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The most memorable thing called "published in People, remember above all:
Elena Proklova "The Snow Queen," "Bells, open the door"
Victor Kosykh "Elusive Avengers". "Welcome to ..."," call, open the door "," Tashkent - grain city "
Victor Perevalov "Baltic Sky", "republic SHKID"
Alexander Knights - Mom

But others - flushing, so in adult life, and Mr. have found themselves in the cinema: Lina Brackney "Three Fat Men," "Girl and the Echo", "Dubravka", Sergei Tikhonov, "Business People", "Malchish-Kibalchish", "Dubravka"

Oksana Akinshina and Katya Gorin from the movie "Sisters" Bodrov ml.

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Yeah, Akinshin great rose.
Nor subtract or add.

The first recall:
Macaulay Culkin of "Home Alone"
Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson of "Harry Potter"

recently, going over old vidiokassety ... thinking to throw or not, dug up, "Storm of the Century" King ...
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... Take the handles and put it on the tray, pour in a cup and podsun under our nose, I stick the kettle, the teapot spout ... (c)

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Erm .. "Scarecrow" - Christina Orbakajte)))

"Cook" Anastasia - Dobrynin)), the daughter of an actress, too)

"Bastards" - Sergei Rychenkov (Tyapa)

Quite convincingly Dakota Fanning looked like a "game of hide and seek" (2005) in tandem with De Niro.

Recently reviewed "Four Rooms" ... well, it does not mention the episode, shot Rodriguez "Room 309 - The Troublemaker"

Impossible in a few words to describe all that happened in the room for twenty minutes ekranngo time, it should just look ... but the final episode sums up (oh, 500 bucks, paid clerk-nurse, was on the order of few). Playing pranks parents returned to the room. Cruel husband, carrying on his hands smashed his wife finds the doorway following picture: frozen in fear, children with a bottle and a cigarette in hand, behind them a fire - burning the carpet, dead in bed, Ted, one hand clutching the corpse of a woman's leg, and swinging a syringe in his other hand and with the included striptease (Salma Hayek) on TV.

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Only slightly aware of the fate of foreign young stars, but in Russia, almost like a trend is simple fate of young heroes.
Remember, the guys from the "Republic of SHKID: Rychkov (Coop), Podshivalov (Gypsies), Weinstein (Yankel), Sandro Tovstonogov ... - All died at the age of 35-50 years.
Sasha Bogdanov - "The key non-transferable," "Do not have a headache from a woodpecker - 19 years.
Sergei Shevkunenko - "Dagger", "bronze bird," "Lost Expedition" - killed in a mid-90's, when the just turned 37 years old.
The protagonist of "The Guest from the Future", etc. etc.
Successful cinematic biographies on the fingers of two hands them across: Proklova Lena, Dima Joseph, Lena Tsyplakova, Vic Kosykh, Yana Poplavskaya sister Kutepova, a stretch - Victor Perevalov, Sasha Knights ... and all.
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