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I invite all the magicians in the development of this theme. I think it will be interesting to all. I propose to place here the various spells, rituals and simple tips for every day. But there are conditions:
1) all the spells, rituals and tips should be "live", ie tried and tested by you.
2) can not be placed spells that can harm humans.
I hope for your support, dear colleagues.

QUOTE (Ibis@04.05.2008 - Time: 22:41)
I invite all the magicians in the development of this theme. I think it will be interesting to all. I propose to place here the various spells, rituals and simple tips for every day. But there are conditions:
1) all the spells, rituals and tips should be "live", ie tried and tested by you.
2) can not be placed spells that can harm humans.
I hope for your support, dear colleagues.

Ibis, but you can question?
In a "magician" spell or ritual work while others do not. In what may be the reason?

QUOTE (<SHADOW> @ 05.05.2008 - Time: 21:36)
QUOTE (Ibis@04.05.2008 - Time: 22:41)
I invite all the magicians in the development of this theme. I think it will be interesting to all. I propose to place here the various spells, rituals and simple tips for every day. But there are conditions:
1) all the spells, rituals and tips should be "live", ie tried and tested by you.
2) can not be placed spells that can harm humans.
I hope for your support, dear colleagues.

Ibis, but you can question?
In a "magician" spell or ritual work while others do not. In what may be the reason?

The reasons can be many. This belief in success, the applied force (ie, invest in their own words energy, rather than purely mechanical repetition of the text), incorrect timing of the rite, not knowing all the details (without which the ceremony will not work).

June 5 is the Ascension Day holiday. In this day of Christ's ladder for career advancement. This recipe is taken from N. Stepanova. Tested me, it works.
For dough: 100 gr hazelnut, 1.5 cups flour, 0.5 cup granulated sugar (or powdered), 1 egg, juice of 1 / 4 lemon, a little vanilla, holy water. Walnut lightly fried, mixed with vanilla, flour, sugar and egg yolk. Mix in the holy water, with the expectation that would batter turned out not cool. Then he rolled in a layer 1 cm thick, cut into strips and strips of Protvino make a ladder. Strips obtained enough so that it is better to make several small staircases. Ladders can be lubricated with glaze and bake until done.
When crumple the dough should be light church candles (that had burned down to the end), and read the plot:
In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
The true Christ, the King of heaven,
Rose to his glory.
Lord, sing thee,
Set foot on the ladder of fame,
That led you to the throne
Kingdom of Heaven.
Bless the Lord, this bread.
Who will eat this bread,
Who is his holy water zapet,
That thy protection everywhere find.
That person's fate would not hurt, the referee does not judge,
Sly did not outsmart, not quick obbezhit.
Every door he opens,
Every head bowed.
Sam King David is helping me,
Ladder my blessing.
Michael the Archangel confirms my words.
In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Now and ever and ever and ever. Amen.

Begin to make a ladder must be from 0 hours on June 5. Spell says without interruption until knead dough. The entire procedure is performed alone, to communicate during and after (when you wake up you can say) procedures. Ladder should always eat the same day (upon waking), fasting and drinking holy water. The truth is hard for her (very kalloriynaya).

All novice and just interests of the Council read the book:
Carl Makkolman "12 major laws of real magic."
In my opinion the book is interesting.

I can say so .. not a serious publisher does not accept the right tract .. even in pictures ..
Always make mistakes. intentionally ...
Just people do not need to know .. even enlightened .. we just too wicked and filthy ...
But having a true knowledge. We Nobre, then do not do ...
And all this should not serve evil .. For the scripture something Nisan .. A soul is something we have from God .. And we seek to destroy it ...

Maybe you're right. But ignorance of even basic magic can lead to more catastrophic consequences.

I remind you that in their work should take into account the men's (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) and female (Wednesday, Friday and Saturday) days. Resurrection schitaetsyat day dedicated to God. And do magical operations can only be a last resort.
It is also necessary to take into account the phases of the moon.

