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Chinese Communist Party now intends to control the process of reincarnation (rebirth) of the Dalai Lama, reports the BBC. Sept. 1 came into force ruling the Chinese State Committee for Religious Affairs, which declares "null and void" the embodiment of "living Buddhas", unless they are sanctioned by Chinese authorities. In the worst case scenario it could lead to a split in Buddhism.

According to the Buddhist canon of the Dalai Lama is the reincarnation of Buddha. In Tibet, believe that the soul of the highest Buddhist spiritual leader after the death moves into another body. Before his death, he pointed out the area where you will see its next incarnation. To determine the "successor" of the Dalai Lama, the monks are horoscope and meditate in front of the sacred lake, which according to legend, you can see the person elected.
The essence of the decision of the State Committee is simple: from now on the process of reincarnation of the Tibetan spiritual guru declared "exceptionally vnutrikitayskim thing." In fact, the Chinese Communist Party wants zaimet "pocket" of the Dalai Lamas and Panchen Lamas, who will preach what you want the Chinese authorities.

China considers Tibet a part of her. Tibet believes is in the occupation. The current 72-year-old Dalai Lama XIV Tenzin Gyatso in 1959 lived in exile in India. Most recently, he hinted that his degeneration may occur outside of China. The Chinese have decided to strike "a preemptive strike."

Communist imperialism

Decision of the State Committee for Religious Affairs continued to traditional policy of Beijing in Tibet, Chinese emperors started yet. Chinese authorities in the XVIII century abolished the traditional procedure for finding the successors of deceased lamas and invented his original mechanism: after the death of the next Dalai Lama or the Panchen Lama in Beijing wrote to the governor the names of candidates selected by the authorities on the plates, put them in a special golden urn, and then removed the plate named the "only correct" candidate. The boy was immediately sent to be raised in Beijing and raised there in a spirit of respect for the Chinese authorities.

The communist government and the Dalai Lama first time coexisted peacefully. But only up until the XIV Dalai Lama did not attempt to raise the Tibet uprising which was brutally suppressed. Tenzin Gyatso, fled abroad. The Panchen Lama, the 10 th, which is considered another incarnation of the Buddha on earth and occupies the second level in the hierarchy of Tibet after the Dalai Lama remained in Lhasa and died in 1989 under mysterious circumstances.

In 1995, the XIV Dalai Lama chose the 11 th Panchen Lama - Gedyuna Choki Nyima (Gendun Choekyi Nyima). However, soon a child of six and his parents disappeared. Whole year the Chinese authorities deny the fact of detention of the boy. And only
in May 1996 in response to a prolonged investigation of the Committee on the Rights of the Child to the UN, the Chinese authorities have acknowledged that the boy and his parents are with them. Junior Gedyuna Choki Nyima called "the youngest political prisoner in the world."

Official Beijing at the same time nominated for the position of the Panchen Lama, another boy, by selecting it on a "golden urn". The new Panchen Lama was educated in the spirit of communist ideology. However, a large role in the religious life of Buddhists, he's not playing, only occasionally appearing in the official celebrations.

Schism inevitable?

Further development of the situation, it is easy to predict: likely to Buddhism expect a split. It is believed that the Buddha may choose any location for a new birth. Until now, Lama "degenerated" in Tibet. However, it is clear that the current religious leader of Buddhism choose to give birth to their reincarnation region outside Chinese territory. China announced this "living Buddha" "imposter" and "find" new. Naturally, on its territory.

The decision of the State Committee for Religious Affairs stated: "The choice of the people who are considered reincarnations of the Buddha, should be directed at achieving national unity and solidarity of all ethnic groups in China, and therefore the selection process can not be defined by any particular group, located outside country, "wrote the newspaper" The Age ".
It is unlikely that the current step of the Communist leadership of China will promote "national unity and solidarity of all ethnic groups in China." Once the current Dalai Lama into exile in India, moved more than 100 thousand Tibetans. (C)

Although I am far from Buddhism, but the attitude of the Communist Chinese authorities, on the one hand positioning themselves as atheists, but then again so brazenly interfering in affairs that they in no way (now that they are atheists) are not related, I was somewhat amused and outraged. ..
Therefore I have a question for Buddhists on the forum - as they relate to this situation, the possibility of a split in Buddhism to the policy of the Chinese authorities in the field of religion ...0

Chinese policy in general is original and interesting))) Probably European brains are things just do not catch up, one shot sparrows during the Cultural Revolution, which is)))

With regard to the Lama ... yeah, probably will be split, which is very wise - divide and conquer, if you can not eradicate the phenomenon, the simplest way to put a mine to explode from the inside, then such a policy is very plausible and works well.

specific addresses, dates, names, appearances do not remember, but that was already in the Middle Ages - the Dalai Lama is chosen by the Chinese bidding
Actually it is not all Buddhists to the head, even among the Tibetan schools
Chinese leadership - the people literate, they know (naerna) in terms of doing

Dalai Lama representatives of the Tibetan government in exile and head of the Geluk school and all.
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Reincarnation of the Dalai Lama and the Panchen Lama ... -> Misticism and religion -> Buddhism -> Reincarnation of the Dalai Lama and the Panchen Lama ...

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