested but later released on bail.
Name Serge Dzhilovyana flashed in a criminal case on illegal transfer of currency, and in essence their "washing" through Vnesheconombank USSR, as well as other illegal currency transactions, which cranked this bank group of swindlers.

Closest relationships S. Dzhilovyana are:
- Archbishop of the Armenian Church in Moscow - Tigran;
- "Kingpin" Alexander Mityaevich Givoev ("Guy-Ui"), born in 1953, a native of Yerevan;
- Garik Tabriz, 1946, born, born in Baku, lives in Moscow at: ul.Rusakovskaya, 8, kv.85.
In an irregular situation in Moscow is now live and active twelve Armenian "thieves in law":
- Aghayan Anzor Kh, 1939 DOB;
- Tigran Asatryan Ailosovich, born 1950;
- Aybyan Aram Broevich, b. 1962, ("Chazo");
- Baroyan Jemal Shayzalievich, born in 1962, ("Baron");
- Bogdasaryan Varazdatovich Michael, born in 1963, (Clumsy Bear);
- Geghamyan Garik Lyuksenovich, born 1961, ("Kartol");
- Givoev AM ("Guy-Ui");
- Gurgenyan Oktyabrevich Albert, b. 1958, ("Seafarer");
- Mukbanyan Gulliver Konstantinovich, born 1951, ("Minago");
- Hovhannisyan Vladimir Romanovich, 1965 DOB;
- Robert Sarkisian Maratovich, born in 1965, ("Robic");
- Saroyan Raytik Ayrapetovich, 1930 born ("Sonny").

Leaders and "thieves in law"

The formation and structure of the Armenian organized crime groups in Moscow and the region is not yet finished. However, we can identify six fairly stable, "lighted" groups:
1. Grouping Metsoyana TG
Specialization - vehicles.
Pivots - Hotel Bega, restaurant "Tomato".
Population - about 30 people.

2. Grouping Madatyan SA (Known as the director of "Antiques and head of the concern" Gohar).
Specialization - illegal financial transactions, weapons.
Number - 20-25 people.

3. Grouping Sarkisyan GA
Specialization - "knock-out of debt."
Reference points - the hotel "Moscow", "Intourist", the commercial bank "Planet" restaurant "Chirac," MP "Leo".
Number - up to 25 people.

4. "Leninakan" OPG. Leader - Farzadyan GG
Specialization - vehicles.
Pivot Point - Cafe Ales.
Numennost - 15-20 people.

5. "Orekhovskaya" OPG. Leader - Ziroyan GS
Specialization - racketeering.
Pivot Point - Combine technical assistance Varshavka.
Number - 10-15 people.

6. "Cherkizovskaya" OPG. Leader - "Vachkos.
Specialization - racket, knocking out debt.
Pivots - Cafe Yauza "," Fireplace ".
Population - about 20 people.

Overall, the number of Armenian organized crime group in Moscow is currently around 500 active members. Characterized by the presence of persons who have experience of warfare that took part in the crimes "in order".
It should also take into account the high degree of controllability of the members of organized crime groups from the authorities, to develop skills of secrecy, discipline, almost rigorous compliance with guidelines related to the implementation of pan-tasks, with work in Armenia.

Reference points and controlled entities

Central District

- Dormitory Academy NH them. Plekhanov.
- Association "Sretenka (Sretenka, 9).
- MP "Leo".
- Restaurant "Shirak" (Volgograd Ave, 126).
- Cafe "hook".
- Ghost. "Intourist".
- Mosbusinessbank (Kuznetsk bridge, 15).
- Bank of Planet (Devyatinskiy lane., 4).

The most active is the group G. Sarkisian. Population - about 20-25 people. Specializing in "dislodging" of debts.

Northern District

- Ghost. Bega.
- Restaurant "Tomato".
- Restaurant Aystan.
- MP Shop N71 (Lower Maslivka, 14).

Grouping T. Metsoyana. Number - 25-30 people. Specialization - car theft.

North-Eastern District

- Ghost. "Altai".
- Ghost. "Baikal".
- "Casino" on ul.Gostinichnoy, 5.
- Cafe, "Shirak" (October, 5).

Eastern District

- Ghost. "Izmailovo", Bldg. "A".
- Rest. "Odjakh.
- Café Hearth (Strominka, 21, building 1).
- Cafe Yauza "
- Cafe in Metrogorodke.

The group "Vachkosa specializes in racketeering, extortion, sells drugs on the Cherkizovsky" market.
The group (leader unknown) Racketeering commercial tents at subway stations, "Preobrazhenskoe" Sokolniki ". Is also involved in selling drugs.

Northwestern District

- Spirit, "Shavo" (Karamyshevskaya nab. D.58).
- Cafe Mashuk (Tukhachevsky, 31).
- Cafe "Comfort" (Turquoise, 19).
- Cafe "Eureka" (Turquoise, 19).
- Cafe at the hostel MEIS (People's Militia, d.30).
- JV "AMM" (D. Poor, 15).

The grouping of up to 30 people (one of the leaders - Ashot Baghramyan) is engaged in racketeering, commercial tents at subway stations, "the October field", "Knitting", "Tushinskaya, sells drugs, buying gold-bearing parts.

Southern District

- The company "Esa" (Varshavka, 91).
- AK " Technical and Trading House (Varshavka, 170).
- Commercial tents near the metro station "Chertanovskaya.
- Cafe "Alesia" (Mikhnevsky, 9).

Grouping Gevorg Farzadyana (Leninakan) and G. Ziroyan (Orekhovskaya "), a total of 30 people specializing in theft and sale of vehicles, are also engaged in racketeering.

South-West district

- Ghost. "Eaglet".
- Ghost. "Sport".
- The company "Antiques"

OPG S. Madatyan, armed with automatic weapons there, mainly specializes in illegal financial operations and controls of commercial tents at the metro station "University".

Western District

- "House of Life" at the Autumn Boulevard.
- Firm Savba (Novoperedelkinskaya, 12 / 1, kv.119).
- Café "The Hills".
- The branch of the market "Kuntsevsky.

Group Samvel Nazarian. Number about 30 people specializing in racketeering, is also involved in stealing cars, sells drugs.

From police reports

07.02.95g.v 20.00 OEP staff during the operational activities have been detained for unauthorized manufacture, bottling and sale of vodka promkombinate Kryukovo shop foreman Romanovskaya Karina Surenovna, 1951 p., Live. Moscow street. Timiryazevskaya d. 19 square meters. 86 and not working Nanobashvili Giveevich Mirabeau, 1967, p. live. Moscow ul.Okskaya A.6 kv.22 building 2.

08/02/95g. 8.30 Statement Dzhomilidze Jeanne Bonner 1968 p. live. st. Fabricius 23-25, not working, that 04/02/95g. 15.10 in residence at loggerheads gr-n Dzhulalidze Mirabeau Avdaniginovich 1962g.r. live. Georgia g.Samitridi ul.Tsenev lla 35, does not work inflicted stab and cutting wounds of the chest, pnevmotoroks. Delivered to the b-zu them. Botkin. 08/02/95g. at 11.00, SD Stepanov Brovkovym surgically at: ul. Fabricius 33-3-44 gr-n Dzhulalidze MA detained.

09.02.1995 at 7.45 insp. 22 OGAI Rovdo in the post-picket 116 has been stopped for inspection and / VAZ-2109, d / o I 68-36 XA, DW. 1245909, cuz. 1231969, and check this a / m has been on the wanted list as stolen from Prospekt Vernadskogo 10/06/1992. Behind the wheel of the auto was Davitashvili Mirabeau Y., 1960, p., Live.: Kharkov, ul. October Revolution, 5-47.

17. 02. 95 to 12.40 employees GMM NEAD l-volume Burmistrova, Pasechnik, mil .- waters. Chernyshov at: ul. Flyer Grandma, d. 1928, was detained Gagik Kazarian Karapetovich, 1960, p., Live.: Armenian Republic, Echmiadzin Str. Shaumian, d. 69, kv. 3, which was to rip it out of a narcotic substance - opium, more than 0.5 grams. Example e m s: in the form of 33-35 years, height 178-182 cm, normal t / complex., Black hair, brown eyes. On d e r: a black leather jacket, gray denim pants and brown shoes. Detained in order st.122 the Code.

6.03.95g.v Roop ATC asked Andryushchenko Nicholas Kalinovich 1936 p. residency: Str. People's Militia d. 23-1-233, zaveduyuschs garage GSK "motorist" that he had extorted money unknown to the sum of 50 thousand U.S. dollars. 7. 03. 1995 at 13. 00 to the following address:. The picturesque village 26 on the territory of HSCs during complex OPM staff pooh ATC in conjunction with ESD ATS Khoroshevo-Mnevniki were detained: 1) Amirian Ashot Karlenovich 1957 p. live.: Yerevan, Southwest Boulevard forth 39-34, participants in the group, and 2) Hovsepian Garrick Serezhaevich 1963 p. residency: Str. MG Road 16, Moscow-2-47, leader of the Armenian groups, and 3) Amirian Armen Karlenovich 1962 p. live.: hotel "Intourist", the manager of the firm "Tausch", leader of the Armenian group, 4) Gregory Hovsepian Kolyaevich born in 1961. residency: Yerevan, st. Nuraresh 60, an active member of the Armenian group, 5) Kovalchuk, Mikhail Ivanovich 1973 p. live.: ul. People's Militia d. 24-1-174 active participant Khoroshevskii groups; 6) Mezentsev Alexander born in 1972. residency: Str. People's Militia d. 23/01/1938 ktivny Khoroshevskii party factions, and 7) Samorohov Andrey p. 1971. residency: Moscow region, Khimki, ul. Green, d. 11-44, an active participant Khoroshevskii groups; 8) Karavayev Vadim Borisovich 1970 p. live.: ul. People's Militia d. 23/01/1938, an active participant Khoroshevskii groups; 9) Pokrovsky, Andrei Sergeevich 1963 p. residency: the city of Ivanovo, ul. B. D. Vorobiev 72, an active participant Khoroshevskii groups; 10) Nikonovich Alexei V. p. 1969. przh.: ul. Tukhachevsky d. 23/01/1938, an active participant Khoroshevskii groups. When inspection or personal search for Hovsepian GS confiscated grenade F-1, y Samorohova AA seized 5 rounds 9 mm from the PM. Specified person: Number of 10 people were detained according to claim 1 of the Presidential Decree N1226. Instituted yr. case on st.148 Part 3 of the Criminal Code. Investigation conducts ff. Pustovalov. Police-Help.

08.03.1995g. inside the factory dormitory "Red Proletarian" (Profsoyuznaya st., 69) by an unknown man of Armenian origin of the name "Robert" in a quarrel caused a penetrating stab wound to the heart area Eprimyanu Martika Norikovichu, 1956g.r., prozh.Armeniya, Masis rn , pp. Ayntan, a non-working.
From his injuries Eprimyan died on the spot.

28.04.1995 at 09.30 in the kindergarten N 548, located at: ul. Molodtsova, 4-a, was found dead of unknown men of Armenian nationality named Arthur, with a gunshot wound to the head, and Count 'n Terteryan Sarkis Sarkisovich, born in 1967, lived. Yerevan, str. Suvorov, d.76, does not work with the firearms wounds of the right thigh and abdomen, which is admitted in 20 clinical hospital of Moscow.
28/04/1995 GV 15ch.45 min. during a complex search operations staff pooh ATC NEAD Moscow with 105 employees / police officers and ESD SCM address: ul. Molodtsov, 2, Cor. 3, apt. 153, a rented apartment (tenant installed), on suspicion of the commission of the presupleniya detained:
1.Terteryan Sarkisovich Crist, born 1969, living: the Armenian Republic, Yerevan, st. Suvorov, d.76, does not work. Example e m s: in the form of 25-30 years, height 175 cm, black hair. On d e r: black shirt, black slacks, brown shoes.
2. Levonian Gryer Marselovich, born 1973, lived.: Yerevan, st. Sebastia, d.132, does not work. Example e m s: in the form of 18-20 years, height 180 cm, slim build, black hair. On d e r: black shirt, black slacks, black shoes.
In naststoyaschee underway wanted the third culprit: Vardanyan Eduard Timofenkovich, born 1974, lived. Yerevan, the seventh array kv.18 does not work.
Signs: the type of 18-20 years, height 180 cm, norms. t / complex., black hair. Dressed: blue tracksuit, white sneakers.

By the way, who do you think - the most authoritative among Russian Organized Crime? That is to say, "boss of bosses"? It is clear that there are different mutually independent OPG, but should still be a certain way, even a symbolic figure? Personally, I am in this regard have heard a lot about Leonid Bilunove (Macintosh). They say, serious prestige among lawyers enjoyed grandfather Hassan and Shakro Young.

QUOTE (shdsh@26.07.2007 - Time: 22:29)

Skull (Sergei Tkachenko) lucky not much more. Received 8 years for robbery, was released with full-time "in 1997, after 2 years of his strangely arrested and police found a machine gun. His wife, twice Olympic champion, who was present at the same time, argues that it was a blatant provocation. For this reason, she argues, the prosecutor Potebenko and agreed to release Skull under the subscription, and then the case itself fell apart. In general, over the years Skull considerably settled down, started a basketball club, which trenerstvoval together with his wife, moved into politics, he introduced his wife Marina in the management of a freshly baked batch. In 2000 the skull was detained at the Sports Palace with weapons. However, not planted. A December 8, 2000 at the age of 37 he was shot by two shots at a time when approaching the car park near the house. His widow alleged that her husband was killed because he decided to go into politics.

Skull I knew personally. Was correct, in my youth. Interacted with him closely from 82 to 90 gg Helped me many times in various sticky situations, fighting in the Cross and Roulette (Kievites know it ...)
I still remember it, even look ...

OPG will continue to pro Uralmash. Beginning in my previous posts.

From the windows of her apartment every day sees Agafonov palaces Gypsy drug dealers living in the Upper Iset village. A Roma-traffickers are very well remembered "meeting of authorities, which in 99-year-arranged friendly Uralmash fund" City Without Drugs ". Generally, this kind of meetings - it's the Ekaterinburg know-how that turned out to be surprisingly effective.

"Gypsies were horrified when they saw the windows of 500 powerful guys with stern faces" - says one of the foundation members. - The guys just stood there and gone. This was sufficient to six months in the village stopped selling drugs. "

Fund glorified its innovative approach to the eradication of drug addiction. Patients with the consent of their parents forcibly placed in rehabilitation centers, the first month was kept chained to their beds, and then - a rod of iron. Drug teach the brute force. Approach proved to be brutal, but true. Within two years of the fund children's deaths from drug overdoses in Yekaterinburg has disappeared altogether, and an adult fell several times.

