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Some girls offer erotic massage services (paid of course), as described: "a kind of ceremony. At first acquaintance with goctem. Tea or coffee on request. Then the joint adoption of the soul.
Massage is done fully nude with bringing to total relaxation. Massage without sex, but with an orgasm. Due to the fact that for an hour is a relaxing, orgasm at the end of a very bright and full. No condom is not necessary, everything is safe and beautiful. "
I understand this is an analogue of Thai massage, you do want to try) But interestingly, according to most members of the forum, as this may not be fair for the second half as a betrayal?

and more important for you the majority opinion or your girl? :)
You then, if it you because of this cast, with the majority going to live?:)
Personally for me the above steps, treason.

yes of course cheating, but who understands the word betrayal ..

Erotic massage (such as Thai) I did have in Rostov, but rather made an Individual to which I went on the recommendation of friends. I will say so when she bathed me and made gradually, soapy massage the whole body was kayfovo and relax, then she hands massaging certain points on the back of the groin buttocks, so what would the blood rushing to the penis and excitement grew, it was not yet sexually Pts 00064.gif , But when she took off and without a transparent gown and I lay down and start feeding and pubis to bite me rub my nipples and rubbing my already long-term stone on his crotch, I start tearing the roof, I could not resist and asked where condoms she took them and said that will have to pay for what I naturally agreed )))))) for 1 hour and 20 minutes after the massage, I did exactly four approaches ))))))

so why I'm here so many beeches wrote from my own experience I would say that even if I did not fuck but he restrained himself and waited to orgasm from the massage, I still say that it would be a betrayal of the (if I had at that time was be married 00064.gif )) As I wanted at this point is that partner and provide an example of his wife is very difficult, especially when you get up such a beautiful pussy and caress you so! Definitely cheating )))))))

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Erotic Massage -> Sex forums -> Forum about cheating -> Erotic Massage

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