When treating a person, and removing from it the evil eye, damage, etc., can not forget about their safety. Unfortunately, many do not think about, hoping for a "maybe". But such oversights are not forgiven, and take over someone else's lead to a sad end.
Here is one of the easiest ways for their own safety:
After work, you need to come to the mirror (without a witness), watching his reflection in the eye and say three times: "Mirror to reflect, reflection, distort, remove from me is that with another shot."

For the general interest of the book:
Paul Gross' mascot and the mythology of the ancient world. "

Very often wizards and witches (let's say mediocre abilities) trying nourished energy with people on the street. They do this is simple: choose a victim and begin to follow her footsteps, while saying very quietly a short spell. I myself have watched it repeatedly on the streets, especially the "love" as victims of pregnant women. To avoid this, there are many ways. I like it like this: go, and visualize both your feet on your tracks black drops falling into which you enter all your bad mood, illness, setbacks, etc. Sorcerer or witch coming after you is "eat."

And yet. Sometimes the gates of the church (often in large church holidays) there is little old man or old woman (God's dandelions). A man passing by mesh and under any pretext asked to say how many domes on the church. And when a man says the number of domes at this point, these "God's dandelions," said a very short spell, and the person is discharged or disease (usually very bad) or whatever.
So, never and no one can speak as long as the Dome of the Church. Theoretically speaking domes generally considered undesirable.

If you want to do with spiritualism, and had never tried, you should know a few useful things:
- Cause or nature spirits one can never be! " This may result in another sleeping in you another entity (if it is strong, then the variant seize control of the vehicle body). Saucer need to twist at least two.
- Invoke the spirits of famous people when it makes no sense, because desired spirit still appears (think of it you are so smart that he call?), but there is a high probability of arrival at your call errant entity (usually malicious).
- With a very large grain of salt to treat any information received from the entities. Usually they like to cheat.
- Finishing touch with an entity, it is necessary to leave, preferably for good (such as telling her: Go in peace). If this fails, then we can more roughly ordered her to withdraw citing the wrath of God. If it has not helped and the nature was very strong, then in that case you are not lucky, and your house is likely to settle "gay" poltergeist. In this case, you have to resort to either of priests (if you agree or right) or a strong mage (which still need to search for work and money to pay).
- Substance (perfume, etc.) are very fond nourished your energy, so try to scare you in every way by contact (fright throws a lot of energy). So the less you worry, the weaker entity.
- Do not engage in spiritualism during church feasts and fasts (this will be sacrilege, and usually very quickly punished already higher powers)

In its work, the magician is more focused on the moon. Not only on its phase (rising, full moon, decreasing), but also on the lunar days. Because Each lunar day has its significance, and, accordingly, a certain magical operations fit every lunar day. each lunar day, well described in the book: TN Zyurnaeva "30 lunar days. I advise you to read it.

June 15 will feast of the Holy Trinity. this day magicians tear grass or twigs (all except aspen and spruce), and go with her to church. There must defend the service. Grass can be taken in the church itself. This herb is used in various magical rites, primarily for the treatment and removal of contamination.

One application of skills magician is guesswork. For these purposes, playing cards, Tarot cards, runes, crystal ball, etc. etc. every man for himself chooses that it is more appropriate. There are some things you should know (this is for those who do not know, but he wants to try).
- You can work with multiple systems simultaneously, whichever is more appropriate. The exceptions are the tarot cards and runes. These two systems together would not get along, and if, for example, well "go" runes, the tarot will not "work" in your hands, and vice versa. For example, I am wondering on the runes, and runic magic is very close to me, but the tarot I do not "go" in general.
- If you wonder by playing cards, they have to buy for myself personally, and then these cards are only used for divination. Play them anymore. If you've played them, they can already throw. In guessing they are not suitable.
- Not a set for divination (cards, runes, etc.) to give into the hands of another person. These are your thing, they are tuned to you and your energy, a piece of you. In other hands, they go astray, and can either be a long time afterwards to recover, dibo not recover at all.
- Set for divination is better to buy for myself. Better to do it in the growing moon, and focus on the day of the week (for men - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, for women - Wednesday, Friday and Saturday).
- Before using the system to adjust itself. To do this more often take them in hand (cards, runes, etc.), presented as part of your energy peretikaet them, talk with them, carry, etc. Usually, tuning is required from a week to a month.
- Of special note is the crystal ball. It is not for everyone. It would be elegant to have a ball of rock crystal, but, unfortunately, it is difficult doable. The cost of such a sphere would be very high, and a piece of crystal for vytachivaniya ball should be a decent (and there are currently no extract). You can use the ball out of the ordinary crystal. Prerequisite for the balls - they must be absolutely clean, without any inclusions inside. Setting them is the same as with other systems.
- Systems such as tarot cards and runes can not subdue to the level of master - slave. They can not tell. From these ancient systems are possible only equitable partnerships. Otherwise, the ONT will be punished very harshly.