- No, this is not true that "City Without Drugs" has emerged as Uralmash PR project - says Andrey Kabanov, who at that time was the third man in the fund. - Khabar supported us later. It was during the live broadcast on local television. We Royzmanom were the direct text says that the drug trade in the roof of the police. Khabarov telephoned directly to the studio and said: 'Guys, what do you do? You also get killed. Say what we do. Us together - be afraid. "

Nevertheless, only naive in those days did not understand that "City Without Drugs" was the first independent step Khabarova in politics. However, the first political maneuverings involving Uralmash took place in 1995 when they helped re-elected governor of Region Eduard Rossel, and a year later - during the presidential election. Khabarov then organized a "workers' movement in support of Boris Yeltsin, for which he received a letter from the re-elected president and the clock with an inscription from the governor. That is when Eduard Rossel will say words that would become classics of the era, when regional authorities have suggested that criminal leaders unspoken compromise: we give you - the recognition, you give us - investment in local economies. We present this statement verbatim: "I want you to stop talking there Uralmash still some ... Here I am told there is this fellow, he is, so to speak, Uralmash leader, so he heads out there ... He was there a thief, a bandit and so on. Well, I invite him to her, saying: "Well, thief, pass,Sit down. Tell me how you live, here and there, so .... " And I give him instructions and he carries out this mandate - to spend money on capital construction in Sverdlovsk region. Second invite. Lovely people. Clever. Lead a normal business. "

In the 99-m Khabarov officially registers OPS (Social and Political Union) Uralmash. What is the abbreviation of the new association could be deciphered as "an organized criminal association", is an open challenge to law enforcement authorities.

- Most of the crime bosses 90 just promoted prikormlennyh lobbied politicians and through them, their interests, - said Sergei Plotnikov, from the Center for Journalism in Extreme Situations. - Khabar decided to go into politics yourself. At this point, he stood on a road that inevitably led him into the loop.

Michael, who is not Michael, and makes another sip from his glass of brandy and a few seconds fast zazhmurivaet eyes, as is usually done by people who have to talk about unpleasant things:

- I think it was a wrong step. It was necessary back then to go into the economy and put an end to the past. It was already clear that such an organizational model, as an informal financial-industrial group, which we at that time were, has outlived its usefulness. It was a huge bag with a variety of businesses: from small shops to large factories. They even legally Nothing unites - the center of gravity was only a person Khabarova. This business had to somehow build. But he wanted not just seep into big business, and enter into it with its charter. Since the late 90's in it spoke not a pragmatist and an idealist.

Others believe that in politics Khabarov went, guided by some higher-order motives. He was very quickly find the new conditions. Putting under control the majority of deputies, Khabarov actually started selling the opportunities that gave him the position. First of all, the land market in Yekaterinburg.

- The 99-m I conducted a survey of all the candidates - said the chief-editor of the local television "ETS" Elena Savitskaya. - Among the issues was and is: "Which of the heroes of folk tales and literary works are you identify with?" You know, that said Khabarov? From Emel on the stove.

- Why?

- He said: "Because Emelya smartest. He got this position, which may lie on the stove and do nothing, but everything happens for him on the wave of the wand. "

To be completed ...0

Here's another story: "As it became known, the Moscow City Court handed another case involving crushed in the late 90's Orekhovsky criminal group. Ten members of organized crime groups (OPG), including the ringleader," Orekhovsky Oleg Pyleva, are accused of involvement in criminal association, banditry, and in 11 murders and attempted murders. Almost all of these killings were committed by the former paratrooper Oleg Mikhailov (Khokhol). "

Details here.

Assyrian OPG.
One source of income is the sale of oil, weapons and drugs.
Give the "roof" of commercial structures and at the same time, according to Moore, not disdain, and burglary and robbery.
Operational data on the distribution of income from the hotel "Cosmos" in 1990-1995 show that the money originally received three commands: Solntsevo and medvedkovskie Bandits (with the latest "work" Otari Kvantrishvili) and the Assyrians, who were Japanese, plum, Rat, Marik and Timur. After the death of Kvantrishvili medvedkovskih ousted and profit Cosmos redistributed: 40% Solntsevo and 30% of Marik and Jap (share Ivankova received Marik).

Cooperation with other organized crime groups

Assyrians are actively cooperating with the Azerbaijanis and Georgians - mainly from Kutaisi Georgian wing factions and the old Georgian thieves and tsehovikami. Assyrians very influential in samioy Georgia. Very close with the Slavic thieves and authority. According to some reports, the Assyrians have established direct links with the criminal community in Eastern Europe, Germany, Austria, USA.


Unlike traditional organized crime groups, whose formation was associated with alteration and is accompanied by the bloody fight, the Assyrian community there quietly for a long time: even in Soviet times, all the tents shoe polisher belonged to the Assyrians, they also sold meat at markets and specialized in the pocket and room thefts. In all ethnic groups are determined by blood relation, but the Assyrians in the passport nationality may mean either. Assyrians do not have a traditional rigid structure for OPG and specialized teams: if necessary, the use of force they can apply them to a friendly group. In this
communications department of ethnic crime in Moscow RUOP specifically Assyrian group is not involved. Great interest in the SEC Moscow police.
Leaders of the group prefer to rely not on the bandits, and businessmen and its connection at the top.
According to intelligence UEP, the Assyrians are manual Association of Gaming Business, engaged in bank scam, money launderers. The police data, through the Assyrians held to 40% of "black cash".


- Vyacheslav Sliva, according to one kingpin, on the other - not crowned in 1991 after a collision with one of the Caucasian groups were sentenced to 12 years, but soon found himself at liberty, in late 1994, went to Canada;

- Mark Milgotin (Marik), was born in November 1949 in a military family translator, grew up in Moscow in Marina Grove, at 11 years remained without parents in the care of an aunt. Marikand his friends: Otari Kvantrishvili, Vyacheslav Ivankov (Jap) and Assyrian plum Vyacheslav while watched over criminal world leader Anatoly Cherkasov (Cherkas), in 1968-1970 he served in the Army in 1971 he was sentenced for currency transactions went through four years later took place between stints of two years. Spetsiaplizirovalsya on theft, currency dealing, the various scams. Fundamentally rejects violence. Gained great credibility in the criminal world, it is believed that he was among the top ten criminal leaders of Russia. Among his friends, all well-known Russian and Georgian authorities, and thieves. His apprentice is Andrey Isaev (painting). In 1984, Marik held in a cell in the Butyrka with criminal boss Valery Dlugach (Globe), murdered in 1993. In May 1992, in room Milgotina in hotel "Volga", who was also the office of his firm's Austrian father-Charles Arnautovic (Carlos, under Stalin sat for 12 years for espionage), two gunmen from the Brigades Solntsevo authority Sergei Kruglov (Beard) was shot by a young Balashikhinsky authority and bespredelschik Alexander Sukhorukov (Dry). In early 1993, was kidnapped in-law Carlos and Marik bought his two Mercedes and $ 30 thousand. In November 1993, for the manufacture of drugs from poppy straw, and Marik addict Leonid Sogomonov were arrested. During a search at his dacha Milgotina were found syringes, 30 thousand dollars and the passport kingpin Datiko Tsikhelashvili (Dato Tashkent). He also found the customs forms with fake stamps on the imported cars in Russia. In Lefortovo prison Marik was sitting with a young thief-in-law Sergei Lipchanskim (Siberian). In February 1995, Marik released under the subscription. In December 1995 the process began in the Ostankino trial of Marika and Sogomonova. In August 1996, Marik detained by police for disorderly conduct and placed in jail spetsblok "Sailor's Silence"

- Alexander Bidzhamo (Alex Assyrian, Alick Beast), kingpin, leader of the Assyrian OPG, was killed in central Moscow in August 1995, together with him on Pushkin Square, was killed Nikolai Lazarev (Goblin), came from Lipetsk to call for Alic involvement in resolving disputes with one Caucasian criminal group

- Edward Khachaturov (Rat), a nephew of Plums, friend, partner and neighbor Milgotina, was shot in Moscow in his own doorway in May 1996, when they searched the apartment found identity, according to which Khachaturov during the election campaign was a trustee of the presidential candidate Svyatoslav Fyodorov The criminal case for killing his "lost" between the prosecution and the Tver city prosecutor's office in Moscow.


Since the early 1990's Assyrian group with Jap, whose first wife wasand the Assyrian, to bend under him all the drug traffickers in Moscow Azerbaijanis.
New leaders of the Assyrians are not known yet (was 10.96).

And again about Novokuznetsk.

As lone KVM (Kuznetsk Metallurgical Combine) and Novokuznetsk alluminum factory.

Tikhonov found guilty of attempted Tuleev.
Four-time Olympic champion in biathlon, the head of the Russian Biathlon Union, released under an amnesty declared by the State Duma in honor of 55 anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War.

In the coming days, the General Prosecutor's Office may require the issuance of the European Chapter of MIKOM Mikhail Zhivilo and multiple Olympic champion Alexander Tikhonov - the protagonists of one of the most scandalous crime epics of recent years. In Russia, they were suspected of preparing an unprecedented practice in the domestic crime - the attempt on the head of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev. Until recently, the two suspects were not available to our justice: Mr. Zhivilo not give the French authorities, and Alexander Tikhonov has yet to officially is being treated in foreign hospitals. Now the Russian security services have received a new "trump card" to reclaim their home - on Friday, the court recognized the Novosibirsk region completely guilty and sentenced to four years in prison, one more defendants in the case - the younger brother of Alexander Tikhonov, Viktor. He is admitted the court, at the request of his brother and Mikhail Zhivilo of searching for killers to eliminate the governor. Having at hand such a verdict, prosecutors are hoping to find a common language with their European counterparts - the courts' decisions in Western countries are respected almost unconditionally.

According to the Russian Federal Security Service and Prosecutor General's Office, the threats to Aman Tuleyev began to emerge in the late 90's when he decided to see how MIKOM manages the largest enterprises in the territory entrusted to the governor - Kuznetsk Metallurgical Combine and the Novokuznetsk aluminum plant. After the audit the governor came to the conclusion that the company Mikhail Zhivilo did it "predatory" practices and to the detriment of the Kemerovo region. Very soon, Mr. Tuleyev not only managed to "squeeze out" MIKOM from the region, but also initiated a series of excitation of criminal proceedings against managers Mikhail Zhivilo. The latter, as it turned out later consequence, harbored a grudge against the governor and decided to simply "remove" again referring to practical advice to his friend and business partner - biathlon Olympic champion Alexander Tikhonov. That, in turn, according to the prosecution, involving delicate operations brother Victor, who suffered from multiple debts and a chronic lack of money and vodivshego acquaintance with "serious" people.

Soon Viktor Tikhonov with what is now agreed and the court instructed the "order" two Novosibirsk criminal kingpins - Sergei Nikanorov (whom he had longand knew well) and Vladimir Kharchenko. Bandits have agreed to this "job", received an advance payment of 180 thousand dollars, it quickly spent, but the request was not fulfilled. Deciding that now can deal with them, authorities reported the preparation of attempt on Tuleyev FSB, then Nikanorova and Kharchenko, as repentant, forgiven.

Victor Alexander Tikhonov and counterintelligence, who had already by that time on his hands records of negotiations on the plan to assassinate suspected, immediately arrested. They wanted to grab and Mikhail Zhivilo, but it is time to warn friends of law enforcement, and the businessman managed to escape to Paris. In May 2001 a French court refused to grant Russia the head of MIKOM, citing lack of evidence incriminating the merchant. A little later, prosecutors in connection with a serious illness released on bail and Alexander Tikhonov, who had also just moved to correct health abroad. To return home, he refuses, citing the ongoing course of treatment, although incidentally involved in all more or less important European events related to the biathlon. However, given the experience of fighting for the issuance of Mr. Zhivilo, Russian prosecutors with the Olympian did not hurry.

As a result, before which began last year, the court brought a Viktor Tikhonov. At the trial he was basically telling me how "bad" the investigators knocked out the power of his testimony and that this whole story is not over, "the FSB show. The Prosecutor asked for Viktor Tikhonov eight years, but the court, taking into account the weight of mitigating circumstances, and gave him half of this period. However, after only six months, Viktor Tikhonov, who had spent in prison for almost two years, will be able to be released on parole.

Nevertheless, immediately after the verdict the prosecutors did not conceal their satisfaction. The relative softness of the verdict Viktor Tikhonov did not bother them. Prosecutor, by the way, the last day of the hearing he asked the court to change the story to the defendant - to art. 277 (encroachment on the life of a statesman) on a soft 30, 33 and 105 of the Criminal Code (preparation for the attempted murder of incitement) - referring to the fact that Viktor Tikhonov did not really know all the details of the conspiracy. The main thing now, as noted by the prosecutor Gennady Popov, that "its decision the court affirmed the ability of intelligence agencies to combat organized crime, no matter how many billions it is not sponsored by, and no matter how many Olympic medals or were covered."

Personally, I am in this regard have heard a lot about Leonid Bilunove (Macintosh).

In with Novaya Gazeta »№ 10, 2001 published an article" Crime storms Kemerovo, in which we spoke about the gathering of representatives of Russian criminals in Paris. In particular, as a result of investigative journalism, it was established that this "event" Mikhail Zhivilo and criminal Leonid Bilunov (alias Mac) talked about how the election the governor of Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev to resist and to hold the post of head of the regional administration of their rights. In particular, for the purpose of organized crime leaders have provided over $ 6 million. The publication caused a wide resonance in the region. To our knowledge, been selected for the registration of candidates for governor, several representatives of criminals do not have to do it, waiting until the noise subsides. However, as it turned out, the materials of investigative journalism is not only confused the card bandits who are trying to manipulate elections governor of the Kemerovo region in its own interests ...

Our sources in the French criminal police reported that the publication in Novaya Gazeta, thoroughly confused and French police chiefs. Note that at that time, many media reported that the Zhivilo hiding in the U.S.. It is not excluded that such a massive disinformation campaign was carried out deliberately. According to experts, it enabled the French secret service to their game with Russian criminals. And the fact that this game is aimed at identifying criminal webs, woven criminal authority of the CIS countries, the West is very active, is an indisputable fact. And not only in the criminal business of large-caliber thugs who left the former Soviet republics to the West and hiding from justice there. In this web quite a lot of businessmen, politicians, former and current officials. And this is a contingent of special interest to intelligence agencies. It is easy to imagine how you can manipulate a politician or senior official, if, for example, to have its accounts, which are stored illegally exported from the country hundreds of millions of dollars.

To get this kind of information, intelligence agencies are using their agents. In the first place from among themselves "spiders." In other words, intelligence agencies turned a blind eye to their illegal activities in exchange for Intelligence.

Received a residence permit in France Leonid Bilunov McIntosh is well known for many law enforcement agencies pageal. The Interior Ministry of Russia on his raised weighty dossier. The fact that Bilunov six times tried. Moreover, the police hunted for him to arrest and prosecute in the seventh, maybe the last time. Given that the MAC account set kidnappings, some of whom were killed (the relatives were unable to collect a ransom), a repeat offender could receive the death penalty. They say that even Interior Minister Vladimir Rushailo said matter of honor to submit Bilunova before the court.

However, to get a bullet in his forehead and a gangster could from their colleagues. At one time he had scored with a knife in the stairwell of an authoritative kingpin Vanya Luberetsky and tried to lead a gang suburban Lyubertsy. But the lads rejected it for numerous violations of established rules of conduct. Then he made a group of killers, and a business of contract killings. In the end, finally came into conflict with some of the bosses of the criminal world and the police. The clouds were gathering, preparing to arrest him. But ... Bilunov suddenly disappeared in the North Caucasus. McIntosh claimed to be "looking" for the Adygei and Dagestani OPG. When the bluff became public, he had to escape the inevitable penalty to get out of Chechnya. In criminal enclaves his cherished the same "bespredelschik" named Lecho. McIntosh and people engaged in Lecho abduction and trafficking. Thus, in a circle of influential people in the criminal world Bilunov McIntosh put on a cross and was doomed. Returning to Russia he was ordered.

It is noteworthy that the hostages, slaves, McIntosh and his accomplices stole the whole territory of Russia. Some were immediately taken away by force, using drugs or psychotropic drugs. Other Bilunov lured into Dagestan, and, then, his supporters were transported prisoners in Chechnya. Not all relatives of the abducted could put the required amount. And then Mac retrained to the abduction of foreign nationals. First of all journalists. It was really profitable. After the kidnapping of a journalist raised a lot of noise, which helped the bandits put pressure on relatives and often receive very large redemptions. For example, McIntosh ensnare French journalist Fadera, promising to show him the results of the atrocities committed by federal troops against the civilian population. Several days later, Fader was in the pit for the slaves. There are filmed on video his plea for help addressed to his compatriots. French intelligence services through the representatives of social organizations have declared privately that they are willing to pay for the liberation of the journalist. Bilunov McIntosh decided warning in advance. Get in touch with the French side, he bargained his residence. And got it, although the French secret services knew who provide shelter. Implementing the deal, Mack once again threw his criminal accomplice, leaving them high and dry. They are, incidentally, still have no idea about it.

Fadera freed the Russian Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service, who conducted a brilliant multi-pass operation, which, unfortunately, are impossible to tell.

Nevertheless Bilunov McIntosh moved to Paris, where he went into more intimate contact with the secret police. It is noteworthy that the slave has documents, certificates and written evidence that he released a French journalist Fadera. This so-called bogus security certificates that allow criminals to feel relatively calm in the foreign country. They say he produced them himself. It is believed that he had these fake security forces did in France. One way or another, and settle it well. A longtime friend of his - Mikhail Zhivilo bought him a beautiful apartment in Paris.

After some time to Bilunovu McIntosh became navedyvatsya representatives of Chechen organized crime groups who are persecuted for various violations of Russian law enforcement agencies - businessmen, major drug traffickers. Collection center for the French secret service earned in full force. Any secret police wants to get such an informant as the Macintosh. For something to get information about secret financial transactions on money laundering, know the intentions of drug traffickers and arms, you can let inveterate criminals live happily.

Even so cautious, and certainly an intelligent man like Mikhail Zhivilo, no idea who share their innermost - laundering schemes illegally exported from Russia money. Zhivilo could not know and that, as soon as he met with the Macintosh, it immediately began to graze the French secret service.

If we believe our sources in Paris, including the French police, Mikhail Zhivilo's not going to be arrested. According to some reports, he should have been using the Mac to use multi-pass operation. The scheme is simple: Zhivilo gives some evidence against the businessmen and commercial structures, which will indicate the special services, and falls under the witness protection program.

Article "Crime storms Kemerovo indirectly violated the harmony of this plan, since disavowed the reports that Zhivilo in the U.S., lighted his meeting with the Macintosh under the patronage of the French secret services. And most importantly - have been opened intentions of criminals brought to power in the Kemerovo region of its candidate for governor. If we consider that Zhivilo accused of trying to kill the current head of the Kemerovo regional administration Amana ToolEva explicit favorite campaign, then get together a very serious situation, fraught with complications of the two countries. Neither Mack nor Zhivilo not worth it for them to go to these complications. However, wait for the decision by France to Russia's demand to transfer Mikhail Zhivilo our justice. Well, since very soon will be publicized location and unseemly affairs kidnappers Bilunova-Mac, then it would cost to transfer to the Russian side. Especially after this illumination is unlikely to be able to work effectively in the French secret service.

Balashikhinsky OPG.
Existed since the early 80's one of the largest faction in the Moscow region (today has about 200 active members) to the mid-90's ceased to exist as an entity and is now divided into 29 small independent subgroups.
Showdown in Balashikha began in 1992. Briefly came to Russia kingpin Vyacheslav Ivankov (Jap) decided to take revenge for the killing of Chechens, their close friends - the kingpin of Kalina (was slaughtered), and the authority of Masi (hit a mine). To implement its plans, Japanese, met with a number of criminal authorities, including the leader of Balashikha OPG, never sitting in jail, Sergey Frolov. Frol had to notify the other teams around Moscow to start war with Caucasians. After the assassination of several leaders of the Chechen Frola detained by police. His house was found the weapon, but to prove his membership Frol failed. After that he divided the spheres of influence, including the Caucasian group, without bloodshed. For a long time coexisted with the only region in the Chechen criminal boss Daudova Sultan (Sultan). In December 1993, Frolov was shot.
Authority took the place of the deceased kingpin Zahar and the fight against Caucasians revived. March 21, 1994 Zahar organized the assassination of the Sultan.
July 3, 1994 Balashikhinsky fighters at the local stadium "Meteor" met with the Naro-Fominsk Noginsk and bandits, to negotiate the repartition of spheres of influence. Regional RUOP was delayed 82 had rallies, arrived in Balashikha for 48 cars. Do detainees seized one pistol, two bullet-proof vest, radio station and two stolen cars.
By the end of 1994 Balashikha group broke up into several teams, whose leaders were Mzhelya, Turnip and Fedor.
After his arrest in May, Zahara, and in August 1995, Vasey bandit group once again left without leaders. With the new power struggle broke out for leadership. In late August 1995 near his home was killed by the leader of Theodore and his bodyguard Sugar.
September 9, 1996 at 21.45 in the village Pehra-Pokrovskoye assassinated Balashikha director of "Babel", which owns a network of gas stations, a 28-year Kulikov. Killer in a private home Kulikova fired the director in the chest with a pistol. In serious condition Kulikov hospitalized. Police assume that the attempt was associated with intentions to expand into Kulikova Balashikha district business.
In the absence of the leaders of his faction, Balashikha OPG is now almost entirely under the influence of "thieves"

Specialization group

Auto business, robbery, racketeering, burglary, theft of state property, drug trafficking, arms trafficking.


"Godfathers" OPG - "thieves in the hAkon: "Rostik", "Savoska", "Petrick, one of the" theorists "- Round (" beard "- was killed)," Zahar (Aleksandr Zakharov), "Sultan" - killed (dead body discovered in woodland near Moscow City Train), Sasha Ustimovsky.
Now leaders are nominated: Vyacheslav Mzhelsky (Mzhelya), Yuri Repin (Turnip). "Authority" OPG - Alexander Solomatin (brother of Gregory) - holder of a local "obschaka; Matyukhin, Shitov, Edward Khusainov, Hera Starostin, Vladimir Mushinsky (" The Fly "), Petrov (" Petrushka ").

At the head of OPG was a number of known thieves:

Petrov AD (Petrick), kingpin, controls auto market and commercial tents on the square in front of the platform "Severyanin" AvtoVAZ-Service Severyanin "casino" Victor "(hotel" Golden Ear ", ul.Yaroslavskaya, 1), Casino Palace (hotel "Cosmos", Mira, 150), disco "Master" (ul.B.Serpuhovskaya, 44), restaurant "Constellation" (ul.B.Galushkina, 22)

Sergey Frolov (Frolov), kingpin in jail never sat among the top ten "godfathers" of the Russian mafia, defended the interests of "Slavs", organized disassembly with Caucasian OPG. One of the authors of the idea of "displacement of the Chechen community" from Moscow and Moscow region, known for close ties with Yuzbashev since 1992, was the leader of organized crime groups. In 1992, Frolov was arrested on suspicion of possession of firearms, but to prove it prinazhdezhnost Frol failed. In addition to the Moscow region was responsible for a number of "points" in the Crimea, North Caucasus and the Baltics. Owned gas stations, controlled the number of car parks, bars, casinos, etc. can collect numerous "team" for any "operation". For example, one of the showdown with the "Chechens" team Frola arrived about 300 militants.
At Frola "worked", in particular, the head of a private law firm Lobanov, Anatoly, who ran for the Duma. His sponsors are officially AS Ellipse and cooperative Vympel, the owner of which he was unofficially.
December 31, 1993 at the Casino In Alexandra, the railway Frola with "helper" Dmitry cornflower shot addict Gregory Solomatin. Killer shot dead by guards Frola. At the funeral, attended by more than three thousand people, including most are in Moscow and Moscow region "thieves" and other "authorities" of the underworld, as well as representatives of the administrative circles suburbs, his "godfather" Frol "thought mytischenskogo" kingpin "Rostik," but from a purely "thieves "traditions declined, although starting as a bouncer at the" thieves ". "Breaks" in "Birches" by lavender avenue, was engaged in a rackom. "Washing" the money in a business venture.
He supervised a number of commercial outlets in Moscow, the Crimea, North Caucasus and the Baltics. Benzokalonkami owned, controlled the number of car parks, bars, casinos and other objects. Could in a short time to collect "command" to 300 fighters for a showdown.
Twice detained by law enforcement agencies for unlawful possession of weapons, but the criminal charges brought against them was not. For the first time "Frol" was released by order of Judge Kuibyshev RNS Moscow, since the number of "voluntarily laid down their" weapons in the 58 th police in Moscow. Second time in the Moscow region prosecutor's office was not given authorization for the arrest and was released on bail of 2 million rubles.)
Killer Frola "is Gregory Solomatin, strive to live by the" thieves' law and delivshy with Frolov "single territory.
Murder (January 1994). "Frola" preceded by the following circumstances:
- In April 1989 GV Balashikha, before the "coronation" to "kingpin" of a local "authorities" Nicholas Manokhina (Manoha "), in the ensuing brawl was killed Kutaisi" kingpin "Teimuraz Phadadze (" Timur " ), a special trip for this event. Among the killers were "Manoha.
- At the funeral of "Timur" in Kutaisi, latter-day "thief in law" Manohe "present authorities was sentenced to death, who volunteered to perform Solomatin Gregory, who came to conduct" Tamerlane "on his last journey.
- After a while Solomatin committed attempted murder "Manohi. After recovering from injuries and released from a hospital, "Manoha" was arrested again for disorderly conduct, and then killed in Serpukhov prison.
- Solomatin for attempted murder in May 1990 was arrested in the city of Alushta. During the investigation (Balashikha SOT twice returned his criminal case for further investigation) Solomatin made friends with the "thieves in law" Sultan "," Ruslan "and" Zahar.
- April 1992 Solomatin, freed from custody, has been debating the "thieves" the question of his coronation. Together with "Sultan" (Chechen "thief in law") discusses the problem of "Frola" to whom the has printezii on "Caucasian affairs", the joint control of the territories, as well as the relations of the latter (Lobanov, Kazakov).
- After the murder, "Frola" (January 1994) Solomatin disappears. According to the current version of its "dump" their same.

Alexander Zakharov (Zakharov), was born in Vitebsk in 1951, the first term was 15 years for theft in 1974, convicted of intentional infliction of grievous bodily harm to 9 years in the camps, in Vladimir Central became a thief in the law, while the big quarrelI'm with Caucasians, and in 1985 he was arrested for drug possession and spent four years "in the zone", since 1989 has repeatedly been detained by law enforcement agencies for drug possession and weapons, after the death of Frola became the leader of organized crime groups. Among close friends Zahara were thieves Sobol, Plum, Petrik and painting (Isaev AV), are known for their intransigence with Caucasian criminal groups. May 25, 1995 police near the cinema, "Glory" was found in the car Zahara gun, and he was arrested. Zahar also suspected in the murder of Sultan ogranizatsii Balashihinsky and attempted Mzhelyu. According to the information in August 1996, Zahar went into legitimate business.

Vyacheslav Mzhelsky (Mzhelya), authority, team leader, in early 1995 left the group and even became an assistant to a State Duma deputy Anatoly Guskov. Zahar twice organized the assassination of Mzhelskogo: March 14, 1995 in Balashikha was fired Mzheli car as a result, he and his friend were injured Dubovik, and familiar Chereshnev died March 18 in the village of resistivity near Mzheli car bomb exploded. June 13, 1995 at St. Nicholas Archangel Cemetery CID officers were detained Mzhelya and crew Ivan Baykov, they seized four firearms, silencers, and a large number of patrons.

Igor Kukuna (Vasya-bandit), in the late 80's led by criminal groups operating in Podolsk, in 1989 for robbery and robbery sentenced to a ten-year imprisonment for having organized his escape from the colony in the Kirov region, he allegedly paid a security guard 10 thousand dollars. Since 1993 he was wanted for escaping from prison, crowned Zahar thief in law (in this case Zahar presented studded with diamonds gold cross on a gold chain), following the arrest of Zachary in May 1995 did business Balashikha OPG, August 28, 1995 arrested during search numerous apartments Kukunova seized a large quantity of jewelry, 37 thousand dollars, two general civil and one passport for different surnames.

Yuri Repin (Turnip), credibility, team leader.

Vladimir Fedorino (Fyodor), three convictions for robbery and looting, credibility, team leader, 28 August 1995 was shot along with his bodyguard Nikolai Sakharov (sugar) in his car.

Spheres of influence

Balashikha Reutovo, Rail, Noginsk, Elektrostal. Under the influence - all the local auto business, JSC "Elix" cooperative "Pennant" - fully owned by the late Frolov. He also oversaw all the buying of land and property in the above areas, suburbs. Slain leader Balashikhinsky "had its points in the North Caucasus, the Baltic States, possessed a casino in Mytishchi cafe" poplar "in the Kaliningrad transit point Avtovaz, part of the points in the former Soviet Era.
The grouping is armed, has corrupt due to the administrations and law enforcement agencies named areas (in particular, OPG has worked Deputy Country Director Administration Balashikha B. Kravchenko, People Judge Kozin, a local detention center). Late Frolov sponsored campaign in the State. Duma, lawyer Anatoly Lobanov (on his money, and contained a very firm advocate).
International relations - United States, Germany and France. OPG has established contacts with visiting U.S. "thief in law" Vyacheslav Ivankov ("Jap"). According to recent reports, the "ordinary disassembly in OPG occur only with the permission of thieves-curators.

OPG Zahara

Leaders: - Alexander Zakharov ("Zahar", "Shirikov-Zahar), born 1951 resides at: Balashikha Str. May Day .., Karpinski Valery Yu ("drin"), born in 1965, lives at the address: Moscow Region., Volokolamsk Privokzalny village. Str. Gagarin ...

Active members: -
Population: -
Links: -
Armament: -
Specialization: -
Area of action: -
Reference points: -

OPG Aranovich

Leaders: - Alexey I. Aranovich, 1974
Active members: -
Population: - up to 10-15 persons from among the youth.
Links: -
Armament: -
SpecializationI: - extortion, theft.
Area of action: - Balashikha.
Reference points: -

OPG Kotrovskogo

Leaders: - Kotrovsky Alexander, born in 1963
Active members: -
Population: -
Links: -
Armament: - firearms.
Specialization: - extortion, robbery.
Area of action: - Balashikha, MO.
Reference points: -

OPG Colonel-Iron "

Leaders: - Colonel Victor E., born 1959, ("The Colonel"), Borisov, Vladimir Vladimirovich, 1954 DOB
Active members: -
Number of: - Up to 100 people.
Links: -
Armament: - firearms.
Expertise: - Monitoring of airports, cargo theft, extortion from private cars, extortion, robbery.
Area of action: -
Reference points: -

After the arrest of Sergei Mikhailovich Vorobiev, born in 1964 (Headed by the group "Vorobyov"), members of his group joined the group "Colonel-Iron." Grouping different extremism. In 1993, during the deterioration of relations "Frola" with groups of Chechens and Azerbaijanis, two militants from the group of "Cast Iron" participated in the destruction of 6 points in the Chechen city rail. Both of them were killed.