Quite a lot of people turn to sorcerers, witches, wizards, fortune tellers, etc. But most do not know some simple things when referring to akkultnyh maker.
- Any job magician must be paid. and payment (if it does not appoint himself mag) should be adequate as a person (depending on the work performed). This condition comes from the fact that if a person does not pay (pay off), the magician, then a power tie with the magician, who can go in karma. It is not uncommon for the client end is not good (apart from the fact that the work of the magician does not come into force).
- Can not say the magician "thank you" - then people will return back into the same problem. We must say "thank you".
- Can not say good-bye "Song for saying good - otherwise you come again. We must say "good-bye."
Walt very simple rules to follow.

Every day, leaving the house we are confronted with a group of people - beggars. begging wherever and however you want. Leaving aside the moral issue, we consider them in terms of magic and folk take.
Near any church are always beggars. Small share of these spivshiesya people, and most comely elderly and the old lady, quite bouncy, and buxom. Ie does not resemble the disease. The question is why? To a large extent the answer lies in one word - a charity, which it serves people. Alms serves many, but few who know how to correctly apply it.
1. alms should be submitted only when you go to church. DO NOT apply after leaving the temple. Because people in the church turns to God for help in their needs, he receives the grace of heaven. And when a person leaves the church and give alms, then together with denyuzhku giving someone else their whole grace received in the church (and not just her). Most people begging outside the church is far from ordinary people, and at least know the basics of magic. And easy to take in people applying monetary channels, health, etc.
2. It is impossible to give alms to the cap (stay without a head), those who sit on the boxes (Bucket), in the hands (gives health, success, money channel). You can not serve those who are below ground level - in underground passages, subway.
3. And most importantly - when applying for alms always tell the glory of God, so that it heard the one who asks you for alms.

20 years ago when I first began to practice magic, and everything was new and interesting (especially when the light gets many things), I have not thought about the consequences of many acts. There was courage and a sense of superiority over other people. Not always able to soberly analyze certain situations, I basically led the emotion and pride. That was until he was punished ... In the end I started again from scratch, but without foolhardiness.
I picked up this theme, not in order to show how cool, and not to offend someone. I do try to warn those who had begun to enter upon this path, from the errors committed by me. I did not impose on you and express my opinion. The opinion of those who have already committed the same mistakes.
Getting always more easily obtained (especially bad), you feel a great power, which splashed over the edge. And you, like, whispering in his ear: "Come on! Do! You do that, you are able, you are above fellows!" Etc ". And you begin to grasp at anything to try to do as much as possible. This is the first mistake. In magic rush your enemy.
Next., You begin to treat different people. Each of them wants you return to Maxim. Most requests are not good people, mostly to do something bad to others, to please your customers. This may not be explicit request, and veiled by something neutral. And to deny you can not (do not want to lose face in the dirt, do not know how to say "no" or to "weak"). This is the second mistake. ALWAYS adequately assess their strength. Do not be ashamed to say "No", for people far away to spit on you. They want everything now, and then what will happen to you - they give a damn about, and blaming others is silly.
Before you start working with a client, a very good thought - but if you need it? Try the most informative insight into the problem. Resort to divination to find out the options and the consequences of your intervention (any work magician - it changed the fate of a person). Ask a prophetic dream of higher forces. After this, to rethink their actions. ALWAYS think about their protection, protection of their families and loved ones. This must be done prior to working with the client.
ONLY do any work on a cold head (emotions in our work are not allowed), and even more so forget a few days before the work of alcohol and cigarettes. And on the eve of and about sex. On the day of not much load (especially junk food) and do not eat meat.
If you're not sure of themselves - not try to work (like this you do not want). In this case, the failure nemenuem, and pick up until the pile is a lot.
Do not forget to restore their strength (which you are not limitless) - go on nature, recharged from the trees, earth, water, sun, space, etc.
Magee for theiracts of meet is much stronger than ordinary people. In some cases, the penalty can go not only for you but for your family and friends (and in most cases it is for them turns into a serious illness or death).
And remember: You IAH, and you humans do not have owners. You can not order anything to make a single person. You yourself decide you work with this client or not.