OPG Galkina

Leaders: - Galkin, Sergei Fedorovich, 1960 DOB
Active members: -
Population: -
Links: - "Sultan" ("thief in law", which controls this grouping.
Armament: -
Specialization: -
Area of action: - Reutov.
Reference points: -

OPG Nefed "

Leaders: - Nefedov Alexey, born in 1961 (held in a criminal case as a suspect. At the present time is being sought).
Active members: -
Number of: - Up to 30 people.
Links: -
Armament: -
Specialization: - robbery, extortion, auto business.
Area of action: - Balashikha, Rail, Elektrostal.
Reference points: -

OPG Solomatina

Leaders: - Solomatin Grigory Borisovich, 1961 DOB (Holder "obschaka).
Active members: -
Population: -
Links: - "Thieves in Law" Sultan "," Zahar.
Armament: - firearms.
Specialization: - extortion, theft, auto business, drug business.
Area of action: - Balashikha, Chekhov, Podolsk.
Reference points: -

OPG Kholmogorova

Leaders: - Kholmogorov Sergey.
Active members: -
Population: -
Links: -
Armament: -
Specialization: - extortion.
Area of action: - Reutov
Reference points: -

OPG Shitova-Chekanov-Orlov

Leaders: - Shitov Dmitry Mikhailovich, born in 1967, Chekanov, Sergey V., born in 1969, Orlov, Anatoly Arturovich, born in 1964
Active members: -
Population: -
Links: - Group Khusainov "
Armament: -
Specialization: -
Area of action: - Balashikha, Moscow region.
Reference points: -

OPG "Nazar"

Leaders: - Nazarov, Vladimir Alexandrovich, b. 1958
Assetnye members: -
Number: - 15-20 people.
Links: - thief in the law of the Sultan.
Armament: - firearms.
Specialization: -
Area of action: - Reutov
Reference points: -

OPG "Husain"

Leaders: - Khusainov Rishotovich Edward, born 1961
Active members: -
Number of: - Up to 40 people of Russian and Tatar nationality
Links: - thief in law "Sultan", OPG Khusainova.
Armament: - guns, cars.
Specialization: - extortion, auto business, commercial activity, racketeering, armed showdown.
Area of action: - Balashikha, Shchelkovo Reutovo, adjacent areas of Moscow.
Reference points: -

Money is laundered through a series of commercial stores. Ispolzut number of gyms for training militants.

OPG Bolshakov

Leaders: - Bolshakov, Alexander ("Tiger"), born in 1962, Bolshakov, Igor V. ("Tiger"), born 1955
Active members: -
Population: -
Links: - "Sultan"
Armament: -
Specialization: - racketeering, kvaritirnye theft, extortion, robbery.
Area of action: - Balashikha
Reference points: -

OPG Vidnovskaya "

Leaders: - Izgil
Active members: -
Population: -
Links: - "Stupinskaya" OPG
Armament: -
Specialization: -
Area of action: - Leninsky District Moscow Region, Domodedovo Airport
Reference points: -

OPG Tekuteva

Leaders: - flow Alexander, born 1950 (Resident farm Volokolamskaya, twice convicted.
Active members: -
Number of: - Up to 15 people
Links: - "Balashikhinsky" OPG, "Zahar, individual employees Volokolamskaya police.
Armament: - up to 3 machines.
Specialization: - extortion, racketeering
Area of action: - Volokolamsk district
Reference points: -

OPG Brothers Deryugin

Leaders: -
Active members: -
Population: -
Links: - with members Zarevskoy "group Lankina and Mityushkina" group "Makromenko"
Armament: -
Specialization: -
Area of action: - Domodedovo district
Reference points: -

OPG Makromenko

Leaders: -
Active members: -
Population: -
Links: - with members Zarevskoy "group Lankina and Mityushkina," the group "Brothers Deryugin"
Armament: -
Specialization: -
Area of action: - Domodedovo district
Reference points: -

Balashikhinsky Brigade
"Bumon Vitaly t.521-36-**
Ivan 700-29 -**
"Lyadik" Vladik t.559-29-** (a weapon)
"Rogue" Timashkov Alexander AB "Imperial", TR 529-51 -**, dob 8-2-513 -**, a / m on the 1993-94 year, the WHA 2109 (Cherry) GN And the 0452 MH

Were at the wake "Frola"

Didenko, Konstantin, b. 9/29/1972, "Old Man"
Balashikha-2, ul.Sverdlova.

Alfimov Boris Y., born 5/3/1973,
Balashikha-2, ul.Zarechnaya.0

END of OPG Uralmash. Beginning, supra

Most of the Shirokorechenskogo cemetery in Yekaterinburg occupy the grave "Centrists" - competitors' uralmashevtsev.
user posted image
Photo: Konstantin Salomatin / Agency.Photographer

Serious pressure on the OPS Uralmash began to be felt even in the summer of 2003, when RUBOP started hard pressed "City Without Drugs". Was paralyzed from the activities of rehabilitation centers. Khabarov did not stood up for the friendly structure. However, impact on the fund has only made that a wave of popularity, its chairman Yevgeny Roizman elected to the State Duma, and his deputy Andrei Kabanov - in the city.

A year later Khabarov received another blow. Holder "obschaka Konstantin Tsyganov, which all these years he was in Turkey, announced to his comrades that it is no longer common, and his personal money. This has been "uralmashevtsam" not so much the material as a moral blow. The proposal to punish Tsyganova was rejected - for the former merits and in deference to his late brother. But in fact this event was the beginning of the end. Khabarov collected then the kernel community, and said: "All the guys. Nobody owed nothing to anybody. "

- But he was very hard going through this gap - says Michael. - In the last year before his arrest did not stay in one place, fell into a depression left in binges. The fact that it will take, I knew for a week. Could disappear, but not disappeared.

Khabarov was arrested on suspicion of coercion to commit the transaction. According to investigators, he put pressure on the management of the Bank "so that a portion of his shares was exchanged for shares of JSC Uralplastpolimer, owned by the bank. However, most experts agree that the case was merely a tool in the fight, which has had very different goals. After his arrest and then death Khabarova in the media one after another, followed by statements that he allegedly suffered for what stood in the way Caucasian mob that tried to enter the city. In these assertions there is some truth. But only a fraction.

- We had such authority here - Eduard Kazarian, - says Sergey Plotnikov. - He once had to leave the country, but went there in charge of some business through its chelvoeka - Alexander Varaksina. Gradually, however, this Varaksin became an independent figure, and decided that he had no reason to pay more Kazarian. He appealed for support from very influential to the thief in the law - his grandfather Hassan [Aslan Usoyanu]. And he decided to capitalize on the situation in order to strengthen the region its position. In response, in August 2004, the city procstilas wave of riots in the street cafes owned by Caucasians.

- I am in those days spoke Khabarov, not to meddle in these showdowns, - says Michael. - This conflict is not its level. If you walked into a big business, forget about the petty intrigues. But he would not listen.

The last straw for the police became a regular "meeting of authorities."

- It's happening in the city center, in the park behind the Opera House, - says Elena Savitskaya. - 200-300 people gathered strong guys. Within a radius of 500 meters from the place of people like blown away, although it was rush hour. Police are also to be seen. Such Khabarova I have not seen. Usually it is tongue-tied, and then spoke with such charisma that crawl. Began to give indications present. It seems that among them were not only local, because it sounded the names of other regions. Apparently, Khabarov line up parallel power structures in the meadow Grandpa Hassan. He then accused the local authorities that they do not want to resist the expansion of those forces that may lead to destabilization in the region. Remember the phrase: "We will not allow this second Beslan. And: "Putin, we with you."

- In terms of intelligence is called "emergence of a parallel power center", - said Sergei Plotnikov. - At Uralmash always been a sort of Bolshevik syndrome - the establishment of its own equity. Take away the bad guys and give it a good one. Like, we have all the bad guys imperfections, and we will have capitalism with a human face.

Many of my interlocutors have expressed similar opinions. In their view, if the country in a moment fell apart, uralmashevtsy could well become a state-power in a small area. But the country grew, a new control system more or less formed, and the forces that once this system replaced, place it no longer appeared.

- Khabar broke just two boundaries, - says Michael. - Climbed into the purview of both legal authorities and thieves. After his death, many speculated that it was his grandfather Hassan through our police department decided to eliminate Khabarova. I do not think so. As far as I know, just from Moscow, received an order to specify each of his place.

Hardly death Khabarova included in these plans. At the same time, it was not like the person who is able to commit suicide without assistance. I had no skills Khabarova behavior in captivity: he will never sit. We know that on the eve of the death of his long interrogation.

- What are the strings there pressured as he was treated - for we are still a mystery - said Andrey Kabanov. - But I tell you what. I know that he hanged himself, but pray for him. The Lord will understand - he did it consciously or not.

Experts agree that the former Uralmash company benefited from the death Khabarova. But despite the death of the leader of OPS and the destruction of most of this structure, the myth continues to live its own life. Too many it is profitable.

- We tried to stay quiet water below the grass, and still we are not allowed to forget who we are and where, - says Michael. - It seems that RUBOP boring without Uralmash. And from time to time various people who have never had to do with us, comes a strange offer. For example, is the sum for which they are willing to delete from the list of members of the OPS Uralmash. "Yes, we've never they were not!" - These people say. And they say: "I do not know, do not know. With us you why some numbers. "

- Maybe RUBOP really have nothing to do now?

- The victory over organized crime has played a cruel joke with the police. In fact, they substitute for us. In Soviet times, we did not like cops, but when they seated us, nobody was offended. Because honestly and jailed for the cause. And now that the moral balance is broken. They were the same as they were we. And do something they have nothing. Now grows a new generation of criminal. Have you noticed that during the so-called rampant organized crime groups in the streets were quiet? Because people are prone to crime, went with a baseball bat is not on civilians, and in the shops, restaurants and factories.

Now the baseball bat eyeing generation of 12-14-year-olds, but they have not let even a kiosk. Where do they go? Correctly on the street.


Volokolamskaya OPG.

Volokolamsk district located in north-west of Moscow region, 120 km from Moscow and has a total area of 1,678 km2, divided into 20 territorial units, the population is 53.7 thousand people, is bordered by Mozhaisky, Shakhovskoi, Lotoshinskim, Klinskoye, Istra and Ruza district of Moscow area.
In the region there are 206 objects of the economy, employing 28.3 thousand.
Shakhovskoy borough located on the west, the Moscow region in I40 km from Moscow covers an area of 1211km2, the population of 24 thousand people. It borders on Lotoshinskim, Volokolamsk, Mozhaysk district, the Smolensk and Tver oblastyami.Na the district are 66 objects of the economy number of workers and employees of 16,4 thousand people.
Lotoshinsky borough located on the north-west of Moscow region, - 150 km from Moscow covers an area of 975 km2 with a population of l9, four thousand. It borders on Klinskoye, Volokolamsk, Shakhovskoi areas in the north and north-west Tver oblastyu.Osnovnoe direction of business-district agricultural proizvodstvo.Na entire territory served region has 213 enterprises, 346 commercial structures, 5335I individual, 3 branches of Commercial Bank "Renaissance." The total number of employees of state tax inspections in areas served is 170 persons.
According to the operative data in the region, there are three gangs from the local residents and migrants from the Caucasus, numbering about 25 people, organizational-related Balashikhinsky and Solntsevo crime.
Have their own businesses, registered in the front lits.Oni control virtually all businesses, organizations of all forms of ownership, private entrepreneurs keep their "obshchak. In 1995. marked indirect involvement of criminal groups to attempt to influence local department employees during the tax police in conjunction with staff at the STI Volokolamsk verification of cash registers, expressed in the blocking group of people operating the machine local department, and subsequently the threat of physical impact of tax inspections. Together with Volokolamsk RUOP into the matter conducted courteously and preventive measures. In February-March 1996. To the chief district department turned a close friend of the former authority of a local gang Tekuteva (shot to death in January 1995.) Resident of Volokolamsk Jars MM, who offered in exchange for the cancellation penalties imposed for one of its controlled outlets large monetary reward or "mutually beneficial cooperation."
In 1996. Volokolamskoye RUOP alignment timeTNO ESD Volokolam ATS in some gang members were seized ammunition for pistols "TT" and "PM", which indirectly indicates the presence of gangs in firearms.
There have been instances of speech threats against employees of tax inspection:
-November 1995g.nachalniku STI on Shakhovskoy p-well Dorogova VV Director of ECP, "Arthur Akopian, LB
-3 January I995g. STI inspectors for the city of Volokolamsk Pavlova MV and Savinov, RA from the chief engineer Volokolamskaya depot Vasyukova N.
, In January 1995. STI inspector for the city of Volokolamsk Polyakov AN from a private entrepreneur Morgun AV
-May 1995. Deputy Head of the STI on Shakhovskoy p-well Bodrovoy T. from the Director General of JSC "Stromateis" Lyapina LB
-May 1996. STI inspector for the city of Volokolamsk Pavlova MV Director of LLP "name" Leonov, OL
, In October 1996. STI inspector for the city of Volokolamsk Fillipovoy LV from the head of ECP "King" Karev NS
-March l997g. STI inspector for the city of Volokolamsk Lyavinoy LS Director of LLP Sandra LTD Zhernovoi SN

Georgian organized crime groups.
Comprehensive, systemic crisis in Georgia, the continuing civil war, armed struggle for power, etc. led to a tremendous drop in living standards. A huge number of people rushed out of the republic of Georgia in search of better lives.
A considerable part of immigrants, of course, could not find a decent human life and experiencing a severe crisis in Russia. This led to despair, the desire to survive at any cost, including the expense of others, through violence, theft, robbery, etc.
Along with the previously law-abiding citizens from Georgia to Russia went Criminal criminal element. As a result, today in Moscow permanently, living in hiding and there are about 50 "thieves" and the authorities, who came from Georgia.
Due to the fact that most of the "refugee-criminals" because of the known causes arrived in Moscow from Tbilisi, Kutaisi and the surrounding areas, "thieves" and the authorities of these cities is to lead and direct the criminal activities of Georgian organized crime groups in the Moscow region.


Kvantrishvili Otari V., born 1948, native of the GSPC g.Zestafoni was registered: Moscow, Krylatsky Hills, 36, Bldg. 3, apt. 90-91. Honored coach of the RSFSR. Was convicted on st.117 (gang rape). In the early 80's, worked as a coach in freestyle wrestling in SCI Dynamo, where he collected around himself respected athletes, Olympic champions, world-class athlete, some of whom later joined by criminal groups and formation.
Its initial capital Otari created by "breaking" of prostitutes working in prestigious locations in the center of Moscow. Then Otari was appearing in "Intourist", the Metropol, Cosmos, where expanded its ties to the underworld.
After the cessation of coaching, Kvantrishvili O. actively engaged in commerce. He gradually, through its linkages among athletes, was structured to subdue a number of criminal gangs in Moscow and the region, such as Lyuberetskaya, Solntsevo, Bauman, Balashikha, Dolgoprudniy. Begins with "Bauman", because she acted in the city center in the Bauman district, where there was a physical education institute and it was a lot of former athletes - Friends Otari. Most close at that time Otari friends with the Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling Mamiashvili who was the leader of the gang in the South-West and oversaw the Central House of Tourists.
At this time, Otari has established links with Joseph Kobzon, who was a concert and a spectacular Directorate (COJI) "Moscow" (headed by a Gliklad, Goldenberg has been an assistant - he's Andreev, informantDepartment of Internal Affairs). Go to the directorate had a relationship and criminal gangs in the first place, "Solntsevo. With Otari and Goldenberg was organized in his time hitting on the singer Kuzmina and selected about 75 thousand rubles.
Later, it was organized hit a commercial director Combinations Shishina (former member of Anti-Corruption Squad in Saratov), who refused to pay the money and was stabbed.
From COJI formed AO Muscovy, whose president was I. Kobzon. Since then, Otari and Kobzon worked together, they became friends.
Later, Otari and Anzor Kakilashvili Association was formed "XXI Century". However, Kakilashvili does not come with a flock, and left him with the Association. Therefore, Otari was forced to organize a fund for social security sporsmenov named AL Yashin and become its president. At that time, Otari was based on Mamiashvili, a group of famous athletes and a group of famous artists, and became gradually, through them, to penetrate into the government circles.
Kvantrishvili maintained close contact with leaders of many groups that managed to infiltrate the major governmental organizations, businesses, financial and credit institutions with a high turnover of capital, in particular, commercial structures located at sites CA SCI Dynamo concert spectacular directorate "Moscow" , AO "Muscovy", VPTO Soyuz Theatre, includes 8 joint ventures and 12 cooperatives, banks "Care", "Kredobank", "Development of XXI Century", Megabank.
In these institutions and structures with the support of Kvantrishvili penetrated Representatives controlled by his gang, which allowed them to engage in money laundering, produced as a result of criminal activity, as well as dispose of a certain part of the capital proceeds received from one or another of the company.
Using large amounts of funds, Otari was able to organize and to control gambling in the city of Moscow, in particular, are open Casino Royale, located in the Central Moscow Hippodrome, a casino in the former district of Havana on Leninsky Prospekt , casinos in the r-chain "Leningrad," a casino in the r-chain Intourist, "casinos" Victor "in the premises of the particle" University. "
Strong influence on Kvantrishvili joint Soviet-Italian company "Jinda-Rus", which has 8 branches, mainly engaged in the sale of fur products for hard currency.
Part of the proceeds received from the Kvantrishvili criminal gangs that controlled the small retailers in areas most frequented by foreigners: Arbat, Tverskaya st., Stations Belarus and Kursk.
Otari Kvantrishvili was a close friend kingpin Jap - Ivankov, who previously passing throughor the same criminal case. There has recently been formed charitable foundation "The Shield and lyre" on the basis of police and AO Muscovy. " Co-Chairs were: from the police department - deputy. beg. Personnel Major-General Balagura, from the "Muscovite" - Kobzon.
According to experts from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Otari is the authority of the criminal underworld of Moscow, Tbilisi, Kiev and other regions. According to verified data, Otari had close ties with the Cossacks of Ukraine and Russia.
Otari engaged in charity, helping the development of children and youth sports, veterans. Led an active social life: attending "Party", "light" on television.
Led an active political life, and made efforts to create a political party.
In August 1993, during fighting in Yakimanka Chechen fighters had been killed the elder brother Otari, kingpin Amiran V. Kvantrishvili and was buried near the grave of Vladimir Vysotsky in Vagankovskoye cemetery.
April 5, 1994 Otari V. Kvantrishvili was gunned down at an output of Krasnopresnensky baths. Otari accompanied Kochanovsky Vitaly Davydov, (who introduced the soloist of the Bolshoi Theatre), Andrew Play (Firm Rombis "), Alexander Charkin (company" Spectrum "), Zolushkin (Tehnoval"), Adolf Gulyashukin, Oganesyan, etc. Immediately after the killing rode Joseph Kobzon, but immediately left the scene. The shooting was carried out from an attic window, which is located near the corner house baths N 4 (N 29 to Presnensky shaft) of the German small-bore rifle caliber 5,6 mm with an optical sight with three bullets. O. Kvantrishvili was buried beside his brother on Amiran
Vagankovskoye cemetery.
After the death of Kvantrishvili left a widow with four children. Nobody was able to succeed Otari, since he created his position for decades, and most have used a purely personal relations.

1. Kutaisi

1. Arabuli RV - "Robinson";
2. Badzhaladze AD;
3. Buhnikashvili RV - "Petso;
4. Garchhiya TE - "Siskin";
5. Gabunia BA;
6. Dzhangveladze DG;
7. Iobidze VG - Menago;
8. Kalash ZK - Shakro;
9. Kardava VN - Vakho;
10. Kutateladze, SN - "Boyko";
11. Machavariani;
12. Mikeladze ND;
13. Oniani TG;
14. SEbiskviradze DV;
15. Todua, etc.;
16. Khachidze DK

2. Tbilisi

1. Gulardava AL - "Gula";
2. Kvartsheliya G.;
3. Kuprashvili Z.;
4. Kurdivanidze B.;
5. Usayan A. - Hasan;
6. Chlaidze AP - "Big Pat."

3. Sukhumi

1. Apakelo BB - "Boris Sukhumi;
2. Gibraidze JA;
3. Grigol N.;
4. Goulard, RL;
5. Gurchiani A.;
6. Kvaratskhelia OD - "Kimo";
7. Lakoba YV;
8. Pipia TG;
9. Sahadze Z.;
10. Silagadze VM;
11. Sulava BM;
12. Tabagua MV - "The Fly";
13. Chkhaidze INC.;
14. Shavdia AA;
15. Shamba, VA;
16. Epardzhiya G.

4. Mengrel

1. Beradze GM;
2. Bulia RG;
3. Kakachia Sh.R.;
4. Kawhia AL - "Kaho".

The most authoritative: Oniani TG, Khachidze DK, Kalashev ZK The special position occupied, of course, "Otarik - OV Kvantrishvili.
Less influential are OPG, consisting of natives of Abkhazia and Mengrel regions. All groups have "their people" in government of Georgia, Abkhazia, in the armed forces, security agencies, police, prosecutors, and various armed groups.
In an environment authorities and "thieves" Georgian organized crime groups are constant internal disassembly, largely due to tensions between stakeholders within the country - Georgia and Abkhazia, Georgia and South Ossetia. As a result, only 1993 were killed: "kingpin" Mikeladze DV (Arsene), the authority Kvantriashvili AV (Brother Otari), missing Pipia GG and
his brother Pipia DG, Beradze GM and Ugrehilidze R.
According to information from RUOP Moscow police, for the first half of 1996 came from Georgia committed 741 criminal offense.
The evening of November 18, 1996 at Shodnenskaya street, 22a, was shot director LLP Iberia ", a famous Georgian kingpin Gogilava Raoul (Raoul). 52-year-old Abkhazia was "legalist" the old guard and was a member of one of the largest Georgian criminal clans. In Moscow, he patronize several banks and firms traded oil. Killers escaped ("MK", 20/11/1996).
In Moscow, the alley first may feast on Oct. 25, 1996 unknown persons shot dead a native of Georgia Grivonda Basentsyana, b. 1969 and seriously wounded his friend, whose identity has not been established. According to the version of operatives, there was a criminal clashes.
The evening of November 18, 1996 at Shodnenskaya street, 22a, was shot director LLP Iberia ", a famous Georgian kingpin Gogilava Raoul (Raoul). 52-year-old Abkhazia was "legalist" the old guard and was a member of one of the largest Georgian criminal clans. In Moscow, he patronize several banks and firms traded oil. The killers escaped.

The leaders of organized crime groups are in constant contacts with the Georgian emigres, that part which is engaged in criminal activities in various countries, particularly in America, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Israel.
Supported by the "business" ties with leaders of other organized crime groups. For example, Oniani TG periodically travels to the U.S. for meetings with "Jap" (Vyacheslav Ivankov).

Specialization Georgian OPG

Interests are very diverse, and highlight the main direction of criminal activities almost impossible. However, one can argue that the principal is the extraction of wealth by whatever means and ways. As an Exclusiveof mention only group consisting of Svan, who came from Lentehskogo and Lechhumskogo districts of Kutaisi, to raise money by kidnapping hostages.

Reference points and controlled entities

Central District

- Hotel: "Russia," Moscow "," academic ";
- Cafe: "Guri" (Komsomolsk Ave 5, "Colchis" (Garden Samotechnaja, 6);
- Center of Georgian Culture "Mziuri (Arbat, 42).
Oniani Tariel Guramovich, born in 1958, registered in Kutaisi, live - Arbat, 51, Apt. 53.
- Cafe "Lokomotiv" (Earth Wall, 29) on the Kursk station (Director Givi Akhobadze) - dot "thieves": "Bichiko Black, Mahuhiya", "Lyua.
- Cafe Pirosmani Y ";
- Restaurant "Iberia";
- Hotel "academic";
"Thief": Khachidze K. Jamal, born in 1937, registered in Khashuri borough.

Northern District

- Hotel Bega;
- Cafe Paradise (Kuusinen, 8).

North-Eastern District

- Commercial tents: Str. Prishvina, 3; ul.Plescheeva, 4; ul.Leskova, dd.14-16.

Northwestern District

- A market near the metro station "Glider".

Southern District

- The market for metro Shabolovskaya "

South-Eastern District

- Cafe: "Georgian cuisine", "Annie."

Southwestern District

- Hotel "Sputnik".

Created and supervised by:

- Moscow Barter Commercial Bank ("Mostbartkombank");
- Ivertbank "- the Moscow branch of Georgian commercial bank.
- The Moscow Commercial Bank, Atlanta;
- Kobrabank;
- Commercial Bank "Russian Credit";
- JV Yunitop (N. Krasnoselskaya, 5);
- International Commercial Bank Telebank;
- Casino: "Savoy" - in the eponymous hotel, "Gabrielle" - in hotel "Intourist", "Bingo" (Pravda, 1), "Alexander" (Pushkin, 1) - almost all Korean restaurants - were controlled by "Otari.0

Orsk companies:

- Petrochemical
- JUzhuralnikel (second largest in Russia in this industry)
controlled by the local crime boss - "thief in law" Guram Balanova Mikhailovich and his group. After his death, October 1997. These functions are performed by the designated successor of crime.

Georgian trace of the Russian mafia (News - 09/11/1994 city)

With a light hand the Interior Ministry to assume that in Russia there are about a hundred of large criminal organizations that meet generally accepted definition of the mafia. They join dozens of smaller criminal groups are the current hierarchy, established relations with near and far abroad, contain their own people in the state apparatus, law enforcement controlled by certain sectors of the shadow and completely legal business, names of these criminal structures reflect, as a rule, their initial ethnic or territorial basis, "Dagestani", "Kazan" (also known as "Tatars"), "Sverdlovsk", "Azeri", "Solntsevo," Chechen community "... We decided to tell what constitutes the most serious of these professional criminal organizations, starting with groups of immigrants from Georgia ...
"Thieves in Law" and criminal "authorities" of Georgia in Russia began seriously to "work" somewhere in the mid 70's. Helped this little two interrelated circumstances. Authorities GrSSR petitioned the federal Interior Ministry that their convicted crime bosses were serving sentences away from their native republic. But allow southerners overgrown during the conclusion of all sorts of specific bonds, rather firmly establish the new
for their territory. Impact and promotion to shadow the Russian market products Transcaucasian shadow businesses that are always regularly paid a percentage of income fellow countrymen - "thieves in law". Control over their illegal dealers led Georgian "godfathers" in Moscow, Leningrad and other major cities.
Georgian factions, saying on Russian soil, brought a lot of new local criminal rather patriarchal way of life. Long before to rebuild their members have successfully engaged in racketeering tsehovikov and speculators, kidnapping relatives of wealthy people. Under the influence of newcomers has changed the meaning of thieves "obschaka" - an underground ticket office of the criminal world, in the amounts they are now much more concentrated, and once appeared on the legality of business, "obschaka" Southerners and those to whom they were related, were "scroll" and "invest in the business" ... Today on the Russian territory arem four main groups (clan) from Georgia. Organized they are all roughly the same. In the center - one or more leaders around them "thieves and criminal authorities. Virtually every worth its own "team" ready for anything from "bull" - the performers. Next - all sorts of "remora", mercenaries for one-time "stock", the businessmen associated with the criminal milieu ...
The strongest of the Georgian groups in Russia "Kutaisi", which includes about fifty "thieves" and "authorities" and about five hundred active "fighters". The main leader of the clan is considered the "kingpin" Tariel Oniani. Not satisfied with the CIS, he has successfully forged links with the far abroad. According to information from New York, Oniani repeatedly went to the U.S., where he met with Russian colleagues in force there.
After several Georgian "authorities" were killed by the bullets of assassins, he apparently fearing for his life, the fall of 1993 he moved to Austria, where it is said, has a fairly large property. And now his men headed far from perfect.
Other leaders kutaistsev: Gartshiya nicknamed "Siskin" Buhnikashvili - Petso, Kordava - Vakho, Iobidze - "Mango", Khachidze Gabunia ...
Detention of the group "overseen" a Sturua. Adjacent to the clan, however, remain independent enough dealing with criminality Kurds led by his "thief in law" Zachary Kalashevym (Shakro).
Next in importance - "Tbilisi" grouping, uniting nearly two hundred people. One of the major leaders - the invalid of the second group Paata Chlaidze nicknamed "Paata large." Besides him, a prominent role in the community play Aslan Usoyan - Hasan, Kuprashvili (own group of fighters in 50 people), Gulardava - "Gula" ... Much less influential community of immigrants from western Georgia and Abkhazia, united by a common name Samegrelo. They are "Mingrelian"
group of about two hundred people (leaders: Kawhia - "Kaho" Bumiya and Kahachiya) and the "Sukhumi" three hundred (leaders: Tabagua - "The Fly", Kvaratskhelia - "Kimo" Apakela - "Boris Sukhumi, Yuri Lakoba - Hadzharat, "he -" Vadzhahed "...). Gravitates to them carefully conspired criminally "Svan" group of natives and Lentehskogo Lechhumskogo areas involved in basically kidnapping hostages for ransom.
Over the past few years, "Georgia" group, without abandoning the "traditional industries" - kidnapping, extortion, robbery, burglary, fraud, more and more involved in all kinds of financial scam, a commercials firm, joint stock companies, banks ... Markedly their influence in transactions involving the export of oil, timber, non-ferrous metals. Through emigrant countrymen engaged in criminal activity, the leaders of the Georgian clans have already established close ties with criminal societies of Western Europe and America. The strongest position "thieves" Transcaucasian republics have today in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Israel, USA and Holland.
But the problems of CIS and foreign countries do not interfere with bosses "lavrushnikov" actively participate in the criminal business in virtually all corners of Russia. Their representatives are present in most provincial cities, where, trying not to quarrel with the local teams, making their few worldly "affairs." The names of the criminals, "curators" are known. "Thief" Pachuashvili engaged in Yaroslavl. Gogolashvili nicknamed "Tsiko", alias "Tsurik - Tver. Gordelidze, drug addict, self-arrogated to themselves the title of "legal", is responsible for Yoshkar-Ola, Sikharulidze, also known as "Kahi" and Goglichidze ("Michelle") - for Novgorod. Astrakhan has jurisdiction Mikeladze, better known as "Dato '", which manages the region entrusted to him directly from Moscow.
In addition to traditional "Georgian" groups, recently appeared in Russia several independent criminal groups, led by criminal authorities and former government officials of the Government of Gamsakhurdia. Yes, actually, one of the "fathers" of the current Georgian republic, created the paramilitary organization of the Mkhedrioni, Jaba Ioseliani spetsuchetam of Interior of Russia, inherited from the union offices, held as a "thief in law" with a full set of data, "track" list and photos in full face and profile.
With Mkhedrioni bind one of the most dangerous groups, "working in Moscow and Moscow region by the" kingpin "named" Onik. Among the nearly one hundred of its members many former employees of the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs and the KGB. Armed with several dozen machines Kalashnikov and pistols "TT". The Group is divided into separate units. One, deployed in the Taganka, is engaged in theft and resale of exclusively car "Lada". There is a team under the leadership of a "Malkhaz" specializing in contract killings. Through nego.zhe pass drug ...
Recent months have brought a lot of trouble Georgian factions entered into a protracted conflict with the local Slavic "criminal communities. Several leaders simply perished in the bullets. Among the recent cases of noisy - it is the destruction of "kingpin" Avtandil Chikhladze, nicknamed "Thevezho ", shot on 28 August in Sochi three more Georgian" thieves ", the attempt on the family Kalasheva (Shakro"), the murder of seven shots from a pistol on Oct. 15 "authority" Gamtsemlidze in Moscow ...
Police effectively fights so far only with ordinary performers, "bulls" Caucasian clans, sending them to places not so remote on charges of looting, robbery, murder, theft, fraud. The leaders, the situation is more complicated. Affects what they formally in any crimes themselves are not involved. However, taken in the act, they can easily go from a serious responsibility. Of the seven "thieves" and 14 "bosses" arrested last year, before the trial has reached only one third. Moreover, for reasons mysterious. So, with a gun "TT" number of 543,120 in Moscow, was detained "kingpin" Shavdia, but the investigator ATS Falcon Horus ruled to dismiss a criminal case. True, and come down to the dock sentences were quite humane and forgiving. One of the leaders of the "Sukhumi" grouping Yuri Lakoba nicknamed "Hadzharat" repeatedly convicted, including murder, were seized during the arrest gun "Kalashnikov", three automatic AK-74, two pistols, over three thousand rounds of ammunition, two grenades, and in addition, 7,200 counterfeit U.S. dollars. Tagan People's Court in Moscow sentenced "Hadzharata" to a year imprisonment. The identity of the defendant and his "achievements" in mind were not accepted ...
Shakro Kakachia, nicknamed "Old Shakro, seven prior convictions, one of the leaders of Mingrelian" group, was arrested for drug possession. Under the sentence of the Frunze People's Court sentenced to eight months imprisonment.
Revaz Lortkipanidze, nicknamed "Rezo Tbilisi, was arrested for drug possession. Moskvoretsky People's Court - six months imprisonment.
According to the most severe in such cases, the Criminal Code, which punishes gang violence, the leaders of the Georgian factions have not yet been brought none. However, it is not surprising. Balanced, accurate system to combat domestic "godfathers" have, despite numerous calls, there is still no. Apparently, the cops and CSF possess a vast array of intelligence on these people. Know the names, addresses, links, specific "action", but "pull date" to the fullest are all the same rank and file "fighters", "handed over" law enforcement authorities are often their own masters. Moreover, the Interior Ministry, prosecutors, courts confronted reliable, efficient, well-adapted to the specific circumstances of a system that effectively destroys the criminal case against "authorities" during the investigation and finally xRonit them in court, where today, in contrast to the same United States, France, Italy, the specific identity of the criminal few who are interested. How could it be otherwise when so far in the course of the Penal Code entirely different - have long been deceased era?
When, how and many years ago, no one is able to protect witnesses from threats, blackmail, bribery, A Judge, in preparation to reach a verdict, faces the temptation of accepting a huge bribe or fear for their lives and the lives of family members. And justice recedes, and the "godfathers" themselves heard by a court, has no one is hiding.