Virtually every person in my life encountered such a sad event as a death and, accordingly, the funeral. People for centuries have accumulated certain signs, so as not to go for the dead before my time. Let's recall some of them:
- Immediately after the death of all the mirrors in the house halt, and offer a mirror only when the body will betray earth.
- Dress the deceased only in the clothes he wore during his lifetime, or in a new, purchased specifically for this purpose. DO NOT try on my clothes for the dead !!!!! (Usually 40 days, the maximum annual leave after).
- If the clothes for the deceased to hem, it does so only new thread and needle (which then need to bury), and the stitches do from himself.
- Usually during the funeral for the coffin are placed a stool before them and then put live people, stools should be rinsed with holy water.
- Blood relatives of the deceased is prohibited - to wash, dress the deceased, carry the coffin with the body (otherwise there will be more deaths).
- In front of the coffin could not go to anyone.
- In the cemetery during a funeral better not to put their things, and even more funeral food and drink on the ground. Particularly strong hold personal belongings in their hands. If from the hands of something fell to the ground, then lift is no longer, or go after the deceased. The same goes for flowers.
- There are "geeks" who bear the coffin lifted her into his arms above his head. Well, the easiest thing that awaits him - a lot of diseases and troubles of life.
- If you go to the cemetery on the graves of relatives, the input-output only through the gate (if it exists) because gates only for the dead (except for funeral processions).
- NOTHING and NEVER take and not give a stranger in the cemetery, as if he did not ask you! Because you can transmit the disease, families, curse, death, etc.
- Nothing has ever in the cemetery did not try to trim off the ground and especially from the graves (whether it be money, gold, etc.). Especially carefully at children as they may be tempted to toy with the child's grave.
- If the cemetery is the church, it is desirable after visiting the graves to go to her and put a candle "for the peace of" their dead relatives.
- On Easter ride to the cemetery is not accepted. This is done on the second Tuesday after Easter.
- It is impossible for strangers to give mentions salt, knives, and stools for the coffin. Must refuse under any pretext.
- A commemoration food and drink to your home can bring (otherwise, your home will bring trouble).

July 6, on the eve of Ivan Kupala all the herbs get maximum power, all the guesswork as true, the force increases sharply conspiracy .. On the night of 6 / 7 decided to make a fire and jump through it, thus is purified by fire. At midnight the fern blossom (only the timber, and the only one that has overleaf black or blue-gray spores). Looking for a flower in complete darkness (no flashlights and candles), it can be seen only astral sight. Seeing the circle the bush burned with one end of the stick, saying: "The talent God, thy court. Let God. "After that, the flower breaks down and swallowed. I repeat, this is absolutely not the material object. At dawn, when there is dew on the grass and leaves, try to collect anything like the dew. You can collect pressing gauze. This dew wash for youth and beauty, and treat skin sores. At dawn and during the day would be good to swim in the river, however, that nebylo problems with mermaids and water (at this time is much drowning) is first thrown into the water ruble coin with the words: "Water, water, and take the ruble from me, save me the life of me! "(do not confuse!) If you are lucky, and next spring, dial spring water. It can be a year to use for the prevention and treatment of various diseases, as on this day she has incredible strength. On the day of Ivan Kupala is usually gather herbs for treatment, but WARNING, the current leap year, so coming into the forest before the break though they say a blade of grass standing face to the West: "Leap, Father, keep the bad, and let me get expensive. Amen. Dig is also a bush with fern roots and dried for later various magical operations. Burnt twig on the ground imps names of their children, loved ones, wives, husbands, parents, and to strengthen their health is turning to mother land. Ribbons tied to trees and read the plots of love, luck, long and happy life.