Location map of the Moscow Georgian criminal gangs

Staff Centres:

1.Biryulevskaya, 19
2.Arbat, 51
3.Matveevskaya, 18
4.9-th park, 57
5.Pochtovaya, 1

Leisure and meetings:

1.Gostinitsa "Russia", Barbarian, 6
2.Gostinitsa Moskva, Okhotny Ryad, 2
3.Gostinitsa "Academic", Leninsky Prospect, 1
4.Gostinitsa Bega, Jogging path, 11
5.Gostinitsa satellite, Leninsky Prospect, 38
6.Gruzinsky Center Mziuri, Arbat, 42
7.Restoran "Guria", Komsomolsk Ave, 7
8.Restoran "Colchis" Garden Ring Road, opposite the Obraztsov Puppet Theater
9.Kafe Lokomotiv Ground Shaft, 29
10.Restoran "Iberia", Ring Road, 45th km.

Encampment sites:

1.Ploschad in metro Shabolovskaya "
2.Ploschad at Kursk Station
3.Kommercheskie tents Prishvina, 3
4.Kommercheskie tents Pleshcheeva, 4
5.Kommercheskie tents, Leskov, 14-16
6.Varshavskoe highway near the intersection of Ring Road

Georgian Community (Tverskaya 13)

As a consequence, dramatically vozroslachislennost and activity of the Georgian criminal groups in Moscow, which are currently the largest in size and scope of its illegal actions. Integration and division bands occurs, as in Georgia, according to tribal, parochial basis. In Kutaisi groups operating in Moscow under the direction of the kingpin Tariel Oniani, is about 50 thieves and the authority and up to 500 ordinary soldiers.
Sam Oniani currently lives in the capital of Austria - Vienna. In Moscow, directly supervise the activities of kutaistsev Tengiz Gartshiya (Siskin) Buhnikashvili (Petso), Akaki Kahiya, Vic Kardava (Vakho) Iobidze (Mango), Khachidze Gabunia, Sturua. Next in importance - Tbilisi-based grouping (or tbiliseli), with almost 200 people. One of its leaders who is disabled group II Paata Chlaidze (Paata Large). Prominent role in this community are also Kuprashvili (has its own group of 50 people inclined to separatism) and gulardava (Gula). Svan group is made up of natives and Lentehskogo Lehchumskogo areas of Georgia and specializes in kidnapping hostages for ransom. This criminal gang is often used for political purposes clan Jaba Ioseliani, Swann nationality. At the same time directly to the interests of Jaba Ioseliani (arrested in Georgia on charges of terrorism) in Moscow and Moscow region represents group kingpin Opik, who has more than 100 people, including many former employees of the Georgian republic MVD and KGB. In the hands of this particular group focused much of the trade of stolen cars in Moscow (the center of the Taganka). Among the other thieves, operating in Moscow, should also be called Mamuka Mikeladze (Mamuka), successor of his father - a famous thief-Union Jamal Mikeladze (Arsene), Teimuraz Salia, Nukri Abashidze, Roland Gegechkori, 23-year-old David Melia, "baptism "almost the other day.
There are also Megrelian band (about 200) and separate groups bespredelschik (for example, the brigade Malkhaz specializing in contract killings).
Georgian criminal groups control not only Moscow but also some other Russian cities. For example, the kingpin Pachuashvili engaged in Yaroslavl. Gogolashvili (Tsiko, he's Tsurik) - Tver. Gordelidze, drug addict, self-appropriated, so to speak, the title of the kingpin, is responsible for Yoshkar-Ola, Sikharulidze (Kahi) and Goglichidze (Michelle) - for Novgorod. Astrakhan is under control, "a Muscovite," Mikeladze (Mamuka).
Political events of recent years in Georgia, have created not only a crime wave of emigration, which increasesDila was subsiding the Georgian part of the Caucasian crime in Russia, but also led to the formation of entirely new criminal clans in Moscow, led by former government officials Authority Zviad Gamsakhurdia, and even the Communist era.
New Georgian criminal groups in Moscow are engaged not only and not so traditional criminal fishing, how many operations in the financial sector (for example, receive loans, "the state guarantees the Republic of Georgia on Georgia's economic recovery), the illegal export of nonferrous metals, timber, oil, etc. n. Their activities are especially dangerous because damaging the Russian economy, its foreign, strategic and other interests. Attempts by the General Prosecutor of Georgia to deal with are in Moscow Economic Crime gangs are more like settling and elimination of competitors, rather than on law enforcement. In particular, the former head of the National Bank of Georgia Teimuraz Dvali were provided with all usloviyya for "consultations" on a number of cases involving counterfeit notes. Dvali argued that the activities of national autonomies bankovbyvshih Georgia has caused considerable damage to the financial system of the republic. Subsequently, the director Natsionolnogo Bank of Georgia, was charged with the prosecutor of the republic Dzhamletom Babilashvili in significant financial abuses, and soon killed by unknown assailants in downtown Tbilisi. In fact, in an irregular situation is a former Komsomol leader of Georgia, and later deputy chairman of the USSR Union of Journalists and Chief Financial Officer of TV-6 Nugzar Popkhadze, accused prosecutors of Georgia and Russia in the illegal use of a number of preferential loans he received from "the purchase of humanitarian aid to Georgia." Former Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia and now the minister of security Shota Kviraia specially visited Moscow with a large delegation from the Republic of intelligence operatives to come apart with the leadership of the Georgian Cultural Centre Mziuri on Arbat Street and the associated financial structures. It should be emphasized that the majority settled in Moscow, major financial and economic criminals - people from Georgia in some way associated with either high-ranking government officials of the late President Zviad Gamsakhurdia, or with the former communist leadership.
Repression of ethnic minorities in Georgia has led to the formation of a Moscow criminal gangs of Kurds in Tbilisi, the Abkhaz, South asetin. Kurdish factions headed by kingpin Zachary Kalashev (Shakro). In the scope of its activities including responsibility for overseeing the pointand a currency exchange center in Moscow and laundering cash. Kurd Aslan Usoyan (Hassan), played a prominent role in the Tbilisi group. Abkhaz criminal groups very numerous (about 300), although less influential than the Georgian. Its leaders - Yuri Lakoba (Hadzharat, he's Vaadzhahet) Tabagua (Fly), Kvaratskhelia (Kimo), Apakela (Borja Sukhumi), Aslan Zvanba. South Ossetian group is extremely unstable and highly politicized, in principle, not peculiar to the traditional criminal entities. At various times it was controlled by various militias of the National Guard and riot police in South Ossetia: Alan Dzhioeva (Parpat), Hamlet Bestaeva (Gamat), Teimuraz Siukaevym (hemo), Colorado and others. The first two were killed in Tskhinvali.
Last year, the Georgian criminal community has suffered great losses. At the very obscure obstoyatelstvaz kotorky period (about two months) were killed more than a dozen Georgian thieves, who occupied a prominent position in the community. Whereas the cult of thieves, which was formed at a certain time, even among the Georgian intelligentsia, one can imagine how serious the damage was criminal business people from Georgia. Circumstances of homicide thieves are such that you can speak with confidence about the highest professionalism and murderers use their information and technology, which can also be obtained only by using professional techniques.
Remained unsolved murder and Otari Kvantrishvili - the most famous authority of Georgian origin, describe the situation and the activities of which there is no need - as he was known as his ambiguous position in the criminal world and their social activity. It is worth to emphasize that the Kvantrishvili quietly endured the murder of his brother, who was shot deceived them competitors in the Yakimanka, but was shot dead from a professional sniper rifle of western production after a speech on television with the idea of organizing their own political party, which would be financially supported by subordinates Kvantrishvili okolosportivnymi firms specializing in the import to Russia, cheap and fake vodka. Now a similar idea of "entry into politics," expressed one of the successors Kvantrishvili - President of the company "XXI Century" Anzori Kadagishvili.
Georgian criminal gangs repeatedly comes into conflict with other groups. Proved particularly difficult for them to clash with Chechen community, which during its rapid growth and a gain of Moscow was virtually limitless, that is not to recognize any thieves legitimacy and credibility and was able to foul, from the point of viewOia traditional kingpins, methods. In 1988 a group of Georgian thieves main representatives who spoke in Tbilisi Kurds Kalashev (Shakro) and Dzhalalyants, agreed to meet with leaders of the Chechen community, including its informal head of Nicholas Hoza Suleymenov named in the cafe "Stork" at a low Bronnaya. According to the laws of ethics for such thieves vstreich not accepted to take any sort of weapons. Odnakochechentsy, finding common ground with leaders of the Georgian and Kurdish groups, seized table knives and provoked the massacre, despite the numerical superiority of the Georgians. Shakro and Dzhalalbyants received serious stab wounds. Most recently, in the tsnetre Moscow was committed to a new attempt Kalasheva, but he and this time escaped minor injuries, despite the use of the assailants of the modern American oruzhiya.Dlya policy-making self after the last assassination attempt on Georgian Shakro group gathered at the meeting, which was participated in almost all located in Moscow and Tbilisi Georgian thieves. Moscow police succeeded in using real-time data, stop the meeting, during which they arrested the above-mentioned Otari Kvaratskhelia (Kimo), Tengiz Gartshiya (Siskin), Vic Kardava (Vakho), Mamuka Mikeladze (Mamuka) and others. Most of them (except Kimo out of the window and imagine slomavshigo both legs) were released the next day for lack of evidence.0

About two months ago, the Moscow regional court in Kazan has sentenced two young drug dealers: 21-year-old previously convicted Roman Martynov was 6 years old and 20-year-old Diamond Farkhutdinov spend in prison for five years. They were detained in July last year, after they sold 100 grams of heroin operatives, who played the role of the retail drug dealer. Both guys belonged to the once formidable organized crime group "Vein", which takes its name from the Kazan remote residential area of Moscow region Zhilploschadka. Criminals were splinters in Kazan, the most powerful criminal brigade first half of the 90-ies, which is first crushed the competition, then finished off the law enforcers. Now the capital of Tatarstan is the trial of 18 other members of the "stem", who were arrested two years ago.

right now the boys can not do anything dobitsya here in Kazan.
Our once pressed shoulder straps.
Well, as it was previously read on.
For myself, I keep silence.

Natives "Haydarovskogo yard"

OPG has grown "Vein", as many other Tatar teams of youth gangs that have existed since the late 70's in every district of Kazan and other cities in Tatarstan. First, in the district Zhilploschadka happened about twenty criminal gangs who have taken control of the entire north-western part of Kazan. The best known of this conglomerate was OPG "Haydarovsky yard", named after its founder Zakirova Haidar, who was born in 1962 in Kazan. It is this authority and united disparate gangs in organized criminal community, "Vein."
Grouping Zakirova stood out among other similar groups cruelty. Even the youngest members of the brigade had to always be in possession of bladed weapons and at the slightest need to let him move. Haidar suited to their subordinates control searches, and if someone was carrying a peak, such a violator of discipline was severely beaten. "Zhilkovskie" one of the first began to use a firearm disassembly. On the other hand, excessive bends in the "noble thieves" are not welcomed. One "zhilkovsky" hell-raisers was punished with death by their own because no shot at innocent women and two children. Zakirov very early distinguished himself as a man not only hard but smart - at first he preferred not to engage in meaningless fights with other gangs, and engage in typical Soviet-era business, which the Penal Code are classified as "theft of a large scale." Thus, the majority of relatives and friends "zhilkovskih" worked at the Kazan factory Orgsynthese ", and" vein "without much difficulty managed to negotiate with factory officials to resell them to high-pressure polyethylene chips, which was a profitable commodity.
In the mid-80's Haidar Zakirov was arrested and convicted for disorderly conduct, but the temporary absence of the leader did not stop his team climb to the top of the criminal power. Already released to the top
90-ies Haidar began to invest obschaka in the legal sector - the old fiefdom JSC Orgsyntes, AvtoVAZ and the Kazan Helicopter Plant. The first half of the 90's was the era of the hegemony of "veins" in the criminal world of Kazan, and all the other teams without a murmur deducted funds citywide obshchak who held Haidar Zakirov. This criminal leaders would not tolerate even the slightest disobedience. If the dissident failed to convince a word (say the leader of the "stem" was a subtle psychologist), the more persuasive argument for getting a bullet or a grenade. Soon this became an active offender closely at home, and he went to conquer St. Petersburg. Among the St. Petersburg "CaAntsev "Zakirov played a prominent role, and after a series of showdowns with malyshevtsami" and "Tambovtsev" they also began to reckon with the authority of the Tartar, who defended a piece of criminal business in St. Petersburg. But "Vein" goes further, it appears interest in other cities - Perm, Ufa and Kemerovo.

"Draconian" redistribution ...

However, none of the empire in the world is not eternal ... Over the years, the dominance Zakirova already managed to annoy many of his colleagues in Kazan. Dissatisfaction Haidar underworld Kazan personified in the person of authority Yakupova nicknamed Dragon. Dragon after his release short of hooliganism comes in Kazan in a small-controlled "vein" brigade "teapot". While engaged in Petrograd Zakirov affairs, Dragon strengthens its credibility in Kazan, but he makes a special rate for Moscow. During the redistribution of spheres of influence to the Ancient dies Tatar kingpin, who headed the Moscow "Kazan," Lenar Rechapov. His place of business and captures the Dragon, has already announced by the time Zakirova its natural enemy. Criminal Kazan was divided into two camps - the "flair" and its many opponents, led by the Dragon. In 1994 Yakupov initiates in the capital of Tatarstan's large shodnyak who puts in Kazan looking and holder obschaka authority "Boriskovsky" OPG kingpin needles. Across Russia start killing people, the devotees Zakirov. The first was killed right hand Haidar in Moscow Radik Khusnutdinov - Rakosi. Zhilploschadka responsible countermeasures and organizing the 1995 assassination of an authoritative kingpin Victor Mihailov - Ambala. Ambal miraculously survived, but five days' zhilkovtsy "got him in the hospital. Two dressed in police uniform were the people in the house and shot Mikhailova pistols. Mortal danger is imminent, and on himself the leader of the veins. "
The first attempt at Haidar Zakirova was committed in Kazan in the summer of 1995. Haidar was raised in an elevator, along with four bodyguards. On the platform were waiting for them in the two masked men with machine guns ... Two "zhilkovtsev, standing in front, took 80 bullets each, but he escaped Zakirov five bullet wounds. One of the bodyguards were killed, falling, caught on a button and the elevator doors closed. And just three hours after the first assassination of one of the chambers of the hospital where delivered Zakirova, flew into a grenade. But the killers were wrong window - to blow up the Chamber was empty. Scared Zakirov long left Kazan - first he healed wounds in Sevastopol, and then moved to St. Petersburg.
Departure from Kazan did not save the leader of the veins. " In one of the days in August 1996 Zakirov surrounded by bodyguards came out of his Mercedes when the bushes were made machine-gun, guard threw Mr.sound, leaving the owner without supervision. And then the sniper fired only two shots to the head that put Haidar on the spot. Remaining on the premises in "vein" Oleg Trubachev - Pipe outlived his predecessor just a month. He was shot along with his girlfriend. In 1998 he was shot by one of the founders of the "stem", a close friend of Alexander Haidar bulk - Naval, who has just released after 10 years in prison. It is true that law enforcement officers believe that he was shot new leaders "zhilkovskih" because kingpin Naval going with support from Moscow and St. Petersburg authorities to unite under a grouping of all of Kazan. And there are - who want to become a "unifier" - as always, too much. The last of the eminent successors Haidar fall of 2000, was killed Galimzyanov Islam - Islam, who had just been freed after serving a sentence for soliciting $ 2 million. No other "zhilkovtsev" did not dare to claim the role and place of Haidar Zakirova in the criminal world of Kazan.

... And the orphan share

Orphaned "zhilkovtsy" broke into several semi-autonomous teams and were very quick to lose its position in the criminal business. It got to the point that members of the veins have become hired killers as other teams. In February, they staged an armed assault on the deputy director of the Kazan plant of the UK. Kirov Khalitova. Him to death, beaten with iron bars in the entrance of the house where he lived, and selected a folder with important documents. In the spring of 2000 in Orsk Orenburg region on the order of OPG "Korchagi" "zhilkovtsy" shot Gennady Hvatlandziya, known by the nickname of Abkhazian and Gene-Beast, a friend of the Otari Kvantrishvili. In September of that year, "zhilkovtsy" worked in Rostov-on-Don, where, together with a security guard shot dead a lawyer Oleg Kim, who was president of the Association of Koreans and the leader of organized crime groups that ethnic group.
Since 2001 deeds "" zhilkovtsev "interested in law enforcement. They began with the arrest of ordinary members of the group, which soon began to give the necessary evidence to arrest the leaders. Within a year behind bars on remand were 18 "zhilkovtsev" and five more have been announced in the federal wanted list. During the investigation it was discovered by a "zhilkovsky" arsenal of weapons - German Lugers, the Israeli "uzi", local MP and TT pistols, even grenades. Investigators were able to gather evidence of involvement of "stem" to 25 murders and a host of other serious crimes. In April 2002, prosecutors accused of Tatarstan filed 84 volumes of collected materials and the indictment on 3 thousand pages. To become acquainted with all of these documents took exactly 2 years. The defendants wished to be judged the jury, and in November last year in Kazan, the MoscowDistrict Court finally began hearing the case of an organized criminal group "Vein

Dagestan OPG.
Took place in early March of this year "Dismantling" the restaurant "Dagmar" between members of the Azerbaijani OPG (an organized criminal group), and the militants Dagestanis "highlighted" the process of fighting the "young" ethnic gangs for a place under the sun. If previously known to the representatives of Dagestan has been engaged in the execution of orders of authorities of other Caucasian ethnic organized crime groups, today we are seeing on the stage of becoming Moscow's arena of independent Dagestan OPG. Is illustrated through an analysis of the quality of crimes committed by Dagestanis: if in 1991 more than 60% were looting and robbery, plus nearly 20% - theft of personal property, economic crimes, almost did not participate - that during the 92-and 93-second period trend decline in the share of purely criminal, and an increase in economic crimes. Especially pay attention to the trend of "rooting" OPG, that is the desire to buy a property crime (restaurants, parking lots, hotels, apartments, etc.), surpassing, including former "customers." Do not be mistaken if we state the forecast for growth in the number of "showdown" in which the Dagestani militants will try to win a "weakening" OPG their bases, banks, etc. Factors that fuel this process are, first of all - the ongoing conflicts with neighboring republics, and second - a deep economic crisis in the Dagestan, respectively, in the third - the increased flow of migration in the central regions of Russia (according to available data on a daily basis in Moscow hotels settles over a hundred representatives of Dagestani peoples. spelled out so far almost 4,000 people). Fourth, a commit process of "transfer" of Dagestan OPG in the center of economic and financial life of the CIS countries.
Characteristic features of criminal activity Dagestani OPG recently are:
- The physical removal of unwanted politicians, law enforcement officials, binesmenov. For example, during the election campaign, candidates have been killed in the Federal Assembly of Russia Hajiyev BM, a former trade minister of Dagestan and Bayramov Arsene is a successful businessman. In the town of Khasav-Yurt taken hostage city prosecutor, in order to exchange for one of the leaders of a criminal clan, is under investigation. "Warning" was blown up the building of public prosecution in the Kyzyl-Yurt.
- High level of material equipment OPG. Thus, the "dismantling" to "Dagmar" Dagestani profits on vehicles "Jeep Cherokee"; in Khasav-yurtskih events except the imported cars, we used two Mi-6.
- Weapons of Dagestani fighters exclusively automatic.
"Actual" for Moscow and the region becomes a criminal activity following Dagestani OPG.
"St. Petersburg" group Ruslan Agargimova (born 1960 race. S.Mitashi in Derbent District, Dagestan Republic). In OPG consists mainly of relatives of the leader.
Krasnodarskaya grouping Shimaeva Hasan (born 1961 race. In RD).
"Novgorod" grouping Nurullah Alumerzaeva (born 1956 race. In the Kazbek district of Dagestan).
"Irkutsk" grouping Magomed Sagidova (born 1961 race. In RD).
Talking about the final specialization Dagestani OPG in Moscow can not, the process for determining it is not finished yet.


- Agargimov Ruslan, born 1960 genus. s.Mitashi in Derbent District, Dagestan Republic, the leader of the "St. Petersburg" groupings, organized crime groups are mostly relatives of the leader;
- Shima Hasan, born in 1961, was born in Dagestan, a leader of the "Krasnodar" groups;
- Alumerzaev Nurullah, born 1956, was born in the Kazbek district of Dagestan, a leader of "Novgorod" groups;
- Sagidov Mohammed, born in 1961, was born in Dagestan, a leader of the "Irkutsk" groups;
- Luguev Gazimiev, born in 1948, activist groups numbering 15-20 people serving in the Central District in the Belarus station, trades in robberies, thefts, robberies on the Tverskaya street, Novy Arbat, the Kursk train station;
- Arza K., born in 1955, activist groups operating in the Central Region;
- T. Hasanov, born in 1968, activist groups operating in the city center;
- Ghazi-Magomedov (Mage), an activist group serving in the Central District;
- Alex (name unknown), a leading group of about 20 people serving in the northern region near the hotel "Youth," focuses on racketeering and theft;
- Shamil (name unknown), the leader of the group numbering 10-15 people serving in the Eastern District in the vicinity of the station Sokolniki metro station, which specializes in "dislodging" of debts and racketeering;
- Rashid (name not set), the leader of the group numbering 20-25 people serving in the Eastern District, in particular in the hotel "Baikal", which specializes in racketeering, weapons, residential robbery;
- Kadiev Osman, the leader of the group numbering 15-20 persons, controls the motor show "Lita" VVC;
- Mikhail Barinov, 1959 g.r, one of two leaders of the group numbering 20-25 people, which controls an insurance company "Rospotrebrezerv and occupying the" knocking out "of debts;
- Gadzhabov, born in 1970, one of two leaders of the group, which controls "Rospotrebrezerv;
- Suleimanov Glory, born in 1964, the leader of the group numbering 15-20 people serving in the Southern District and engaged in racketeering and "knocking" long, Controls the company "Shirsaid;
- Aliyev Shapiro, born in 1964, the leader of organized crime groups in the South East of the capital, controls the Shopping Arcade Kuzminki, specializes in drugs and control of trade;
- Hajiyev Mohammed, born in 1970, the leader of organized crime groups in South-East;
- Isaev, Abdul, born in 1961, the leader of organized crime groups in South-East;
- Makhmour Nicholas, born in 1944, controls LLP Fair (Zelenodolskaya, 40), also engaged in racketeering and drug trafficking;
- Magomed Gadzhihanov, born in 1968, "works" with Mahmurovym;
- Mohammed (Name not set), Honored Master of Sports in freestyle wrestling, is headed by group numbering 10-15 persons, acting in the metro area "University, specialization - the taking of hostages," knocking out "of debts;
- Kadiev Osman, born 1959, leader of the group numbering 25-30 people, operates in the hotels "Sport", CTH "Dnepr", "Salute", controls the tent near the metro station "South West";
- ABiH Ali, born 1966, lives: ul.B.Dorogomilovskaya, 11, Apt. 370, the number of groups - 15-20 people involved in the hijacking of vehicles, the resale of stolen goods.

Name of group: Dagestan, the Central Administrative District of Moscow
The number of members: 15-20
There is a firearm
Relationship with other organized crime groups: Leaders of OPG Dagestan community "
Leaders: Luguev Gazimiev, 1948
Authorities: Arza, KA, 1955, Hasanov, T., 1968, Ghazi-Magomedov, ("Mage");
The territory of influence: the Central Administrative District of Moscow
Sphere of influence: Specializes in robberies, thefts, robberies, racketeering on the street. Tverskaya, Novy Arbat, in the Kursk railway station.
Space asset. Visit: See the "Sphere of Influence"
Criminal persons
Name: Mohammed Basnukaev
Status: Leader of OPG
National: Chechen
Passport details: Ul. Academician Anokhin, House 38, Bldg. 2, Apt. 151, home. tel. 430 -**** Location: Unknown, probably by place of residence. Place pa6oty: Head Hotel "Salute"
Category: Leader of OPG
Dagestan Central Administrative District of Moscow
Nalini nompromata: Engaged in illegal transfer of funds to Chechnya, Dudayev's supporters. (For guests. "Salute to" see the base of the Organization ").
Marital Status: Wife - Osmayev 3.A.; Brother - Musa, MA through Basnukaeva became director of the hotel "Salute". Criminal connections: Members of the OPG of the Chechen community. "
connection management vlO Interrogator local police Imams. Has the ability to use firearms.
Place active: Salyut Hotel
Storing information 25, the 12.95

Status: Leader OP T
Surname: Luguev
Name: Gazimiev
Birth Year: 1948
Country: Dagestani
Category: Leader of OPG
Name of group: Central Administrative District of Dagestan M
The presence of compromising: OPG in the number of 15-20 trades robberies, burglaries, robberies on Tverskaya street, Novy Arbat, in the Kursk railway station.
Crime relatedexist: Active Member OPG: Arza, KA, 1955, Hasanov, T., 1968, Ghazi-Magomedov ("Magician").
The presence of weapons and th means of communication: It has ognestrelnymm weapons.
Places an active visiting: Belorussian Station, Tverskaya street, Novy Arbat, Kursk Station.

Status: Member of the OPG
Last Name: Arza name: K Last Name: A Year of Birth: 1955
Country: Dagestani
Category: Active member of the OPG
Name of group: Central Administrative District of Dagestan M
The presence of compromising: See Luguev Gazimiev, 1948
Criminal connections: See Luguev Gazimiev, 1948
The presence of weapons and th means of communication: It has a firearm.
Places an active visiting: See Luguev Gazimiev, 1948

Status: Member of the OPG
Surname: Hasanov Name: T Middle Name: Date of birth: 1968
Country: Dagestani
Category: Active member of the OPG
Name of group: Central Administrative District of Dagestan M
The presence of compromising: See Lugusv Gazimiev, 1948
Criminal connections: See Luguev Gazimiev, 1948
The presence of weapons and th means of communication: It has a firearm
Places an active visiting: See Luguev jeep, 1948

Name: Magus
Status: Member of the OPG
Last Name: Ghazi - Magomed
Country: Dagestani
Category: Active member of the OPG
Name of group: Central Administrative District of Dagestan M
The presence of compromising: See Luguev Gazimiev, 1948

Status: Leader of OPG
Surname: Basnukaev Name: Mohammed
Nationality: Chechen
Passport details: Place of residence: Moscow. st. Academician Anokhin, House 38, Bldg. 2. square. 151, home. tel. 430-59-62 Location: not installed, perhaps at his residence. Place of work: Head Hotel "Salute" Phone: Category: Name of group leader OPG: Dagestan, the CAO M compromising Availability: Engaged in illegal transfer of funds to Chechnya, Dudayev's supporters. (For guests. "Salute to" see the base of the Organization ").
Characterize the data: Relation to Management of Power: Signs: Kinship: Wife - Osmayev 3.A.; Brother - Musa, MA through Basnukaeva became director of the hotel "Salute". Prestupnyesvyazi: Members of the OPG of the Chechen community. " Connection to the power management software: Interrogator local police Imams.