There are a number of ceremonies, with which you want to work at the cemetery. Beginners very often on the piercing, because non-observance of certain rules and safety measures can lead to various bad consequences for the performer himself.
- Preparation for the rite is better to start the night before: do not eat meat (as well as all the next day), read the security of prayer (the most simple "Our Father ..."). On the day of the ceremony, as well as after it is desirable to talk less. More so then you can not tell anyone about what they were doing and where they were (in this case, the ritual will not work).
- Go to the cemetery through the gate (if available).
- If the work will be on the grave, it must be the grave of a better start looking to the left of the entrance. If intuition tells you to go to the right, please (intuition-the best advisor).
- If you have something to take away from the grave (the land with flowers and wreaths, etc.), make sure you have to do something to leave on the grave (the flowers, or detail - how many of his pocket pulled out, so many left - is punishable by greed).
- If you brought something and will leave it to the grave, then the package of things to throw at the cemetery (you can not take home). And of course, also, leave a trifle grave.
- After the ceremony, you go away without looking back. If you are looking for the grave to the left, you need to go to the cemetery on the right (and vice versa). Back on their trail could not go - will show you the way to the dead.
- After leaving the cemetery just can not go home, it's better to walk around crowded places (eg shops) between rides on the subway - Lost your tracks.
- Upon arrival back home immediately wash your shoes, so as not to leave the house of the dead land.

Cemetery - a world of the dead, living by its laws. Respect their laws and their peace of mind.

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With the help of magic you can solve many problems and disease. But there are 3 problems that I do not recommend contact at all (if you own the road life and the lives of their loved ones):
!) Addiction - never hold it to treat addicts, it is virtually impossible. Anyway, I've never met such a strong magician who made it. The point here is that this disease in terms of energy like an octopus, as the deepest bog, where everything gets stuck and stuck. Forces on it are spent kollosalnye, and no good there. And the most dangerous thing is that a huge transition probability of this shit on your children (unfortunately, such cases have been).
2) cancer - to treat this disease is extremely difficult, and only in the early stages. Not all magicians are under strength. Besides, if the mage starts to treat this disease, it needs to change their way of life - office, confession, renunciation of meat, etc. For treatment leaves a massive amount of energy and vitality, and after treatment, the magician can hurt himself (or disable it) before the year. All ceremonies should be carried out very carefully, following all the rules. Any mistake can lead, at best, to nulivomu result, and at worst - of throwing out the disease itself. So that is very well think before you take up this matter.
3) mental illness - a very specific group of diseases with its viscous and sticky power. Treatment can not be the only thing you can do is help the client state. Dangers are many - that the transfer of disease in offspring, and "grafting" (when a customer sits down at your energy and throw it would be very problematic), and it may happen that you'll be forced to live for this client, since time and effort on a longer stay.
So please be vigilant.

I recently had a client who needed urgent assistance. Her case, I think it will be interesting:
5 years ago she went to stay with relatives in Ukraine. And on the way back on the train bought from local tea service. All this time she did not unpack, while during the clashes in the closet was not found. and decided to put this service in the sideboard. Pulling from the teapot paper, and unfolded it, to my horror found in this paper, women's thong panties which were spray zasohnuvshey blood, and in them she found a lump of wax and feathers. Well, she immediately called me.
In this case we were dealing with a classical "cap", with which you can throw off the body of another person different diseases, failures, etc.
These cowards were ssozheny (where they burned more than 30 minutes) with the appropriate prayers. The service of course was thrown in the trash (to use it was impossible). Apartment, just in case, too, had to be cleaned.
So please be vigilant. And your lack of confidence in all of this will not save you from the consequences of this exposure.

A bit of everything:
- If you want to have your desire fulfilled quickly, then attach the finger with a drop of blood (yours) to a mirror into which every day look. Odd performance evaluation immediately increase.
- That would be quickly passed something bad in life, or feeling bad, write on paper, something from which you need to get rid of, fold the sheet several times, and pripechatat finger with a drop of blood. And burn this piece of paper on fire candles. Ashes thrown out the window.
- If you place a large drop of my blood a loved one in a glass of wine (preferably red), it will be closer to you.
- If you spit on the first earned money, they will provide new revenue.
- Do not spit into the well and into the fire - it's a disaster.
- If you say you look fine, spit three times over your left shoulder and say: "Not to jinx it!".
- Over his right shoulder can not spit - it sits guardian angel.
-When out of your home leaves a nasty man you do not want to see in themselves, spit after him under the threshold - the more he will never come.
-Can not eat in the dark and furtive, and then the children will become thieves.
- Do not eat with a knife - the evil will.
- In the palm of the crumbs from the table does not resemble - to poverty.
Bread should be disposed of - a great sin.
- Favorite cat - a dangerous place. Dogs avoid such places.

For many centuries amulets helped people to survive in the world. They guarded (or guarded), not only from any adversity and illness, but also on various manifestations of dark forces. From time to time I will write different amulets, which (I hope) will help you as well.

Ward home.
God bless, Christ!
Domochek - izbushechka,
Okladny breveshechka,
Naokrug domochka
The roof of copper,
Iron fence,
Fenced in stone.
Angels in the window
Our Lady of the door,
Jesus Christ Himself
In a large corner of the sitting
With angels
With the archangels.

This plot is read when a person is left alone at home, he was scared and afraid. Should read 3 times.

Interruption of necrotic communication.
This ceremony is useful to those who can not forget the close of the deceased person - and does not give peace of mind and his soul is haunted.
Buy 2 chain in gold (cheap). Hook them with each other at their ends where the rings. And where the locks, hook each of them for the chain. You should get a "shackle".
Done rite by decreasing the moon, given the male and female days.
Put the chain on the 3 days in the freezer bag. Remove the three to get the desired day (if the husband died - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and if his wife - Wednesday, Friday and Saturday).
take the chain to the grave of a deceased person, just Brost to the plate and say: "I wore (a), now you're carriers!". And walk away without looking back. If the grave of a loved one to be in another city, it is possible for the same name.

This ceremony is interrupted by an unnecessary link.

That the machine is not hijacked

Wash the car and read to himself a spell:

I conjure thee by the thief
of the approaches and theft
from Gypsy eyes
the first punishment.
Take away his legs, thy hand,
send him a meal.
Spleen, liver,
All blood and bloodless,
zhilyanye and bone.
Let epilepsy beats
if the thief is my take.
If, however, will not return,
let him die a cruel death.
How backwards cap were removed,
so my spell is not to appease, not discourage,
not otmolit not kill.
My word is my firm so tenaciously,
to my property modeling.

Of the posts written by other visitors in the House of Peace, I realized that I need to caution against hasty action of some people. It will go t about icons, crosses and other church utensils found in the streets and in other places.
Remember. Icons and crosses the street just do not roll.
If you accidentally stumbled upon it on the street, it is better to pass and not take in their hands. Typically, these cult objects committed the most terrible magic rites (throwing of illness, death, failure, family grief, etc.). Especially nothing you can pick up at the crossroads.
If you all still have picked up an icon or a cross, it must as soon as possible attribute it to the church and leave her there. And currently, the same day, be sure to book Prayers for the health of the three churches. This is not a fad but a necessity! And then there is no certainty that the "smuggled".
Further, one can never be taken from the hands of unknown people you crosses or icons! Even if they plead with you on your knees.
Be careful in the churches. Black magicians are very fond of "work" in the churches (especially on major church holidays). If you will be asked to put someone else's candle to the icon, do not do it nizachto! Thereby thrown at you calmly disease or something else. So please be vigilant.