Status: Leader of OPG
Surname:? Name: Gazimiev First Name:
Birth Year: 1948
Country: Dagestani
Category: Leader of OPG
Name of group: Central Administrative District of Dagestan M
The presence of compromising: OPG in the number of 15-20 trades robberies, thefts. looting in the streets of Tver, Novy Arbat, in the Kursk railway station.
Criminal connections: Active Member OPG: Arza, KA, 1955, Hasanov, T., 1968, Ghazi-Magomedov ("Magician"). Connection to the power management software:
The presence of weapons and th means of communication: It has ognestrelnymm weapons.
Places an active visiting: Belorussian Station, Tverskaya street, Novy Arbat, Kursk Station.

Status: Member of the OPG
Last Name: Arza Name: K Otchesin: A
Birth Year: 1955
Country: Dagestani
Category: Active member of the OPG
Name of group: Central Administrative District of Dagestan M
The presence of compromising: See Luguev Gazimiev, 1948
Criminal connections: See Luguev Gazimiev, 1948
The presence of weapons and th means of communication: It has a firearm.
Places an active visiting: See Luguev Gazimiev, 1948

Status: Member of the OPG
Surname: Hasanov Name: T Middle Name: Date of birth: 1968
Country: Dagestani
Category: Active member of the OPG
Name of group: Central Administrative District of Dagestan M
The presence of compromising: See Luguev Gazimiev, 1948
Criminal connections: See Luguev Gazimiev, 1948
The presence of weapons and th means of communication: It has a firearm
Places an active visiting: See Luguev Gazimiev, 1948

"Pivots" Dagestani criminal groups and their control of the enterprise.

Central District

Byelorussia Station.
15-20. "Activists": Luguev Gazimiev, born 1948; Arza K., born 1955; T. Hasanov, born in 1968, Ghazi-Magomedov ("Magician"). Trades in robberies, thefts, robberies on Tverskaya street, Novy Arbat, in the Kursk railway station.

Northern District

Hotel "Junior."
Group size 20 people. Leader - "Alex". Racketeering, theft.

Northeastern District

-Hotel "North".
Number - 10-15 people. The leader does not "marred." Sale of drugs, weapons, control of tents at a location nearby: Str. Prishvina, 3, str. Pleshcheeva, 4, str. Leskov, 14, 16.

Eastern District

- Hotel "Izmailovo", Building "A".
The number of 10-15 people. Leader of the unknown. Robberies, robberies by Moscow.
- Neighborhood Art. Sokolniki metro station.
Group - 10-15 people. Leader - "Shamil". "Knocking out" debts, racketeering.
- Hostels Metrogorodka.
Number - 10-15 people. Robberies, robberies.

- Hotel "Baikal".
Number - 20-25 people. Racketeering, orukzhie, apartment robbery. Leader - Rasheed.
- VVC. Autosalon "Lita."
Number - 15-20 people. Leader - Osman Kadiev.

Northwestern District

- Cafe "cradling" (Svobody, 42).
Number - 15-20 people. Drugs, racketeering.
- Insurance company Rospotrebrezerv.
Number - 20-25 people. Leaders - Mikhail Barinov, 1959 g.r, Gadzhabov, born 1970 "Knocking out" of debts.0

Southern District

- Firm Shirsaid.
Number - 15-20 people. Leader - Glory Suleymanov, born in 1964 Racket, "knocking out" of debts.

South-Eastern District

- LLP "Shopping malls Kuzminki.
Leaders - Shapiro Aliev, born in 1964, Magomed Hajiyev, born in 1970, Abdul Isayev, born 1961 Drugs, control of trade.
- LLP "Fair" (Zelenodolskaya, 40).
Nicholas Makhmour, born in 1944, Mohammed Gadzhihanov, born 1968 Drugs, racketeering.
South-West district

- Cheremushinsky market.
Number - 10-15 people. Racket.
- Neighborhood "University" metro.
Number - 10-15 people, ex-athletes. Leader - "Mohammed," Honored Master of Sports in freestyle wrestling. Racket, hostage taking, "knocking out" of debts.

Western District

- Hotel "Sport", CTH "Dnepr", "Salute."
Number - 25-30 people. Leader - Osman Kadiev, born 1959 Racket, the control of tents in the Metro South West. "
- Group Abigova Ali, born in 1966 (B. Dorogomilovskaya, 11, kv.370. Personnel - 15-20 people. Hijacking of vehicles, the resale of stolen goods.

Help for Yunaeva AM

According to data obtained from competent sources, Yunaev Anatoly M., born in 1948, a native of the city of Makhachkala, residing at the address: Moscow, st. Seregin, Building 3 kv.12, arrived in Moscow in December 1991.
In Makhachkala, resided at: Makhachkala, Mira, 15, kv.14. Passport III-DB N 726954, issued by the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Soviet RICK Makhachkala. House, home to Yunaev AM - Cooperative and populated mainly by persons of Caucasian nationality.
Sources say that the apartment Yunaeva AM frequent Dagestanis, with whom he maintains friendships and business relationships. According to law enforcement authorities in Makhachkala, Yunaev AM associated with local criminal organizations, however, reliable data about the involvement of Yunaeva AM specific ugolovnonakazuemym deeds are not available. At his residence data of a negative character is not received.

Help for Bedilo Igor

1. Enterprise Ufaneftekhim is one of the giants of the Bashkir industry with the number of employees exceeds 3000 people, so check whether Bedilo IV is its representative in the present and whether there before our means is not possible.
To verify the data that Bedilo IV represents Ufaneftekhim necessary to carry out operational activities requiring large financial and time costs.
2. Companies with the name "Tehkomenergo" Moscow does not exist. Listed phone numbers are flat and include: 902-43-59 - Botchkareva, Morgunova, address: Bibirevskaya Str. 11-124.
902-43-60 - Savoskinu, address: Trip prospect, 14-1-203.
902-43-61 - Zaitova, address: Belozerskaya Str., 128-60.
902-43-62 - Gorkavoy andddress: Kostroma Str. 20-37.
3. At Pokrovka, 3 are the following organizations:
- Industrial and Commercial Association Legis. Tel. 928-84-69.
- Co-operative Bank, "Legis. Tel. 924-10-11
- Small enterprise "Giant." Tel. 923-70-36.
- Shop "Russian kvass. Tel. 921-62-73.
- Absentee People's University of Arts. Tel. 923-25-26.
4. At Pokrovka, 4 is representative of the Republic of Dagestan in Russia.


Probably Bedilo IV Dagestan is a member of organized crime groups in Moscow, whose headquarters is located in the Delegation of Dagestan. Since the building offices are located near the administrative building at Pokrovka, 3, Bedilo has information about placing an office there and can use this address for their own purposes. Perhaps there is a staff member (or members) which, for a fee, confirm the information that is located here headquarter "Tehkomenergo.

Banks controlled by the Dagestan OPG

- Moscow Industrial Bank
- Proletarian Branch IIB
- Fininvestbank, ul.Ohotny series
- Loan - bank manager - Musa Ottomans.
- First Professional Bank
- Alexander Bank
- Medbank
- Moscow Industrial Bank

In respect of Moscow Industrial Bank

Moscow Industrial bank.Zaregistrirovan: Central Bank of Russia 11.22.1990, the authorized fund: to 11/01/1992, it is planned to reach 1.2 bln., Including currency unit. Paid on 1.1.1992, the 708 million rubles., And on 01/04/1992 was - 862 million rubles. Branches and representations: an extensive network in Moscow and branches in g.Volzhskom and Vladimir regional government.
Spring 1993 general meeting of shareholders "Vladimirkombanka (Vladimir) has decided to discontinue the bank as a separate and reorganize it into a branch of the Moscow Industrial Bank."
Customers - more than 23 thousand.
Chairman - Michael Khizhnyak (28.06.53g.r., a graduate of the Moscow Finance Institute in 1977. Since the inception of the bank held the post of Deputy Chairman of the Board, although before that he worked as an economist ordinary Stroybank. In June 1993, died of acute heart failure).
Bank manager - Arsamakov Abubakar Alazovich (also the Chairman of the Board "Style Bank"). NATIONALITY: Chechen CITIZENSHIP: Russia, Russia (Chechnya). Location: Moscow region. He is a member of the Chechen community "and also known as Arsamakov Bakir Alazovich.
Chief of Security - Vyacheslav Sharov. Tel. 952-77-94.
Deputy Head of Security Service - Averyanov Alexander. Tel. 954-02-44.
Previously, she worked in a bank Ludmila Novikova, 5. 03. 1940 of birth, education, specialized secondary education, inesoyuzny external financial and technical college credit, a specialty-economist. Position in Moscow Industrial Bank - (with 02.90 till 04. 1991) Deputy Governor of the Moscow branch of the October industrial banka.V present - Deputy Chairman of the Board of CB "Russian Credit".
since 1992 as deputy chairman of the Moscow Industrial Bank is Plenkin Andrey. Career: - Head of Department, Deputy Head of the Moscow Exhibition Center of cluster Russian Republic Bank of the USSR State Bank - Deputy Director of the Computing Centre of the State Bank of the USSR (from 1989 to 1990.) Head of Production and Technical Management - Deputy Director General Information Technology Management - Chief Production and Technical Department - Acting MCC Director - Deputy Director General Information Technology Management - Head of Production - Technical Department of the Central Bank of Russia (from 1991 to 1992.) Chairman of the Board of Mosraschetbank "(from 1994 to Present.).
From May 1991 to August 1992 as Senior Counsel in the Moskva branch of the Moscow Industrial Bank held Andrey Kabanov. Career: Head of Legal Department. PSBs with ATC Pervomaisky executive committee, the inspector in January 1986 - March 1991 Commercial Bank "Basis", early. contractual and legal department, September 1992 - July 1993.
C 22.11.90 to 10.14.1991, the chief economist at Moscow Industrial Bank held Volgapkin Peter E.. Career: 07/10/1989 city - 01/01/1990 city - Moscow State University economist Promstroibank USSR.
01/01/1990 city - 19/11/1990 city - chief economist at MSU Promstroibank USSR.
15/10/1991 G. - 3/31/1993 G. - Chairman of the East-European Investment Bank. 04.01.1993 - till present - Executive Director of JSC "East European trading house." Volgapkinu PE owns 35 shares of "Duet", which represents 50% of the authorized fund of AO and half of the total number of votes. Has a personal stake in the share capital of the bank.
From January to November 1991 as chief economist at the department of foreign economic and commercial activity took Solovyov Andrey Mikhailovich. Career: February 1988 - May 1990: Senior Economist, Senior Expert, Economist Division I category of funding the building complex of the Ministry of Finance of the USSR, May 1990 - January 1991: Senior Economist, Office of investments in the construction of the Ministry of Finance of the USSR , Nov. 1991 - present: Head of Securities Department of the East-European Investment Bank.
From November 1990 to May 1992 an economist Category 1 department of foreign economic and commercial activity took Booycheva Natalia Konstantinova. Professional Experience: August 1988 - August 1989: Economist, Financial Trust works Mosstroy - 50, September 1989 - November 1990: Senior Economist of the factoring division of MSU Promstroibank USSR in May 1992 - present: economist I categories of lending Eastern European Investment Bank.
From September 1990 to March 1991 as Chief Credit and planning department of Moscow Industrial Bank held Irina L. Zinman. Career: 11.91-04.92 - Moskomimuschestvo. Economist at the Planning Department.
04.92-07.93 - the Moscow branch of the Bank Abris. Chief Accountant 07.93-present. - Joint-Stock Bank EksNet. "Accountant.
Moscow Industrial Bank is fully controlled by Chechen organized crime groups in Moscow and is very unreliable Bank.
Other organized crime groups are also controlled by:
- Dagestan - Moscow Industrial Bank, Proletarian Branch (street Ordzhonikidze).
- Taganskaya - October branch of the Moscow Industrial Bank (Leninsky Prospect, d.28).

Spring 1993 general meeting of shareholders "Vladimirkombanka (Vladimir) has decided to discontinue the bank as a separate and reorganize it into a branch of the Moscow Industrial Bank."
In early November 1992, the Bank appealed to the Interior Ministry with a letter, which was reported about the possible passage through the IMB forged memos. The audit revealed the fact of theft of 1.08 billion rubles belonging to the bank. The money was transferred to the account of "the Russian magic fraternity" on two false memo received by the Bank in September 1992 from Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk. Part of the sum (950 million rubles), "Brotherhood" has transferred to the account of "Pacific Liksin in Interprogressbanke. By "Brotherhood" was arrested, but the organization managed to get 129 million rubles checks "Russia." Upon stealing a criminal case.
29 October 1992 the representative of the Association "Sokolniki" transferred from his account in Moscow Industrial Bank of unknown firm mln.400 486 thousand rubles, obtained under false vouchers, and disappeared.
19.11.92g. A criminal case against several commercial structures Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, suspected of embezzling 480 million rubles., With the help of fake notes.
In the crime is still suspected of business manager LLP Sokolniki Robert Gagiyev.
Consequence of the scheme is fully established wire money to a bogus memo.
In mid-October from Krasnoyarsk to the "Sokolniki in Moscow Industrial Bank has received 480 million rubles. Gagiyev the money transferred to the account of one of the founders of the company. Who in turn sent money to the joint venture in St. Petersburg for the purchase ofcars. But then, citing a change in the sales situation, withdrew the money back. Most of the joint venture has returned in the form of checks, the remaining money has been transferred to the two companies from St. Petersburg, and then - at the expense of small enterprises in Siberia. Thus hide the ends of their scam.
Just the investigation failed to establish rates of checks received by the founder of the "Sokolniki", which has been entrusted to the attention of all Russia's banks to prevent them from cashing out.
According to operational information, the criminals did not have time to cash any check.
According to investigators, Robert Gagiyev, will not the accused, but innocent victims. The fact that his name appeared only at the intermediate stage machinations - in a contract under which the money came from Kranoyarska LLP in "Sokolniki" a false note.
Now he works as a commercial director "Sokolniki", and the case is still a suspect. Current account LLP Sokolniki is not frozen.
Moscow Industrial Bank is the authorized bank thoracic (as at August 24, 1995)
IIB is a group A3 (the highest category of reliability) for the classification reliability of Moscow banks as of August 1, 1995.
In the ranking of banks by shareholders' equity at 01.07.1995 the Moscow Industrial Bank occupies 12 th place (395,764 million).
Murom Branch of Moscow Industrial Bank with a delay of more than 2 months passed presentation materials to 17 of 26 tests designed to tax authorities. (Accessed August 1995).
Moscow Industrial Bank on 24.08.1995, has the loan debt in rubles - 877,927, according to currency - 281833.
Observers agree that the restoration of interbank market will likely just this way - through the resumption of operations in the narrow "the circles" of banks who know each other. Proof of this is and the message we received yesterday from the IBO "Orgbank. Representatives Orgbanka informed Kommersant that the operations of MBC did not stop a group of banks, which includes the Credo-Bank, Moscow Industrial Bank, Mezhekonomsberbank, Most Bank, Promstroibank, Metropolitan bank savings. (Information received 29/08/1995).0
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