We should always remember to protect themselves, their families and loved each day. This is especially true prior to any "work". Every magician finds or takes their methods, depending on the direction of the magician, his orientation egregor etc.
For magicians, the "working" in the Christian egregor well help to protect the prayers that everyone chooses for himself. Nice to read prayers every day. I would suggest to include "clip their" prayers, written in Papus called: "The Seven secret prayers Enheridiona.

Add a little bit, but like all topics

When working with candles, candle burn out leave, if not specified in the ritual candle put out - otherwise it is a signal that you have abandoned their intentions. If the ritual indicates that the candle should be put out, this is done using a special cap, or hands, by breathing the candles are extinguished only in isolated cases.

For divination, as well as for working magician "thank you" does not say - nothing is done, or come to pass exactly the opposite. Board to take necessary, otherwise maintained communication with the customer guessing (even symbolic). An unwritten rule: a question - that answer. Clearly aware of what issues you want clarified. It is impossible to guess just for fun

You can not rely on free care. "Free" literally means devil pays. Usually nothing good comes of it. The only exceptions are aid the magician on his own initiative and use magical abilities in a narrow range of kin or friendly - these people pay intangible values.

When purchasing tools of divination (tarot cards, runes, etc.) can not buy the first thing that falls into the hands. "Own" shoe will itself, it must feel otherwise will work poorly, or not work at all.

Ibis Christ never existed, and if there was it was a schizo, like a prayer to him than what might help? except that a person of faith only and not on the real help of God

In the church, while standing before the image and ask for something, get up, so that between you and the way they could not hook strangers. Otherwise, all your requests stranger "interrupt."
A candle, placed before the image, must burn out before the end. Unfortunately in the temples of cinders thrown servant. You can get out of the situation this way - light a candle, hold on to it before the image, then put out her fingers, and dozhgite at home (preferably in front of the home icon).
The exceptions are the candles, put on the canon for the remembrance of the dead. They can take home!
When the temple a lot of people, then you may be asked to put before the image of someone else's candle. Doing this is impossible, since You do not know what kind of person you hand it over, and with what intent. Through such a candle, you can pass anything (damage, disease, curses, etc.)

On the eve of the New Year always want to be next year was better than the last. Each of us is a truly believes, and rightly so. I want to add to your wishes and prayers, which will work for you all next year.

Prayer on the eve of the coming year.

In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Gracious Lord,
Whether in the new year with me.
Come to me and my family
Box good, gold and silver.
Bless us in peace and quiet,
In fact, to never give up with you.
Good angels, saints, archangels,
All the heavenly host.
Do not let us suffer in the new year:
None of the ailment, nor out of trouble,
Neither fire nor water.
In a whole new year, Lord!
Save us, save, and defense.
In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Now and ever and ever and ever. Amen.

Read for 30 minutes before the New Year. Read 3 times.

From 18 to 19 January, the eve of the christening, you can go at 3 am on the street and raised his hands up to ask the higher forces one wish. It is believed at 3 o'clock the heavens opened and anyone who make a wish at this time, it is necessarily true.

Jan. 30 to speak the house from thieves. This should be done before sundown.
Take a knife, which still no one was cutting, ie new. Pen knife, draw a cross at the corners of rooms and still read in every corner:
Thief, stop, wicked, simple day, wait an hour,
A beam stop, do not say no, Noah,
Do not move, do not move,
As a pillar of salt draw.
Until you do not obolyut holy water,
Until that time your feet will not go.
In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
Now and ever, Ivo forever.

If a thief conspiracy, then he left. But long after that did not survive.
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